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Old and prosperous, delicious and elegant, this city has been outstanding for more than two thousand years!


Speaking of Suzhou, what many people immediately think of may be the phrase that began to circulate in the Song Dynasty: “There is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”.

Picture / poor tour Biu master Kimi_Choo Or maybe it’s the poems passed down by the poet Zhang Ji in the Tang Dynasty “Hanshan Temple outside Gusu city, the bell to the passenger ship in the middle of the night” . Picture/Qianyou Biu Master Mai Shuer Suzhou is a city in the long years Collecting many reputations in one It is a famous historical and cultural city that has been outstanding for more than two thousand years. Picture / Qiongyou Biu’s main chocolate is a female photo here it is Wu culture The birthplace, in 585 BC, Shou Meng succeeded to the throne and became the king, and Wu Kingdom had an exact date. In 514 BC, Helu succeeded to the throne and ordered Wu Zixu to expand the big city on the basis of the original town. After completion, Helu City is also called Gusu City. Picture/Qianyou Biu Master Jiuye_ After the site of Gusu City was determined, For more than two thousand years, there is no basic position, no major This is also rare in the history of city building in the world. Picture / poor traveler rice ball karenchow Suzhou is a water city, with rivers crisscrossing the ancient city, and many dwellings are built along the river. Du Xunhe, a poet of the Tang Dynasty “See you at Gusu, people will sleep well” It is even more so that the water town style of the ancient city is exhausted.Marco Polo praised here as “Oriental Venice”. Picture/Qianyou er Li Huodian During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, here is Jiangnan Economic and Cultural Center, There is a comment that “the world is the most prosperous, except for the capitalist Wu Xiayou”. Picture/Qianyou Biu Master Jiuye_ In “Dream of Red Mansions”, the first story is also written from here. Mr. Cao wrote in the article: “There is a saying in this southeast corner Gusu, There is a city called Changmen, the most The first and second-class romantic and rich place in the red dust. ” Two thousand five hundred years have passed by in a hurry. Today, this The ancient city is still prosperous, As an ordinary prefecture-level city that is neither a provincial capital nor a sub-provincial city, Suzhou’s total GDP is abruptly close. Top ten in the country, And its Counties and cities under jurisdiction Stronger. ▲The four county-level cities under Suzhou’s jurisdiction are Kunshan, Changshu, Taicang, and Zhangjiagang This ancient and new city, with its rapid economic development, has also guarded its rich history with ancient gates. Walking in the city, you can see The beauty of the garden, Can take The victory of mountains and rivers. Picture / poor travel Biu main Shutter0ff |Suzhou Gardens “Jiangnan gardens are the best in the world, Suzhou gardens are the best Jiangnan”, Suzhou gardens are world-renowned for their superb artistic techniques of freehand brushwork. ▲ Picture of Tuisi Garden in Tongli Ancient Town/Qingyouer Fish Color Small Pill It never shows great harmony, but it contains strong traditional Chinese thoughts and cultural connotations. Picture/Qianyou er Changle_ Humble Administrator’s Garden It is a classic work of Suzhou and even Chinese gardens, with “Mother of Gardens in the World” Because of Jiangnan’s reputation child Wen Zhengming Participating in the design, the literary interest is particularly strong. Picture/Qianyou er Li Huodian The Humble Administrator’s Garden wins with waterscapes, the halls and pavilions are scattered among the water, with lingering mountains and rivers, luxuriant flowers and trees, and extremely elegant. Photo/Pinky, the main photographer of Qiongyou Biu Among the four major gardens in China, Suzhou occupies two, one is the Humble Administrator’s Garden. The other is the Lingering Garden. The Lingering Garden is famous for its exquisite architectural art that flickers light and dark, and retracts nature, and has become a world-famous