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Original Tianre eats chicken like this, the taste is tender and appetizing, there is meat, soup, and vegetables, half of the pot is eaten up.


When the weather is too hot in summer, it is most likely to lead to a bitter summer without appetite, so it is necessary to make some appetizers for the family! I asked the family members for their opinions and planned to go out to buy fish and pickled cabbage fish, but my Jiabao’s father rejected him, saying that it’s so hot and don’t go out, saying that fish is too expensive recently, so it’s better to eat chicken. Eating meat is more affordable, and the most important thing is that you have ready-made food at home!

Not only the chicken is ready-made, but the seasoning for pickled fish is also ready-made, but it is complete, and you can save it and go out to buy it! I used the sauerkraut fish seasoning to make fish once. There are marinade packets, oil packets and seasoning packets inside. The fish tastes good when it is made, and the color of the finished product is not a bit black like the one made by yourself, and the appearance is similar to the restaurant. Has been praised by the family. This time I replaced the fish with chicken thighs. It was the first time I matched it like this. I thought it would be delicious. In the end, it had the color of old hen chicken soup. After a bite, it was delicious, especially in it. With the addition of the sauerkraut seasoning package, it is appetizing and not greasy! I made a half pot, with meat, vegetables and soup. One dish is enough for 3-4 people. I originally planned to cook some noodles for breakfast with some soup left.

【Sauerkraut Chicken】

Ingredients needed: 3 large chicken drumsticks (980g), 1 bag of pickled cabbage fish seasoning (280g), vegetable oil, small green onion

Detailed approach:

The first step is to prepare the ingredients for sauerkraut chicken: 3 large chicken drumsticks, soaked in thawing, and 1 bag of sauerkraut fish seasoning for the soup.

The second step is to prepare all the sauerkraut fish seasonings, so you don’t need to prepare other ingredients. It saves time. Seasoning packs, oil packs and marinade packs are prepared inside.

In the third step, chop the chicken legs into pieces, wash off the blood, then put the water into a small stainless steel basin, and pour the marinade bag

The fourth step, after mixing it with the chicken, marinate for 5-10 minutes. This step is indispensable. The chicken is tender or not at this step. The seasonings in it include corn starch and salt, etc.

The fifth step, heat the iron pan, put in vegetable oil less than the amount of cooking, pour the ingredients in the seasoning bag, and stir-fry it with a high fire.

The sixth step, turn the heat to low, and then add the ingredients in the oil bag.I think this oil bag is the key to the delicious taste of this delicacy. With it, the taste is more pure. It just seems that we can’t make it by ourselves. No matter, it’s easier to have a ready-made one.

The seventh step, add more water to the pot

The eighth step, bring it to a boil on high heat, pour in the marinated chicken pieces, being careful not to stir

The ninth step, cover the pot and bring to a boil, turn to medium heat and simmer for 30 minutes

The tenth step, after 30 minutes, the chicken is soft and rotten. You can taste the soup at this time. If it is a bit salty, add some boiling water and then turn off the heat after boiling. The soup is golden and appetizing. The chicken is soft, rotten and tender, especially the sauerkraut inside. One bite of the chicken and one bite of the dish. It’s so refreshing!

Put it into a large bowl and sprinkle half a handful of chopped green onions while it’s hot. It looks good and delicious! This dish comes out in one pot, with vegetables, meat and soup. It is suitable for rice or steamed buns. If you accidentally eat it, it will last. It is very suitable for eating in summer, especially for people who have no appetite and suffer in summer!

[Sauerkraut Chicken]It’s done, the main points and precautions for making, Momma, let me talk a few more words:

  1. This dish uses the ready-made sauerkraut fish seasoning in the soup on the bridge to save a lot of tedious seasoning. It is not difficult to make, and everyone has prepared it. You are just one step away from the chef;

  2. After the chicken thighs are chopped into pieces, be sure to mix them with the ingredients in the marinade bag and marinate them, so that the stewed chicken pieces will taste tender;

  3. Use this ingredient to stew the chicken, and add more soup to avoid that there is not much soup left in the final stew, and the soup will not be delicious if it is salty. If you don’t master it, you can taste it halfway;

  4. The chicken legs are fatter, and there will be some fat on the surface of the final soup. It is recommended to skim it away. The soup is not greasy and the taste is only delicious!

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