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Sisters should learn Korean girls to wear the same color set to be stylish in an instant


This is a way to mix casual clothes, but for an extremely stylish upgrade effect.

Dressing beautiful and stylish is actually not as difficult as you think. The proof is that when looking at the style of Korean fashionistas, we will see that they dress up with very simple items, the way of mix & match is not fussy but still have trendy and trendy outfits. The kimchi connoisseur also has such an easy way to mix & match that, just by combining items of the same color, they have a stylish and beautiful look. Mixing a short-sleeved shirt with synchronized shorts, this lady has a youthful and stylish outfit in just a minute. In order to maintain the elegance of the outfit, she only wears simple white shoes and a cardboard handbag. Still with the same formula, but when choosing black and blue, the wearer will have a more personal appearance. Not to mention, the dark blue color is very useful in the hack to lighten the skin and shrink the body. Mixing the same color but with different dark – light shades, your outfit will have a highlight and look very prominent and eye-catching. Summer 2021, green is in fashion, so you need to refer to this lady’s outfit. Mixing the shirt through the outside has added a smooth and liberal look to the tank top combo of casual pants. And the role of a slightly hugging tank top is to add a sexy and feminine point to the person wearing it. White blouse and casual pants are the perfect combo, wearing it is elegant and sophisticated. To ensure the neatness and respect for the figure, women should be modest like this lady. The suit with a blazer and shorts is just as easy to wear as a winter suit. It is worth mentioning that this type of clothing is still light, suitable for summer days that are not too hot, giving you a stylish, elegant but still youthful appearance. With a neutral color suit like this, you just need to wear it inside a white t-shirt to be beautiful. The toothpick sweater is appreciated for its elegance, but still very young and trendy. You choose a white sweater like this Korean fashion blogger, mix it with shorts, wear flip-flops, so you get a very elegant and “western” outfit. This lady’s suit of casual pants and vests looks luxurious and elegant. A simple way of highlighting accessories will not affect the sophistication of the whole set, on the contrary, it will also create a “lemon and lemongrass” highlight. Mix a charcoal green polka dot shirt with black jeans, you will not be afraid of a dark and “dumb” look. On the contrary, this outfit is feminine, elegant and also very trendy. Blue-gray tones are always a guarantee for a luxurious look. When wearing this color shirt, you just need to mix it with matching gray pants, the look will be 100% genuine. The denim-on-denim formula is a bit difficult to wear, but once you mix it well like this lady, your look will look very personal, trendy and eye-catching. Photo: Instagram