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Original Biden saw the 95-year-old queen said that she looked like “mother”, and the 70-year-old wife changed 10 sets of looks, but was complained to imitate Mrs. Boris


Fan said: The Queen of Iron Fight

The queen has suddenly become busy during the recent period.

Yesterday, she received visiting US President Biden and his wife Jill at Windsor Castle. This is also the 13th US President the Queen has received.

From Truman and Eisenhower, to Kennedy and Reagan, to Trump and Biden, the iron queen has survived 14 presidents of the United States (of which Lyndon Johnson has not met), once again proving the attributes of a long standby.

The queen wore a pink print skirt designed by Stewart Parvin this time. The large floral pattern was very conspicuous and gave people a very bright feeling. White Cornelia James gloves and black Launer bag are also standard equipment that you can hold your hand.

The brooch she chose this time is THE JARDINE STAR BROOCH. The shape is very special. It has 8 sharp corners, like a starfish, with diamonds between the sharp corners, and the whole body is also covered by diamonds, which is very shining.

This brooch is a bequest of jewelry received by the Queen in 1981. It comes from Lady Jardine and later became one of her favorite brooches. It has been worn more than 50 times since 2001.

In contrast, Jill Biden’s dress looks more formal, choosing a light blue suit from the American designer brand Adam Lippes, priced at about $1,000, paired with nude-colored Valentino high heels, although slightly conservative, But it didn’t make a mistake, and it echoed Biden’s tie.

When he was interviewed by the media after drinking tea with the queen, Biden said that the queen was “very kind” and even reminded him of his mother.

In fact, Biden has met the queen twice this week. On the 11th, she hosted a banquet in Cornwall’s Garden of Eden to entertain the G7 leaders. The Queen also wore a floral-themed skirt that day, designed by the Queen’s stylist Angela Kelly, and it is still the Launer bag.

The brooch that I wore that day was also very interesting. It was a gift from the President of Botswana in 2007. The brooch was made in the shape of sorghum, 11 pear-shaped diamonds were made of grain ears, and the stems and leaves were made of gold.

At the event, the queen insisted on cutting the cake with a ceremonial sword, and said, “I know there are ordinary knives, but I want to use this one more unusual.” This style of painting is also a little cute.

In the middle of these two activities, she “takes time” to participate in the military parade for her official birthday. The suit I was wearing before the opening of the Congress was still the same. I feel that after the death of Prince Philip, the queen has become more and more fond of floral elements in her clothes, perhaps because she wants to add some more vital elements.

As a symbol of Britain, the queen has always been aloof, and because of the long standby, the heads of countries also respect her when they see her. But in the UK, which pays special attention to etiquette, if you don’t pay attention, you will be criticized by the media for breaking royal rules and disrespectful to the Queen…

For example, when Biden’s predecessor Trump visited the UK in 2018, he was late + blocked the road and made various jokes.

(Queen OS: Why is this kid so naughty)

When Biden saw the queen this time, he almost stepped on the red line. For example, when attending a dinner on the 11th, the convoy arrived 5 minutes later than the Queen. When I went to Windsor Castle for tea, it seemed that I wanted to stretch out my arm to support the Queen, but at the last minute I still retracted, perhaps thinking of Michelle Obama. “A lesson from the past”-touching the queen is a violation of etiquette.

In any case, Biden’s meeting with the queen was fairly stable, and throughout the summit, as the president’s wife Jill, all kinds of equipment were constantly changing.

Although keeping a low profile in front of the Queen, in other activities, the wife of the new British Prime Minister Kelly, Kate who went out for business, and Brigitte, the wife of the French President who “came into the face” with her, was written “to win” in other activities. Both have been pk in the same box.

Today, the master fan will give you a list of the style of this group of politicians and wives who are in the same frame and line, and the United States presidents have stepped on those thunders when they see the queen.

Dignitaries dress big pk

After the uproar caused by wearing “fishnet socks” last time, Jill’s recent style of painting has become quite low-key.

Because it was the first time to visit Britain as the wife of the American President, she also brought a lot of equipment this time, constantly changing her looks, and also brought a wave of goods to American designers. Before leaving for the UK, she wore a dark green suit from the American fashion house Lafayette 148. The overall painting style was quite female elite.

When he arrived in the UK, when he got off the plane, he put on a navy blue jacket by Ralph Lauren and a white skirt by Michael Kors, echoing Biden.

When leaving the UK, he wore a set of Carolina Herrera and showed off his love with Biden.

