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How to wear cheap clothes and still look luxurious for men


Choosing clothes with neutral tones such as charcoal green, black, and white makes it easier for men to coordinate and look taller.

1. Rule of thirds: According to the GQ Instead of buying 3 pairs of cheap pants, you should buy the more expensive one that lasts a long time and is easy to coordinate in all situations. Quality is more important than quantity. You should invest in basic, classic and timeless pieces that will last longer. For example, minimalist shoes, a black suit or a leather briefcase. Image: Man of Style. 2. Attention to detail: If you want your look to look luxurious, you have to pay attention to the smallest details from shirts, socks, accessories to bags. A nice outfit will look cheap and sloppy if your pants show off your socks of the wrong color. Image: Outsons. 3. Find out the situation: According to the GQ The best way to dress well is to choose clothes that are appropriate for the environment. On the red carpet, for example, many actors stick to safety and basics, while others decide to risk bold details like wearing gold Crocs or using inappropriate materials. Therefore, you must follow the dress code but still be creative in your own way. Image: GQ, Wrytin. 4. Simple but not sloppy: Even when wearing jeans, T-shirts, you also have to take care of your appearance. When wearing casual clothes, it’s important to make sure everything fits your body, is clean, and that there are no details that interfere with your appearance. Image: GQ. 5. Dress to look taller: For men, dark colors like black, charcoal green, cobalt blue… can be used to create a longer figure. In addition, men should refrain from wearing oversized clothes because they make your body look unbalanced. Image: GQ. 6. Avoid logos: Clothing printed with a brand logo will not make it look more expensive. In fact, it can make you look less sophisticated if the logo is too big, gaudy and in a sensitive position. Therefore, you should choose monochromatic products, without textures for easy coordination. Image: The Hust, Baaqoo. 5 dressing tips to help men look taller Men need to do some things when mixing clothes to look tall and balanced.