Home Architecture 8 mistakes often made when designing a small apartment

8 mistakes often made when designing a small apartment


Here are 8 mistakes that homeowners often make when designing a small apartment, making the space always more cramped and narrow.

Small rugs: Small rugs will make a space look smaller and vice versa. In addition to making the space appear larger, rugs can divide the place into zones. For example, if you don’t want to put a screen or tall wardrobe in the middle of the room to separate your bedroom from where you work, you can use a rug to do that. Not enough light: To make a room look bigger, you need to light up every nook and cranny. The arrangement of lights in the room must also be considered to avoid taking up too much space. Use horizontal lines: The smaller the place, the more items must be with vertical lines on the couch or bed. Also, instead of short curtains, it’s better to use long curtains that touch the floor. Color is also very important, designers recommend using colors that match the wall. Dark, heavy furniture: Glass furniture and other transparent materials will make your space appear larger. Also, buy furniture that is made in light colors rather than dark colors. Different color walls and ceilings: Different colored walls and ceilings narrow the space, whereas the same color will make the space wider. Furniture without legs: Furniture with high legs to reveal the floor below makes the room feel larger than it really is. Small mirror: The new large mirror makes the room look much larger. Also, hanging a mirror in front of a window can reflect more light. TV at eye level or lower: The TV should be placed higher than eye level, when looking up at the TV, it will feel that the wall of the house is higher than it actually is. In addition, this approach also creates space under the TV to use storage for other items.