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Original all-around ace essence with top 3 bottles! Whitening, spotting, anti-aging, firming all get!


Recently, my sister in the studio wore a mask to work every day. When I couldn’t hear what she said for the Nth time, she took off her mask violently.

It turned out to be allergic…
My little cheek was covered with small pimples, red and swollen. I wanted to take a picture and send it out for you to see, but my sister said she wanted to hit me, so forget it.
There are too few people who are born with good skin. When most people start to realize that they need to take care of skin care, their skin has begun to go downhill. Except for the endogenous aging caused by force majeure, ultraviolet rays, staying up late, stress, etc., the skin will frequently “drop the chain”. “.

For the dream of milky muscle, whitening, lightening, anti-aging, and firming all get, what bad thoughts can there be, just want to be all-in! But goose, what about in reality? • Planting grass with constant heartbeats, but failing to pull the grass frequently? • Obviously said it is slick skin, how come my face is “slick skin” • There are more and more bottles and cans in the dressing table, and the wallet is empty, but the skin is still not getting better? • Known as a celebrity private collection, with one top three, big-name affordable fighters, not only did not see the effect, but the large-scale rollover was “allergic again”. . . There are just a lot of cute people who want to see how to skin care for sensitive skin, and they often receive sensitive skin related problems in the background~ What is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is a kind of problematic skin. Any skin type can be sensitive skin, just like all skin types can have acne. The specific manifestation is that the skin is prone to external irritation, and symptoms such as pimples, acne, and red blood streak appear. In severe cases, skin pain, itching, and burning may also be felt. Are you sensitive skin? Sensitive skin usually has the following skin symptoms:

  • The skin is thin, prone to allergies, and red blood streaks are obvious.
  • When the temperature is too cold or too hot, and the mood fluctuates, the skin is prone to redness and heat.
  • Reduced tolerance to skin care products and cosmetics, and may be accompanied by skin sensitivity throughout the body.

