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Original 8-month-old baby boy was “coaxed” into a cerebral palsy child by his grandmother, and even his parents did not repent


The growth and development of children requires a process. Newborn children only use crying to express their feelings. As they grow up, the children begin to learn to speak, and they seldom cry.

However, some parents are too “impatient” and are very sensitive to their children’s crying. As long as the children make a sound, they will be very nervous and will do everything possible to make the children shut up.

After having a child, parents will find that as long as they sleep in a hug, the child seldom cries, and now the child is very delicate, and the parents will hug it up when they cry a little.

Especially if there are elderly people in the family, they will be more delicate, and no one can resist the affection of the next generation. But when you hear the child crying, you immediately “shake” the child to coax the baby. Is this really correct?

017-month-old baby was coaxed into “cerebral palsy” by grandma

After Xiao Ling gave birth, the knife didn’t last. Her husband went to work during the day, and her mother-in-law came to help at home. Xiao Ling was also very grateful. If it weren’t for her mother-in-law’s help, the family would be in chaos.

Xiaoling also felt strange that before her mother-in-law came, the child always cried and made her face flushed. As long as the mother-in-law picked up the child, patted the child lightly, and hugged the child, the child would calm down slowly. Up.

The faster the shaking, the happier the baby will be. Xiaoling is still rejoicing that she still feels that the old man has enough experience in bringing the baby. She is still secretly happy and feels that she has found a good mother-in-law.

After Xiaoling was able to sit up, her mother-in-law also taught her how to coax the baby. The mother-in-law told her that they would sleep better by shaking the child to sleep. She learned very seriously how to coax her baby to sleep, but she did not expect to push her baby into the abyss step by step.

Suddenly for a while, my son started crying and crying, his mental state was not very good, and the fever was not going to go away. This time, Xiaoling was anxious.

The mother-in-law said that the child had a common cold. Drinking more water and sweating would be fine. After a few days of delay at home, the child did not improve at all, so she went to the hospital anxiously.

After examination, it was found that the child became a “cerebral palsy child”, and the cause of the illness was precisely because the grandmother’s “shaking” way of bringing the baby, shaking the child for a long time would cause physical harm.


The baby’s brain is immature. If it shakes back and forth for a long time, the structure of the child’s brain tissue will be squeezed, and the brain tissue will collide with the skull back and forth, causing brain diseases.

The child’s grandmother made such a bewildered decision without knowing it. Although shaking can indeed calm the child, this method is not appropriate and will seriously damage the brain.

What’s even more ridiculous is that some parents continue to do this, unaware of repentance and unaware of the seriousness of the problem.

Not everyone knows professional knowledge, but before a baby is born, you must do your homework in advance, avoid the wrong way of bringing a baby, protect the healthy growth of the child, and not be an ignorant parent.

02Pay attention to the amplitude of shaking

When coaxing your child to sleep, don’t shake it too hard. It’s okay to walk or coax your child to sleep, but don’t shake it deliberately. It will hurt your child’s cervical spine first.

Infant children have no language skills, even if they are uncomfortable, they will only cry. Parents don’t know the child’s inner thoughts, and many parents will shake even more.

To coax the baby to sleep, you must pay attention to the movement, softer, and don’t hear the movement, just pick up the child, habitually rely on the parents, the child will be very fragile in the future, no matter what you do, you must hold the child and don’t give it to the child” Get used to “bad things.”

03Don’t be funny

Some parents express their love to their children in a special way. They always like to lift their children up high and then catch them. Such impactful movements can cause great damage to the brain tissue and make the children feel nervous.

If you catch it and you may fall, you must pay more attention when bringing your baby. Some confused parents like to “swing” by pulling their children’s arms. If they don’t pay attention, they will dislocate. Parents should not try it lightly. Otherwise, Let the child’s health pay the bill.

04Pay attention to environmental safety

All the baby’s habits have a lot to do with the people around him. Sound, light, and temperature will all affect the baby’s sleep state.

If the baby is unwilling to fall asleep and crying more than ever, parents should check to see if there is strong light dazzling the child’s eyes. A good environment can help sleep.

If the child fluctuates slightly, parents don’t need to make a fuss, pay attention to observe the child’s emotions, gently tap to let the child fall asleep slowly, and hug the child as soon as he cries, which will only cause trouble for himself.

For novice parents, guarding the healthy growth of their children requires a lot of precautions. When you encounter problems, don’t worry, and solve them one by one in the correct way.

Don’t use ignorant methods to harm your children’s health. Everyone has only one life. Newborns are very fragile. Don’t let yourself regret it.