An example of artistic treatment of architectural space. Picture/Qianyou er feizhoumiao The architectural space in the park is infinitely variable, dense and dense. Walking in the lingering garden, there is often a sense of surprise of “lills and flowers in another village”. Get the taste of the mountains and forests without going out of the city. Picture / Qiongyou Biu’s main chocolate is a female photo Lion Grove It was built in the Yuan Dynasty. It was named because of the many stone peaks in the garden, which looked like lions. In the late Qing Dynasty, this was the back garden of the Pei family’s ancestral home. Pei IM Usually come back to live during the summer vacation. Photo/Suzhou Garden Official Micro Lion Grove rockery It is famous that there are nine routes and 21 openings in the rockery group. The horizontal direction is extremely tortuous, and the vertical direction strives to loop back and forth. Playing in the caves in the Lion Grove is also a memory of many Suzhou people about their childhood. Picture/Qianyou er Caucai Aliang Canglang Pavilion, Is Suzhou Oldest Of a garden.The Humble Administrator’s Garden was built in the Ming Dynasty, the Lingering Garden was built in the Qing Dynasty, and the history of Canglang Pavilion dates back to Song. ▲Canglang Pavilion and Lion Forest, Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lingering Garden respectively represent the artistic styles of the four dynasties of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, so they are also known as the “Four Famous Gardens” in Suzhou. Picture/Qianyou er feizhoumiao Canglang Pavilion Gardening art is different , Before entering the garden gate, I saw a pool of green water surrounding the garden.Most of the gardens in Suzhou are water in the garden, and the Du Canglang Pavilion is The garden is in the water. ▲The leaky window of Canglang Pavilion is a classic place for leaked windows in Suzhou gardens Northern Song Dynasty Qingli four years (1044), Su Shunqin He was relegated and bought the former site of the South Garden of the former Wuyue royal family for 40,000 yuan. The pavilion near the water was named “Canglang”. Picture/Qianyou er feizhoumiao After the pavilion was built, Su Shunqin invited friends Ouyang Xiu Wrote a long poem “Canglang Pavilion”, two lines by Ouyang Xiu Qingfengmingyue is priceless, but unfortunately it only sells for 40,000 yuan.” , So that Canglang Pavilion became famous. Picture/Qianyou er feizhoumiao It was also in the fourth year of Qingli, Teng Zijing Defeated Baling County and rebuilt the Yueyang Tower, Fan Zhongyan Write a note for Yueyang Tower at the invitation of my friend Teng Zijing, an article “The Story of Yueyang Tower” The name lasts forever. ▲Photo of Yueyang Tower/shutterstock Master of the Nets Garden, It is also a representative of a classical landscape house garden that was built in the Song Dynasty. The entire garden area is only one-sixth of the Humble Administrator’s Garden. It is known as one of the Suzhou gardens. “Small Garden Rules”, It is a model of “win more with less”. Picture/Qianyou Biu’s main Big Dipper nebula_XM Master of the Nets Garden Yes foreign visitor A favorite garden. In 1980, Suzhou Xiangshan craftsmen Metropolitan Museum of New York Following the style of the Master of the Nets Garden in Suzhou, the first foreign Su-style garden was built- Mingxuan, It attracted the majority of foreign friends who wanted to explore the original Suzhou gardens. Picture / poor tour Biu master dukuia Night Tour of Master of the Nets Garden It is even more unique. Listen to a piece of Suzhou Pingtan, and enjoy a breathtaking dream in the garden. There is no high stage and separated lake, The smiles of the people in the play All in front of me, in and out of the play in a trance, a relationship between the past and this life. Picture/Qianyou er Wushang Patrol As a garden city, there are more than dozens of large and small gardens in the ancient city. In addition to the well-known “four major gardens”, there are also some hidden deep in small alleys, such as Huanxiu Villa, Yi Garden, Couple Garden, Chai Garden, Tingfeng Garden, Rui Garden Wait. ▲ Ruiyuan Map/Qianyou er Pan Nabai Most of them are small in size, away from the hustle and bustle, quiet and quiet, and some are good places for old Suzhou people to eat tea. ▲Art Garden Map/Qianyou er Maple ▲ Picture of Huanxiu Villa/Qianyou er Maple ▲Chai Garden Map/Qianyou er Maple Perhaps every Suzhouer has his favorite garden in his heart. |Suzhou Old Street There is an ancient street in Suzhou. As early as the Southern Song Dynasty’s Suzhou map “Pingjiang Map”, it is clearly identifiable. It was the main road in the eastern half of Suzhou at that time. It has a history of more than 800 years. Pingjiang Road. Figure/Qianyou er Maple For more than 800 years, Pingjiang Road has always been with Pingjiang River. In the changes of history, it has always maintained Parallel waterway Double checkerboard pattern. Picture / poor tour Biu master Kimi_Choo Today’s Pingjiang Road, on one side is the slow life of ordinary people in Suzhou, on the other side is the lively tourist district, perhaps this is the real “Great hidden in the city.” Picture/Qianyou er Li Yanzhao Leo If Pingjiang Road is the ancient street of Literary Fan, then Fengmen Hengjie It is the most marketable neighborhood. Picture / Qiongyou Biu’s main chocolate is a female photo Old Suzhou The most relaxed attitude towards life. Fresh chickens, ducks and fish, freshly picked chicken head rice, various fruits, the shouts of vendors, and the simplest delicacies… constitute the picture of life in old Suzhou. Photo/Pinky, the main photographer of Qiongyou Biu Shantang Street Located in the northwest of the ancient city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Tang Shi, Bai Juyi He was transferred from Hangzhou to the Suzhou governor. In order to facilitate the water and land transportation in Suzhou, a Shantang River from Huqiu in the west to Changmen was excavated, and Shantang Street was built in the north of Shantang Hebei. It is also called because it is about 7 miles long. “Qili Shantang”. Photo/Pinky, the main photographer of Qiongyou Biu | Tiger Hill Tiger Hill is known as “The first place in Wuzhong”, There are stories here since ancient times. Tiger Hill, formerly known as Haiyong Mountain, said in the “Historical Records” that Wu Wang Helu was buried here. Legend has it that there was a “white tiger squatting on it” three days after the burial, hence the name Huqiu. ▲Su Dongpo wrote the ancient famous saying, “I have tried to say that Gusu does not visit Huqiu, if you do not visit Luqiu, it is the second owe thing.” Photo/Pinky, the main photographer of Qiongyou Biu Tiger Hill is relatively large, with many small scenic spots dotted around it.Among the most famous ones Tiger Hill Tower with Jianchi Up. Picture / Qiongyou Biu’s main chocolate is a female photo Tiger Hill Pagoda is a symbol of ancient Suzhou. The top of this tower is 2.34 meters away from the center, and the maximum inclination is 3 degrees 59 minutes, but it is slanted instead of falling. “The World’s Second Leaning Tower” Known as. Picture / Qiongyou Biu’s main chocolate is a female photo Looking down from above the sword pond, The water in the pond is shaped like a sword, Legend has it that Wu Wang Helu buried three thousand swords here, so the sword pond was named. ▲There is also a legend that the opening of the tomb of Helu is here, but due to the proximity of the inclined Tiger Hill Pagoda, once excavated, the tower may collapse, and it has not been developed. Photo/Pinky, the main photographer of Qiongyou Biu |Suzhou Museum When I arrived in Suzhou, besides visiting the gardens, the most important thing was to go to Subo.Suzhou Museum, although small but famous, it can be said to be One of the most popular city museums in the country Up. Figure/Qianyou er Maple IM Pei adopted Geometric aesthetic design , So that the Suzhou Museum continues the modern sense of his works, while also using White Wall Daiwa Create a gentle Jiangnan beauty! Tradition and modernity are perfectly blended here. Figure/Qianyou er Maple Picture/Qianyou Biu master winningleung Of course, apart from the building, the museum’s Treasure of the Town Hall Must not be missed. “Yue Kiln Secret