☞ Jill vs Kelly

However, it is inevitable for the pk to get together. When Boris and Biden met in Cabis Bay, Cornwall, 70-year-old Jill and the newly promoted prime minister’s wife Kelly Johnson (33 years old) formally began their confrontation.

Jill is wearing a polka-dot skirt from designer Brandon Maxwell and a jacket from Zadig & Voltaire. The front of this jacket looks unremarkable, but the back is actually printed with a big LOVE, which is interpreted as a signal of goodwill.

The media who likes to do things, also cue to Melania, who is quiet and generous, also printed on the back, but she wore “I really don’t care, do u?” back then.

On the other side, the new prime minister’s wife, Kelly, said “to win” on her face. I wore a big red dress that day, suspected to be from LKBennett, with 100 points for stealing the spotlight.

Kelly and Boris’s 1-year-old son Wilfred also came out to act as a mascot. Although they were still showing their backs, this fluffy blond hair looked like Boris’s baby. Jill and Kelly also played with him on the beach together, and the color of little Wil’s clothes still matched Jill’s grandma.

I don’t know if it was stimulated by Kelly. In the following formal events, Jill also put on a red dress and even red high heels.

Her dress was from Brandon Maxwell, and she also wore it when she attended the Day of the Dead last month. The high heels were also from the American designer brand Marion Parke. The jewelry on that day was mainly made of gold, and red gold was matched to show the aura.

However, this time Kelly was even more “excessive”, and she wore a set of “Death Barbie powder” and succeeded in stealing the spotlight again in terms of saturation. This skirt comes from Roksanda and is said to be rented.

At the Queen’s reception last Friday, both of them had a lot of restraint. Jill wore a Karban trench coat by Gabriela Hearst with a black dress with a print inside.

Coincidentally, Kelly also wore a printed black dress that day, from the British fashion brand The Vampire’s Wife, famous for her printed skirt. Yellow high-heeled shoes are the highlight of the whole body, from Prada, but also carry the same yellow Gucci bag, catching a wave of popular colors.

The next day, the two people started to pk again. Jill walked up with Kelly wind, and Kelly walked up with Jill wind, and they also paid tribute to each other.

Jill’s print dress comes from Oscar de la Renta, and the price is more than $7,300.

Kelly’s suit came from Amanda Wakeley. The cobalt blue was particularly dazzling in the sun and once again succeeded in stealing the spotlight.

In the next scene, Jill immediately put on the same cobalt blue shawl. Brandon Maxwell’s white dress was printed with a large butterfly pattern, and the color scheme was a bit similar to Kelly’s last set.

Kelly suddenly became lighter, wearing a light-colored printed skirt and hugging her son as if on vacation. The outfit Wilfred wore was still like Prince George when he was a child.

In general, in the first confrontation between the British and American ladies, Kelly was successful in overpowering Jill, and some media even said Jill was imitating her. Moreover, the two of them can be regarded as bringing out a new style of dressing for dignitaries, who like natural elements such as flowers, using bright color blocks, and keeping simple elegance.

☞ Jill vs Kate

Seeing Kate again after being “suppressed” by Kelly, Jill made a high profile. The two visited an elementary school in Cornwall and discussed topics related to child development. They also wore pink clothes in a tacit understanding.

Kate’s fuchsia dress comes from Alexander McQueen, which she likes very much, and is about £1,125. The bag is LKBennett, and the bag shape is formal.

Jill seemed too high-profile. This death Barbie pink suit, from California women’s clothing brand L’AGENCE, also has a print on the lining (but this color happened to be worn by Kelly the day before).

The matching white dress is from Akris, a small Swiss luxury brand, a brand that Princess Charlene of Monaco loves very much. Then she wears a three-layer long pearl necklace, as if she can’t lose to young people.

At the Queen’s reception, Kate was more low-key, wearing a cream white dress, suspected to be Alexander McQueen, nude high heels are Aquazzura, the heel height is not small.

☞ Gil vs Brigitte

Among the ladies who participated in the summit, there is one more person I have to mention, and that is the wife of the French President Brigitte.

She and Jill looked like a pair of “sisters” from a distance. The ages are similar, Brigitte is 68 years old this year, and Jill is 70 years old; he is a teacher by profession; he looks like blond hair and likes to spread out; the dressing styles are also similar, and sometimes they are “silly and unclear”.

