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Original short hair is on fire again?Let Ni Ni become “Jiquan carry the handle”, Han Suxi with air bangs is more age-reducing


As the saying goes, fashion is a circle. In the past few years, short hair was popular. In the past two years, “black long straight” has become a popular hairstyle. However, nowadays, the aesthetics are diverse. The hairstyles of girls and celebrities in your circle are also short hair and long hair. Switch between them at will. This year all kinds of short hair and clavicle hair have recovered some heat, and let everyone see the plasticity of the female stars in your circle.

Take Ni Ni as an example, for the new movie “1921” cut short hair cut across the board, although the film has not been officially released, but the inner taste of the intellectuals has already manifested vividly, and people have a lot of expectations for this movie.

Compared with her romantic long hair before, I personally feel that this short hair adds more heroism between her eyebrows and eyes, and is more recognizable. The whole person’s outstanding temperament has risen to a higher level because of this. No wonder others say She is a newcomer “Ji Quan Carrying a Hand”!

This short hair is slightly curled and turned into a Hong Kong-style short hair. With two black dresses with different styles, it is beautifully searched. This is a look that even a Virgo can’t fault. The blogger sees it as a girl. I feel my heart.

Rainie also recently put on short hair similar to Ni Ni, which fits well with her own sweet looks. The most important thing is that she also wears a new hair color. The outside is light brown, and the inside is dark green. A cool girl’s sense of sight, but also highlights her recklessness.

Of course, this trend has also drifted to the Kimchi country next door. In the hit drama “Vincenzo” some time ago, Jeon Yeobin, who played the heroine, put on a pretty girl when he was shooting a blockbuster for a fashion magazine. The short hair style, with a very individual eyelid, is very attractive. The random lanugo bangs on the forehead look very airy and visually modify the shape of the face.

Quan Rubin’s short hair is a low-level short hair with almost flush ends. It is also a popular short hair style in the past two years. It is also very easy to take care of. As long as the hair wax is used to grab the line a little, it looks casual and stylish. .

And Han Su Hee, who performed well in the hit drama “Although I Know”, changed her long hair style before, and replaced it with a layered clavicle hair in the show, which is also one of the hotter hairstyles now. , With air bangs, it looks more pure and age-reducing.

Layered hairstyles have the effect of pulling up the curls, so in this hairstyle, she also has a C-shaped curl at the end of her hair, which looks more light with high-level hair ends. It is very suitable for the sultry summer and looks immediately. It’s refreshing a lot.

In “Frightened Living Together”, the heroine Li Huili also appeared in a clavicle hair style. What is more special is that this clavicle hair uses a one-size-fits-all method, the length falls under the shoulders, and the neatly cut hair ends are neat and stylish. The curly styling is more neutral, and it is a very high-end hairstyle.

In fact, in daily life, if there is no curl, it will be more rigid. It is recommended that you can use a curling iron, with the bangs that are curled out at will, to add a sweet atmosphere and also play a role in modifying your face.

Taeyeon also recently changed her clavicle hair, the length is also under the shoulders, but the sense of layering is very strong, starting from the cheekbones and extending downward, it seems that the whole person is full of lightness!

This clavicle hair, as long as you use a hair dryer to create a fluffy feeling and blow out the arc, it will look casual and lazy and quite feminine.

It seems that the trend of short hair will continue for a long time. Whose short hair do you grow grass?