Note: sensitive skin ≠ allergic skin Allergic skin: Allergy is a symptom of dermatitis that is occurring, and allergic skin is the skin that is producing allergic symptoms. Sensitive skin: The skin is prone to allergies, but it is not necessarily allergic! In addition to sensitive skin that needs to be repaired, it needs to be stabilized, and at the same time you definitely want to whiten and resist aging, hey! Why is it so difficult to find reliable, suitable and high-efficiency products? Today, I will show you the essence of the truly reliable “Ten Complete Supplements”, is it true that one tops three? 01ITRIM Botanical Extracts and Moisturizing Essence Oil Reference price: 18ml/1480rmb When I recommended his scrubs last time, I said that when I first knew the price, I thought, why is it so expensive? After I tried it myself, um, it’s really fragrant. The scent of his products is very healing and it feels very natural. Every time I use it, it feels like a spa. I checked it and found that ITRIM is indeed organic and pure natural. The main ingredients of the raw materials are cultivated from the specific soil of Japan, and then the raw materials are extracted by the unique cold quenching method, and only the truly effective 1% of the rare ingredients are retained. For a face value control, the beautiful packaging alone can greatly improve my enthusiasm for skin care~ I usually use less essential oils because I feel a little greasy. But this small powder oil surprised me very much, it is refreshing and easy to absorb. When I first got it, I saw that the fans were very cute. The pink color is because it contains purple root extract, a natural pink color, and no natural pigment at all. This ingredient has the effect of repairing the skin, anti-aging, diminishing fine lines, and making the skin more plump. At the same time, it also contains extracts of seaweed, Cylindrotheca cylindrica, and Coix seed, which can prevent aging and oxidation while regulating the skin barrier. I usually put one or two drops in the palm of my hand, slowly rubbing it to heat up, and massaging it on the face from the inside out until it is absorbed all over the face. It is a vegetable oil base, so it is very thin, silky on the face, and easily absorbed. After using it at night, the skin will be elastic and moisturized the next day, tender and smooth. After using it for a period of time, my skin has stabilized a lot, and no redness has appeared, and the whole skin has become firmer and brighter. I can also obviously feel the skin becomes delicate and tender. Small fine lines have also faded a bit. Oil skin care products must be fully massaged and absorbed. Take 1 drop at a time and rub it with the palm of your hand and press it on your face, take a deep breath and smell it. Then massage the face in circular motions. After a few seconds of absorption, the sweet and fruity scent will linger on the whole face, and it will be cured instantly. This method of smelling, pressing and absorbing can also promote blood circulation in the skin~ 02Drunk Elephant Protini Blue Pot Polypeptide Strengthening Repair Empowering Essence Reference price: 30ml/680rmb I have talked a lot about Drunk Elephant recently. The ingredients and effects of his family are very clear. I recommended this to my sisters when it was first launched a few months ago. After 3 months of verification, I think that in addition to anti-oxidation and anti-aging Unexpectedly, the moisturizing effect is also good, it is worth moving the title of almighty ace to it~ This essence is its blockbuster product this year. Previously, there was a cream with 9 signal peptide ingredients in this series. The main ingredient of this essence is composed of 11 super concentrated signal peptides + 10% lactic acid. , Can be said to be an epic level in peptide products. Some noble women’s anti-aging products generally only add 2-3 kinds of peptides, but this group of essence + cream anti-aging cp has added 9 kinds of signal peptides and 11 kinds of signal peptides respectively. A large number of signal peptides work together in multiple dimensions to speed up the skin. The production of collagen in the skin can help the skin’s self-renewal, make the skin plump and restore its elasticity. In addition to peptides, the above also said that there is 10% lactic acid. It sounds like a high concentration, but you don’t have to worry too much about using it to irritate your skin. Lactic acid is a milder moisturizing type of fruit acid, which takes away dead dead skin cells. , While making the skin tender and smooth, it is not as easy to pull dry as other acids, which is relatively suitable for sisters with dry skin! The two are powerfully combined. The signal peptide is aimed at sagging and aging, and lactic acid is aimed at enlarged pores. I have used it for more than half a month, and it has improved the texture, skin tone, brilliance and elasticity of the skin visible to the naked eye. The texture of this essence is very moist, and there are anti-oxidant moisturizers such as squalane, green tea seed oil, and Marula oil, so the skin feel on the face is more moisturizing~ For me, it is indeed a very mild acid anti-aging serum. The texture is very moisturizing, and it is really good in terms of moisturizing. The next day after using it, there is no redness, but the skin is soft and tender. Slippery~ And Drunk Elephant is the main skin care product regardless of skin type, strong muscle foundation to solve skin problems, and does not contain aromatic essential oils, alcohol, etc.~ Especially for skin aging, facial sagging, uneven skin tone, a great savior for staying up late! 03UNISKIN You Shi Yan Yun Can Firming Essence Lotion Reference price: 30ml/420rmb The essence of Ushiyan is the most cost-effective among these aces today~ You can compare and drop it yourself. First of all, the packaging looks very technological. Yes, it does come with “Double A double peptide target technology”, which means that it contains two high-energy vitamin A and two high-energy peptides. With mild targeting technology, it can promote Skin metabolism, while enhancing collagen, restores fineness and firmness to the skin, diminishes fine lines and evens out skin tone. “Double A” is Granactive Retinoid (HPR) + Retinol Propionate RP, starting from the epidermal layer, it is immediately parallel with the long-lasting double line, effectively and gently diminishing fine lines and improving skin fineness. In terms of anti-ageing, Ushiyan respects scientific skin care, pursuing high efficiency and gentleness in the selection and matching of A-type ingredients, and from the perspective of comprehensive permeability, the combination of HPR+RP is also better than the market. The products with Alcohol A + Alcohol A Palmitate are much better. In addition to this, a soothing ingredient is added: Symrelief 100+ SymSitive1609, madecassoside is used to relieve dry skin and improve redness. The crystal clear creamy yellow ice cream texture, the light moisturizing feeling and the lemon mixed with a little woody scent, it is really enjoyable to use, there is no stuffy acne rubbing mud. I think the improvement of the skin is gentle and drizzle. At first, I feel a soft and smooth touch. After a period of time, I will gradually notice that the skin tone is brightened, the skin lines are stretched, and the contours look clearer than before. The quality has been improved, which is very good ~ and anti-aging of the skin is a long-term plan, and continuous use is the reason. Compared with similar competing products on the market, Ushiyan pays more attention to solving fundamental problems, and the innovation of materials is also remarkable. The most intimate thing is that this “Black Gravity” essence is also equipped with a tolerance test kit and a nanny-style “brush A manual”~ 04Obagi Vitamin C Serum Reference price: 12ml/868rmb Dr. Obagi, the founder of Obagi, is a well-known dermatologist and research scholar in the United States, as well as a doctor used by many Hollywood stars. The Japanese version of Obagi was developed in cooperation with the Japanese pharmaceutical giant Rohto, and is more suitable for Asian skin. Obagi Vitamin C Serum is the most powerful ace product in Obagi’s Japanese line. It is placed in the most eye-catching position of Japanese drugstores and recommended by many Japanese beauty magazines. The main ingredient is a high concentration of vitamin C, which can fight aging, neutralize free radicals, inhibit pigmentation, promote collagen production, and relieve acne. The effect of diminishing acne marks and brightening skin is amazing! But VC is easy to be oxidized and unstable. Obagi has developed a unique patented technology that keeps the VC component in a stable state, is not easy to oxidize and can penetrate and be absorbed by the skin. At the same time, it also cooperates with the use of vitamin E to make the skin smoother and more transparent. Signal Lock patented technology locks the root cause of spots and acne marks, accurately brightens skin tone and diminishes acne marks. In addition to vitamin C + vitamin E, Centella asiatica and artichoke leaf extract are also added to improve the self-healing power of the skin, effectively soothe the skin, and enhance the moisturizing skin. It does not contain alcohol, it is really a bottle of high penetration, high concentration, high stability vitamin C essence, it is recommended to burst the liver! There are four C concentrations: C5, C10, C20, and C25. My skin is not very sensitive now, so I directly chose C25 essence. C25 is the highest concentration now, and it solves skin problems in all aspects. Acne marks, spots, dry lines, rough skin, dull complexion, etc. Water and oil texture, not completely oily. Mixed skins and dry skins can be started without hesitation. If the oily skin and the skin are not well absorbed, it is not recommended, and it will feel greasy. It’s really amazing after using it for a while, even the pores are refined, the all-round essence is it, whitening, diminishing acne marks, refining pores, and anti-aging! Alright, that’s all for today’s content~ Having said so much, I hope to help you choose the product you like, so that we can make a little progress on the skin care road every day, skin care rationally, avoid detours, and choose the right or not