Although Brigitte is not the protagonist this time, he is still a big name. When I first arrived in the UK, this white coat was suspected to be custom-made by Chanel. It was paired with a turtleneck, which is simple and stylish.

When the leaders took a group photo, her bright “Royal Blue” suit, together with Kelly’s death Barbie powder, made Boris and Macron extraordinarily bleak.

While watching the performance at the Minack Theater, she put on a beige suit, suspected to be from the Spanish brand Castañer. Sitting with Jill, who also wears sunglasses, I feel like I can watch it again and again.

During the BBQ on the beach, she changed into a navy blue printed skirt, which looked pretty good.

After talking about the dress pk of the dignitaries, Biden almost stepped on thunder when he saw the queen this time, and he couldn’t help making people curious. What rules should the dignitaries and celebrities obey when seeing the queen? In fact, there have been problems with the capital of many countries…

Which mines did the dignitaries see the queen stepped on?

☛How to call the queen

First of all, he is very particular about the title of the queen. When you see the Queen, you should call it “Your Majesty.” When you talk to the Queen later, you don’t have to say “Your Majesty” every time, but “Ma’am”. At the end of the dialogue, when he was about to leave, he once again honored him as “Your Majesty.”

Note that you can’t directly call the Queen’s name Elizabeth. Nicknames like Queen, Queenie, and Liz are even worse, unless…you are Mandela.

A personal assistant of Mandela revealed that the interaction between them was very interesting when Mandela visited the Queen. Mandela would directly call the queen “Elizabeth” and even comment on the queen’s clothing and weight. Probably no one else in the world would dare to do so.

Regarding these “disrespectful” behaviors, the Queen herself did not feel offended, but she felt very happy. Of course, if you don’t have the courage and charm of Mandela, you still have to honestly call your Majesty~

☛How to salute the queen

Facing the Queen of England, according to British tradition, women should curtsey and men should bow.

Former British Prime Minister Blair and his wife are often sprayed by conservative British media on this point. Blair not only publicly questioned the value of the royal family, but Mrs. Blair has repeatedly seen the Queen without curtsy.

Later, when Prime Minister Mei Mei saw the queen, she still bowed respectfully.

If you are not a British citizen, such as the President and Mrs. of the United States, you do not have to follow British traditions. Usually visitors from other countries meet with the Queen, and it is okay to only give a handshake. Nowadays, under the epidemic situation, even the handshake may be avoided.

But it should be noted that if the queen does not take the lead in making a handshake, she cannot take the initiative to extend her hand. The American actor Susan Sarandon made jokes before.

During an event, she suddenly walked in front of the Queen and Prince Philip, bowed and tried to shake hands with the Queen. Although the Queen and Prince Philip responded to her request with a friendly smile, Susan’s behavior was accused of undermining the royal etiquette.

As soon as Susan turned and walked away, Prince Philip was puzzled, and seemed to be asking the queen “Who is she?”, and the queen was also embarrassed.

In fact, the British royal court has regulations that everyone should be introduced to the Queen, instead of rushing forward and asking for a handshake. This is very impolite.

☛How to talk to the queen

What if the queen wants to talk with you cordially after the greeting and the salute? Just chat calmly at this time. But when talking to the queen, don’t interrupt her at will, especially when she is expressing opinions related to politics.

Be careful not to talk about personal topics. It is not wise to comment on the Queen’s figure and dress like Mandela did. Bush was even more exaggerated. In 1991, when the queen visited the United States, when he was the son of the president at the time, he asked in front of the queen: “Who is the prodigal son of your family?” If it weren’t for being stopped by his mother Barbara in time, the scene would be only More embarrassing…

It is estimated that the Queen’s inner OS was like this:

If you don’t know what to talk about, it’s safer to talk about the weather and travel, or shooting and horse racing that the royal family loves. Be careful not to deliberately imitate the Queen’s accent.

When communicating with the queen, you should not look away from her for too long. Appropriate and friendly eye contact is necessary~

Don’t turn your back to her. The British royal etiquette stipulates that no one should turn their backs to the queen or walk in front of her, so Trump hit the gun in various ways before…

☛How to dine with the queen

Drink tea or have a meal with the queen, as long as the queen has not started, no one can move the food first. When the queen stops, you should stop too. In short, whether you are sitting, speaking or having a meal, it’s okay to remember that everything follows “Queen First”~

If it is a formal meal, a toast is a place to pay special attention. A very embarrassing scene happened before the Queen hosted the Obamas.

