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The 8 “low-key” drinks in the original supermarket are inconspicuous on the shelves, but they are rare and delicious drinks


In the increasingly strong summer heat waves, people who are as hot as the sun can’t breathe. At this time, all kinds of icy cold drinks are the “life-renewing” artifacts when going out. One bite down, from the icy tip of the tongue to the internal organs, The heat is gone in an instant. Every summer, all kinds of beverages are rushing to the market with many brands. In addition to the enduring old brand beverages such as cola, sprite, green tea, and ice tea, there are also some “niche and affordable” beverages on the market, which are always on the shelves. The eye-catching place is often overlooked, but there have been many loyal fans for many years. The following 8 “low-key” beverages belong to this type.

1. Red apple

Wellcome’s red apples must be a childhood memory of many friends. At first, it was a box of one yuan, and then it rose to 1.5 yuan. Now it is 2 yuan for a box. The big cartoon red apple pattern is full of memories, sweet and sour. Refreshing, fragrant and pleasant, with the refreshing scent of apples, it is delicious and relieves heat after chilling.

2. Horseshoe is cool

Horseshoe Shuang, as the name suggests, is a drink made from horseshoes. It has a light sugary taste and a sweet taste. It also has rich horseshoe flesh inside. It tastes crisp and delicious. Generally, you should shake it before drinking it. At the same time, you can also eat the crunchy and sweet horseshoe shreds. The taste is very subtle. Among the many drinks, the price is 5 yuan per bottle.

3. Plum Garden

Plum Garden is a milk-flavored beverage, with strawberry, cantaloupe, chocolate and many other flavors. I personally think that the original flavor has the best taste, and the sweet milk flavor is not greasy at all. Although it is not pure milk, it tastes good. It is refreshing and moisturizing, and the packaging is more “retro” full of memories. A bottle of 4 yuan is 450ml, which is large and affordable.

4. Tiandi One

Tiandi One’s main product is apple cider vinegar. In the south, it is necessary to drink a bottle of Tiandi One when gathering with friends or wedding banquets. The main ingredients are apple cider vinegar, honey and water. It is low in calories and fat, sweet and sour. Apple flavor is much healthier than carbonated drinks. A bottle of appetizer helps digestion before and after meals.

5. Coconut Juice

Coconut brand coconut milk is an old brand in coconut milk products, but it is always a “niche brand” in the beverage industry. However, the classic taste has been like a day for several years. It is unstoppable. The rich coconut flavor is delicious and not delicious. Greasy, without adding flavors and pigments, the taste is sweeter, because it contains coconut milk, the nutritional value is naturally higher, especially suitable for the elderly and children to drink, the colorful bottle design, more like a telephone pole filled with small advertisements It is very eye-catching. Although it is placed in an inconspicuous place on the shelf, it can always be seen at a glance among many beverages.

6. Oriental leaves

Oriental Leaf is a tea beverage launched by Nongfu Spring. The unique packaging design seems to be tall, but the evaluation of it on the Internet is mixed. Some people think that Oriental Leaf is fresh and delicious, and the tea has a strong fragrance. Some people think that it has a bad taste and is terribly difficult to drink. In fact, Oriental leaves prefer the original tea without saccharin and other additives. It tastes refreshing and quenches thirst. The slight bitterness is the taste of the tea itself. It is suitable for drinking in summer. .

7. Vita Lemon Tea

In the hearts of Cantonese people, Vita lemon tea exists like a mobile air conditioner. The classic Hong Kong-style lemon tea is made from lemon and tea leaves. The taste is fresh and refreshing. It is an old brand in Hong Kong. Because Vita Lemon Tea is made of real ingredients, it will have a bit astringent taste, but it will have a slightly sweet taste after drinking it, especially in the hot summer days. After refrigerating, it will have an endless aftertaste. It’s no wonder that everyone says that the lives of Cantonese in the summer are renewed by Vita lemon tea!

8. Vitality Forest

Yuanqi Senli is a sparkling water that focuses on health, low sugar and low fat. I thought that the beverage with this configuration would taste as light as water, but on the contrary, this sparkling water from Yuanqi Forest is fresh and refreshing, the mouth is sweet and sour, with bubbles. There are plenty of flavors, and the mouth becomes refreshed and comfortable after drinking. Coupled with the cute packaging, it is simply admirable.

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