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Original 4 asked Beijing North First Day Road, its correct way to open, have you got it?


In Datan Town, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, 254 kilometers north of Beijing, where the mountains of northern Hebei meet the plateau of Inner Mongolia, there is a summer resort named Jingbei No.1 Tianlu.

The First Day Road in North Beijing has the largest spruce forest in the north, integrating mountains, forests, grasslands, wetlands, and farmland. It is a beautiful natural eco-tourism scenic spot. When driving here, standing on the top of Dongshan Mountain, as far as you can see, you can see the soft mountains on the dam, the majestic mountains below the dam, the beautiful scenery, and the beautiful scenery.

In the past few years, the first day road in North Beijing has been frequently used on major platforms. So the question is, do you know the correct way to open the first day road in North Beijing? If you are given two days to play on the first day of Beijing North Road, do you know how to arrange the itinerary? If you are in doubt, please read this brief guide.

Question 1: What is the First Day Road in North Beijing?

The first day road in North Beijing, originally a wind circuit left over from the construction of the wind farm project, lies in the Fengning Dam area at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters. The average temperature in summer here is only 17.4℃. In summer, you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner. You sleep with a thick quilt at night, and you don’t need a thick coat in the morning and night.

The No. 1 Road in North Beijing has not been over-developed, and it still retains its original ecological appearance. This is a paradise for self-driving and off-road enthusiasts. The 100-kilometer-long No. 1 Road in North Beijing is now connected, and you can play in your car. There are beautiful scenery on both sides of the road, one step at a time, stop and go at will, browsing here, the mood has also been relaxed.

Question 2: What is the first day of Beijing North Road?

The First Day Road in North Beijing is the general name of three scenic spots: Qiansongba National Forest Park, Liushugou Savanna and Eighteen Flowers.

Qiansongba National Forest Park and Liushugou savanna include mountains, forests, sky roads and grasslands. Walking along Panshan Road and turning around are all scenery. Here is a self-driving car. The entrance of the Eighteen Flowers Sea is adjacent to the Happy Valley of Qiansongba National Forest Park. It consists of the Beauty Valley and Jinlian Lake. The covered bridge connects the Beauty Valley and the Jinlian Lake. The Eighteen Flowers Sea is mainly on foot. Slow down to travel and find The gift of nature.

Question 3: How to play on the first day of Beijing North Road?

●Play Method 1: Experience the fun of driving

The First Day Road in North Beijing is a good place for self-driving and off-road. Although most of the road sections have been hardened, some of the original earth and stone roads are still retained. These sections have certain requirements for driving skills and vehicle chassis height. Even the hardened road surface, the width of the road and the slope of the road are still a challenge for novices. Life is not a smooth road. Why should self-driving pursue accessibility everywhere? Isn’t this the fun of self-driving?

●Play Method 2: Watch the sunset from the top of Dongshan

The top of Dongshan in the Liushugou savanna is the dividing point between the upper dam and the lower dam. It is also a good place to watch the sunset, if you encounter a rare good weather. It can be seen that auspicious clouds are blooming, and the weather is full of clouds. When the sky is full of clouds, park your car and take a photo with the most beautiful sunset. The windmill is spinning around, the chirping birds singing in the ears, the fragrance of flowers, the refreshing “summer”, happiness is so simple.

●Play method 3: See the sandy spruce in “China’s Most Beautiful Forest”

The reason why Qiansongba National Forest Park was named “China’s Most Beautiful Forest” is that there are nearly 2,000 acres of spruce forests on sandy land that are more than 100 years old. In many people’s perceptions, sand spruce only grows in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This is a fallacy. Watching sand spruce and enjoying the coolness of summer, you don’t have to go far away. On the first day in the north of Beijing, you can satisfy all of you. Fantasy of sandy spruce.

The rarity of sand spruce is that this plant only grows on sandy land above 1,000 meters above sea level. They are light-loving, shade-tolerant, cold-tolerant, drought-tolerant, and barren-tolerant. They are rare tree species that prevent sand and stabilize soil. Coincidentally, Qiansongba National Forest Park fits this geographical feature, and it is no longer unusual for sandy spruce to grow here.

●Play four: the original ecology of eighteen flowers

The eighteen flower sea, eighteen does not refer to the type of flower, nor is it a curious title, but refers to the original ecology here. There are no artificially planted flowers and plants here. It is a back garden left to people by nature. A wooden plank road leads to the depths of the sea of ​​flowers. On both sides of the wooden plank road, there are vast grasslands and green trees. In the distance, you can see rolling mountains, natural birch forests and spruce. , Pinus sylvestris, Larch and Aspen trees, all kinds of flowers make this world very beautiful.

Question 4: Where do I live on the first day to Beijing North? What to eat?

The first Tianlu in North Beijing, of course I live in Tianlu Station. Life is a journey. There are scenery and authentic local food in the inn.