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Relaxing aristocratic style at the royal palace


Visiting many European countries, visitors have the opportunity to experience the regal life in magnificent palaces or castles.

Palace of Versailles, France Dubbed the most splendid palace in Europe by its massive scale and lavish architecture. In 1979, this place was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Le Grand Controle , the first hotel on the premises has just opened, bringing a luxurious resort experience to visitors. Guests staying overnight here must spend at least about 50 million. You will be entertained by the butler, free to visit the inside of the palace. The hotel consists of 14 luxurious rooms, named after famous figures with connections to Versailles. Guests are allowed unlimited visits to the Orangerie museum during their stay. Dinner at 20:30 here is also worth experiencing when the staff in classic costumes will appear and serve in the French royal style of King Louis XIV. In addition, on-site spa services, swimming pool give guests moments of relaxation. Hotel Ca’ Sagredo, Venice, Italy The palace dating from the 15th century is now a royal hotel, featuring sweet pink tones, overlooking the Grand Canal. The palace was purchased by a prestigious aristocratic family in the seventeenth century, before opening as a luxury hotel in 2007. The suites are favored by the elite for their gilded details, intricate carvings, plush pillows and luxurious textures. Palace Hampton Court , built during the reign of King Henry VIII, is a luxury residence of the nobility Brother at that time. The Georgian house here has been renovated, becoming a resort that attracts high-class guests. Furniture with leather, wood, modern decorative patterns creates a regal living space. Those staying here can view the palace from its attic rooms, and explore the remaining grounds including the rose garden and King Henry VIII’s tennis court. Ciragan Palace Hotel Classic and elegant style, giving visitors a luxurious experience like the life of royalty Turkey . The most luxurious room here costs about 790 million VND, attracting many famous people as well as the rich experience. This room is decorated with antique objects from the 19th century. Guests can reach the hotel by car, yacht or helicopter. Taj Lake Palace, India , built of marble in 1746, has magnificent architecture. Dubbed the “Venice of the East” with a beautiful location in the middle of Lake Pichola, rooms here come with butler service, the hotel offers many activities for guests such as heritage exploration with a guide , sky-watching and cultural performances. Alternatively, guests can relax at the spa, with treatments inspired by ancient Indian royal wellness rituals. Hotel Palacio de Villapanes, Spain : Among the many palace hotels with terraces in Seville, Spain, the Palacio de Villapanés is preferred for its elegant style. The shady courtyard, small fountain, vaulted ceiling, gray paneled walls, purple velvet headboard are details that create elegance for the resort. Inside each room is equipped with high-tech gadgets for visitors to experience. According to MSN