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Originally, I was amazed when I saw Gu Tianle for the first time. He is the source of my actor’s aesthetics.


I should be considered his ashes. When I was watching TV in the third grade of elementary school, my vocabulary back then couldn’t tell me what I could do with a glance at Wannian; but that’s amazing! But with TV, with Louis Koo, well, you know what a handsome man is like. Anyway, later I like to collect his newspaper clippings, posters, bookmarks, portrait photos; by the way, I also bought his album tapes.

At the time of junior high school, Meteor Garden was popular throughout the school. 4 I don’t like it, I’m not the same as you. Facts have proved that Gu Tsai’s face is the public’s aesthetic, which can stand the test of time. Unlike the current praise to Gu Tianle, he was not very good at that time. After being in jail, I was hitting people with Lin Guobin in a bar later. The reporter asked whether he wanted to respond to questions… So he was blessed by charity filters, really not. The peak of his appearance from white to black was really Peak value of appearance. However, in recent years, people only learned about the school only after the appearance was half-handicapped.

He is the source of my actor’s aesthetics and laid the foundation for my aesthetics. Later, I never saw such a handsome person again~ I am very face-controlled. After watching the handsome guy for so many years, Koo Tianle’s face is impeccable when he was young. Jin and Wu are mixed-race faces and handsome, but personally feel that they are not as good as Gu Tianle. He is not a short-lived traffic niche, and everyone has no money to do these things.

So what caused the difference between the subject’s feeling and the evaluation of others? It may be that the subject does not have a deep understanding of Gu Tianle. In the eyes of the subject, it is not so handsome, it is the kind of ordinary handsome. Then this involves personal aesthetics, and there is no way to completely unify it. One super face control. I think that Koo Tianle is really gray and handsome, white is exquisite and handsome, and black is cool and handsome and suitable for old and modern. His facial features can withstand shooting from all angles. The Jincheng and Wu you mentioned are not perfect. They must be handsome guys, but they can’t get them personally.

The first time I saw Gu Tianle, I was amazed. Louis Koo is not a U.S. dollar. Isn’t it normal for someone to dislike it? I haven’t gotten Takeshi Kaneshiro, Daniel Wu and Zhang Weijian yet. Can I say that those who tout Takeshi Kaneshiro, Daniel Wu and Zhang Weijian have fan filters?

I don’t know if my aesthetic is out, or the fish circle is really bad. There is really no such surprise again. I used to think that Yang Yang’s costumes would be a bit like Louis Koo, but when I saw Yang’s costumes, I felt that it was still a little less interesting. In fact, it doesn’t matter, radish and vegetables have their own love. I know that he has donated a lot of schools, and his character is very good, but I can’t bear to say that he is handsome. He must be the most handsome.