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Invalid SIM card! Don’t worry if your iPhone encounters this problem, and teach you how to solve it easily


In the past few years, there have been several obvious springs when a locked iPhone has appeared.

Including 2018-2019 and 2020 to the present, all locked devices can be used with card-free stickers through the “black solution” method, which has led to a skyrocketing sales of locked devices, and even some merchants have changed the sequence after unlocking the locked devices. The number and the modified model are sold directly as lockless phones of the Bank of China.
Most consumers will not go to flash or restore the factory settings, so it is difficult to find the problem under normal circumstances, but now many previous users are ready to change their phones or sell their old phones, and want to restore the factory settings for their family members. , Or sold it to others, but found that “SIM card is invalid” is displayed on the mobile phone and cannot be activated. Now these users panic. What should I do? Is the phone scrapped?
First of all, this phone is not a brick!
The locked phone itself, as a foreign operator’s contract phone, cannot normally use the domestic mobile phone card, so when we restore the factory or use a brand-new system, the original unlock code disappears from the phone, so the phone becomes It looks like it cannot be activated, in fact, we only need to unlock it.
If you buy a mainland licensed, Hong Kong version, or a mobile phone that the merchant claims to be an unlocked phone, you don’t need to listen to all explanations from the merchant. This is a completely locked mobile phone. The seller itself has fraudulent behavior. Originally sold at a high price to the cheapest machine with a lock.
There are some minor exceptions here. Some US-version lockless machines have been passively locked in the market in the first two years. If the US version of the lockless flashing machine sold by the seller becomes locked afterwards, it may not be a merchant. It pits you, but just happened to encounter such a situation.

How to solve the invalid Sim card? Generally speaking, the seller will not give you a hacked card or a backup card if you are scammed. If you buy a lock machine, then the seller will definitely give you one of these two. Of course, no matter which one can solve our problem, if you don’t have these unlocked equipment, it is recommended to go to the shopping website to search for key words such as card stickers, hacked cards, etc., personally at this time node, it is recommended to buy hacked cards to prevent Novices use card stickers, which leads to the problem of card stickers being damaged. Hacking cards is more secure and stable. It is June 20th, 2021. The black solution free card sticker is still valid. In the future, if you read this article in other time periods, the black solution may become invalid. Then you need to buy the card sticker instead of the black solution card. . first step : Do not insert the phone card, directly connect to the WiFi network to activate the phone and enter the phone page, open the settings-general-about this machine to check your own system version, currently it needs to be higher than IOS14.6 or higher to be able to deactivate normally, so if this is not reached Please upgrade your phone to this version or above first. Second step : After the upgrade is complete, insert the black solution card or card+sticker, the phone will pop up a black menu, select Edit ICCID, the current valid ICCID is 89014104279605344753, click send after input, restart the phone after sending, and activate the phone again normally. At this time, we need to open the settings-general-about this machine again, and when you pull down and see “no SIM card restriction” in the column, it means that our unlocking is complete, and the blacked out card is taken out and replaced with your own mobile phone card. That is, the card sticker can be used normally by simply removing the card sticker and inserting it into the mobile phone card separately. There are some issues that need to be paid attention to here. What should I do if there is no place to enter the ICCID when the black card is inserted in some phones or the card does not pop up? You can try the dialing page (long press Home on the activation page, long press the power button on the full screen phone and click emergency call) to dial *, and the window will pop up normally. If the above method still does not pop up, then you can basically be sure that your card sticker or black solution card is an old version that cannot be edited, and you need to buy a brand new one before unlocking it