Color Porcelain Lotus Bowl” It was discovered in 1956 on the third floor of the Yunyan Temple Pagoda in Tiger Hill, Suzhou. When experts discovered it, they did not recognize it as mystical porcelain. Picture/Qianyou er Guozi Cheng Secret Color Porcelain It was produced in the Yue kiln tribute kiln during the Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties for royal use. Because of its secret production process, it is rare for ordinary people to see it. With the change of dynasties, secret color porcelain has gradually become a kind of legendary porcelain, no one can say exactly what it is.until 1987 Famen Temple Underground Palace It was discovered that the mysterious color porcelain that had disappeared for thousands of years finally unveiled her mystery to the world. ▲The secret-colored porcelain unearthed from the underground palace of Famen Temple looked down at the bottom of the bowl. Although it was empty, I always felt like seeing a shallow layer of water covering the bottom of the bowl. Picture/Qianyou er Flora Walks the World This “Yue Kiln Secret Color Porcelain Lotus Bowl” by Subo is The masterpiece of Yue kiln celadon, It can be called a rare piece of “Secret Color Porcelain”. Picture/Qianyou er Guozi Cheng |Suzhou University No matter how ranked, each Top 10 most beautiful universities in China Soochow University must be in the list. ▲The predecessor of Soochow University was Soochow University, founded in 1900, and it was also the alma mater of Jin Yong, Yang Jiang and Fei Xiaotong. Picture / poor tour Biu master shenyunli Since I was born in Suzhou, Soochow University is definitely indispensable Factors of gardens. Picture/Qianyou Biu’s main foodie Yumo travel notes In addition to Chinese gardens, the campus Western-style building It’s also full of charm. Picture / poor tour Biu master shenyunli Picture / poor travel Biu master zengxy The ancient and modern Chinese and foreign architectural cultures have passed through time and region, and reflected each other here. Picture/Soochow University official micro |Eat in Suzhou The Suzhou people living in the graceful and graceful Suzhou city are also exceptionally delicate. For them, food is life, but also art. Picture / poor traveler rice ball karenchow Take noodles as an example. Old Suzhou people are right Head noodle soup There is a kind of obsession. I get up at five in the morning just to catch a bowl of noodle soup, and I am particular about the softness and hardness of the noodles, the heavy greenness and no greenness, the toppings and the thickness of the ginger. Figure/Qianyou er Maple Suzhou people pay attention to seasonal and fresh food, Do not eat from time to time. What kind of food to eat in any season, there are talks. Picture / poor traveler rice ball karenchow January sugar rice cakes, February support cakes, Shepherd’s purse and winter bamboo shoots, March wine-stuffed cakes, pickled and fresh, April water chestnuts, May loquat. Figure/Qianyou er Maple Summer Fengzhen Noodles, Three Shrimp Noodles, Chicken head rice, bald butter noodles in autumn, hairy crabs, brewing in November and winter, Book collection lamb. ▲Map of Fengzhen Noodles and Three Shrimp Noodles/Qingyouer Maple Walking through the ancient city, you can see the quiet daily life everywhere. Picture/Qianyou er Li Yanzhao Leo Turning into an alley, the Chinese rose in the alley was in full bloom. The old man sat in the shade of the alley, soaked a pot of Biluochun, shook the fan, and listened to Pingtan. Figure/Qianyou er Maple someone said: Once you have been to Suzhou, you will feel that life in other places is just do-it-yourself. Suzhou people are probably the group of people who know how to live. (There are also people from Chengdu) Picture / poor travel biu master Xigujing They spring and summer Visit the garden and listen to Kunqu Opera; Eating hairy crabs in autumn, but also thinking about it The red leaves of Victoria Peak, Winter, listen Hanshan Temple With Luoxue’s bells echoed throughout Gusu City. Picture / poor travel biu master hugh kang They took the comfort of reading the prosperous life, brewing the heavy history with light and breezy.