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Splitting her legs, bending her body to expose the “hot” line, Ngoc Trinh competed with the WAGs cheering for EURO 2020


On the eve of the opening match of this year’s EURO 2020 finals, while waiting for the hot celebrations of the WAGs, the people seem to have been “satisfied” with the display of underwear wearing or not, bending their bodies. .

Not only is Ngoc Trinh “the queen of lingerie”, but Ngoc Trinh also shook hands with the boss Vu Khac Tiep to create her own lingerie brand. Of course, Ngoc Trinh also acts as a model promoting hot collections. The lingerie brand Ngoc Trinh is of course extremely bold, hot, wearing as well as not with dangerous cuts and ordinary people certainly not everyone dares to wear. The outfit was open on the bottom drum, Ngoc Trinh was not afraid to bend to show off her extremely hot curves, proving that her “underwear queen” position is hard to shake. There is even a picture taken in front of the mirror, Ngoc Trinh is not afraid to spread her legs wide, making many people think that she poses a bit less charming. Many designs in Ngoc Trinh’s lingerie brand are said to be only suitable for performing or taking pictures, only for girls with standard and extremely bold physique. In this set of photos, Ngoc Trinh tried many different shapes, from wild girl to beautiful lady and of course all seductive from eyes to posture.