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Nike was mocked for writing the wrong word on the heel


The shoes show Nike’s homage to the Greek goddess of victory.
According to the Independent , Nike was mocked by users for photos of the new shoe line embroidered with the brand’s name in Greek lettering. The sneaker model is a version that is about to be released and sold on the company’s website. The design was created to pay homage to the Greek goddess of victory.

Reworked product from the Air Force 1 Lows shoe line. Sneakers made of leather with a tongue designed like the wings of the gods. Inside the shoe is an inscription that defines the ancient Greek goddesses. Nike words and palm branches are embroidered on the heel. Photo: Independent. On the heel, the Nike lettering is embroidered with silver thread in an ancient Greek script. The remaining shoes are adorned with thin palm branches symbolizing victory. However, netizens discovered the brand’s mistake when embroidering and arranging the Nike character, when reading the Greek word “Piks”. “I can’t understand a big brand that doesn’t learn how to write Greek when working on a country’s culture. The words on the shoes have absolutely no meaning, it is not read as Nike. This can be considered as Nike. cultural appropriation,” shared social media users. Others said that Nike’s work reminded them of the story Kim Kardashian was once criticized for insulting Indian culture. In May, the beauty released a series of fashion photos showing the hidden personality of modern women. Specifically, she wears tight skirt designs that embrace the dominant red tone and a unique braided hairstyle. Kim quickly faced a wave of criticism from netizens after wearing earrings with the symbol “Om”. According to the Independent This is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Indian religious culture including Buddhism and Hinduism. In the three photos, many people find it offensive when Kim lies on the bed wearing a pair of diamond-encrusted silver earrings with the sign “Om” and a charming face. They consider wearing this accessory an insult to the culture and disrespect of Indian beliefs. “This is a symbol of religion. Why is she bringing it out as an accessory? The symbol is sacred, not a fashion aesthetic specifically for her. I hope Kim apologizes to everyone. people”, the social network user commented. Kim Kardashian caused controversy with diamond studded earrings with the sign “Om”. Photo: @sitabellan.