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Original male celebrities wear earrings, Zhou Zhennan’s position is special, Zhang Ruoyun’s simple, the little ghost is a key-shaped


Everyone knows that in life, girls tend to dress up and pierce their ears. Boys are a little bit more carefree. But as an entertainer working in the entertainment industry, of course appearance is very important to them, so men Celebrities also have various shapes, and they also wear earrings with pierced ears. Let’s take a look at the appearance of a few male stars wearing earrings. How do you feel?

First of all, Zhou Zhennan is in this picture. This boy is born after 00 and he is still relatively young. Everyone knows that he successfully made his debut on the talent show last year and became the captain of the current team. He is quite good. Of course, this boy is also very fashionable. There are also many kinds of magazine shots. The picture shows how he wears the earrings. The position of the earrings is quite special. It is also very special if it is a little higher.
Looking at the picture above, everyone is familiar with Wu Yifan. He was previously a member of the super popular Korean men’s team and the captain of the Chinese team, but he also terminated the contract with the original company. Everyone is very sorry. Now It has developed very well in the country and is also the darling of the fashion industry. The picture shows the shape of this boy wearing earrings. There are words on his face. The earrings are like jade, which is also a very interesting match.

The picture to the back is Zhang Ruoyun. His acting skills are still quite good. He has been out for many years. He has created many characters that everyone is very recognized. They are liked by many audiences. This boy looks very traditional, but In fact, sometimes there will be some breakthrough dresses. The picture shows how he wears earrings. The earrings are still very small, simple, and quite good. The next one is Hua Chenyu. Everyone knows that this boy’s music is very popular and has his style. It can be said to be very talented. In addition to composing his own music, he also participates in the audition as a mentor. Participating in variety shows also brought a lot of joy to everyone. It is still quite popular. The picture shows him wearing earrings with pearls on it, which is also very expensive. The last thing is the little ghost. This is a boy who debuted on the talent show. He is a rapper. He is usually dressed up very cool. The picture shows the boy wearing earrings. This is a selfie of him. Look at this earring. The shape is in the shape of a key, which is quite interesting. It feels a bit DIY when you look at it. I don’t know what it feels like after reading this?