According to the British royal tradition, before important guests make a toast to the Queen, all the people present stand up and play the British national anthem at the same time. After the music is over, the guests begin to say the toast. However, Obama, who did not do his homework, thought that the British national anthem was a toast for him, so he finished the toast with the “accompaniment”… At this time, the queen only had a cold face. gif↓

(Please enjoy the recitation of the poem “Respect the Queen”, performer: Obama)

☛Elegance is the most important thing

Learn to see the queen’s decent words and deeds, and you have to buy a decent outfit~ First of all, make sure that your look is carefully prepared, and you have achieved a 9-point level. If you are sloppy and too casual, you may even have security. Can’t make it through.

At the same time, the dressing style should be elegant and appropriate as the key word, and the style is relatively conservative. When Kennedy visited the United Kingdom before, the queen and Jacqueline were in the same frame as the beauty, and both of them were quite elegant and expensive.

Of course, it is best not to dress too exaggeratedly, and not to be too sexy and revealing. The “candid meeting” like wheat grains is a bit overwhelming for the elderly.

(Hey, young man…)

It is recommended that the little black dress be temporarily put away, because the British royal family usually wears black on a large scale when attending a funeral, so it may seem a bit out of date.

Men’s clothing is usually Black Tie, and the higher-spec dress is White Tie. This kind of dress is the most formal and least common. It requires a tuxedo and a white bow tie. It can only be seen at top grand occasions such as royal ceremonies and banquets. . Looking at the performance of Putin, Omaba and the Queen in the same frame, who do you think is better?

If you want to successfully attract the Queen’s attention, you can also spend more time on the details~

For example, Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, although the queen is considered his junior, in order to show respect to the monarch, he specially wore the medal awarded by the queen’s father George VI, which is also real.

When Reagan visited Britain, he tacitly wore the same color with the Queen.

In addition to the above, there are some taboos to pay attention to, avoid stepping on thunder (‘◡’)

☛Don’t be late

Everyone knows that the queen is a very self-disciplined person with a strong sense of time.

Therefore, people who meet her should also strictly control the time. They need to arrive before the royal family arrives. Don’t let the queen wait for Trump to be late. Let the queen wait for ten minutes under the high temperature alone, and you can feel it through the screen. To a little emotion ↓

Biden’s team was five minutes late this time as a thunder. The Queen didn’t care about it.

☛Don’t be noisy

In front of the Queen, one should also pay attention to controlling the volume, making loud noises and shocking surprises, it seems too demeanor.

At the G20 summit in London in 2009, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi “offended” the Queen. At that time, the leaders of the various countries took a group photo, which was because Berlusconi had a lot of fun. Not only did he want to bring Obama to his side, but he also shouted “Mr. Obama!”

This move made the queen black face in public and turned her head back and said angrily: “What’s wrong? Why is he shouting loudly!” It seems that you don’t want to be blacklisted by the queen, so you have to keep calm and graceful at any time~

☛Do not have close physical contact

Although there is no official rule that prohibits touching the queen, people have understood for hundreds of years that when meeting members of the royal family, one should not touch or hug them at will. This has become an unwritten traditional taboo.

If you insist on breaking the taboo, it is easy to be like the former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating, because he touched the queen’s back and became a famous negative teaching material. The British media was very surprised by his “disrespect” and therefore gave him the nickname “Australian Lizard” =. =

Only the queen can hug if she takes the initiative to show her willingness to embrace. However, this scene of Michelle Obama holding the queen is still criticized as “disrespectful” by the British media.

What’s more, the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, even kissed the Queen’s mother. It is said that the Queen Mother was scared back again and again. It is estimated that the Queen was also stunned at the time. ∑( °△°|||

Another time, the queen was inexplicably excited by Tony Blair, and she was unhappy at the time.

Therefore, when meeting the queen, it is important to keep a distance and avoid close contact. However, former US President Ford used to dance with the queen, and the queen seemed very happy.

Although many people criticize the red tape of the British royal family for being too behind the times, not everyone has the opportunity to see the queen, but the sense of ritual behind these rules is one of the reasons why everyone is keen to pay attention to and discuss the British royal family.

The queen, who usually loses her aura, is a kind and lovely old lady. Many heads of state, including George W. Bush, Trump, and Biden, said in interviews that the queen is very remarkable, and when she sees her, she will think of herself. mother.

Well, about Biden’s visit to the UK, I will talk to you all here today. What do you think about the pk of the two ladies and the long standby of the queen? Welcome to discuss in the comment section.