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The advantages of custom home furnishings and methods and precautions worth learning!


As an upgraded version of the overall furniture, the whole house customization has outstanding individuality. In the design process, it pays attention to in-depth communication with consumers, and can fully integrate consumers’ living habits and aesthetic standards.

Customized furniture for the whole house still has great advantages over finished furniture.


Can design furniture according to space

In this era of inches of earth and gold, we hope that every inch of space in the room can be used efficiently, but because traditional furniture is made in advance, the size often cannot match the space of the house well.

When designing the home decoration of the whole house, the designer will design the furniture according to the actual size of the owner’s home in advance, and will strive to make every inch of the space in the home fully utilized.


Reduce unnecessary expenses

Customized furniture is an effective way to control the cost of decoration. Because there are often some unpredictable additions in the decoration process, for example, there will be a few more cabinets inexplicably, which will naturally consume more labor and materials. Not to mention the lengthening of the construction period, you will have to pay more.

Customized overall design for the whole house greatly simplifies the entire decoration process. The integrated design allows consumers not to scrabble, save time and money while enjoying the overall advantages.


Helps to accurately grasp style

Most “quasi-decorated families” actually don’t have much decoration experience and no well-formed design ideas. Many people just learn some basic knowledge from newspapers, the Internet, or other people’s homes.

The whole house customization can communicate deeply with the designer, and the designer can control the overall style of your home decoration according to your preferences.


Personalized product design

While satisfying consumers’ personalized aesthetic needs, the functions of customized home furnishing products are also more personalized than finished furniture.

So what are the methods and precautions that are worth learning when designing storage in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms that require more storage?


Kitchen storage design

  1. Comply with the principle of moving line and nearest

    Proximity is the essence of storage design, because it can be used easily, otherwise it will become a display over time.

    Especially in the kitchen, all kinds of bottles and cans need to be picked and put back and forth to make a meal. If you are not nearby, you will spend more time cleaning up the messy battlefield after the meal.

    Therefore, before designing the kitchen storage, we must consider the flow of the kitchen: take ingredients → wash vegetables → cut vegetables → stir-fry → serve. That is to say, the various ingredients and items used in the refrigerator, sink area, meal preparation countertop, and cooking area should also be stored in accordance with this movement trajectory, so that it is easy to take and return.

    For example, the cleaning supplies are placed under the sink nearby, the knives are placed on the meal preparation table, and the large pot is placed in the cabinet under the stove, which is more convenient and more in line with our usage habits.

  2. Pay attention to storage and positioning, often used in the middle

    Fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk, detergents, daily necessities, tableware and cups, cooking utensils, seasonings, cereals and grains… each item should have its own position.

    When storing, it can be stored according to the frequency of use and weight of items, according to the principle of “upper lighter, lower heavy for middle use”:

    ①Wall cabinet: Try to put light and less commonly used items. For example, some dry food and dry goods, bottles and cans in stock.

    ②Floor cabinet: put some load-bearing items. Such as pots, dishes, rice, etc.

    ③Middle: Put the most commonly used items, you don’t need to bend over or stand on tiptoe, you can reach it with your hands. For example, commonly used condiments, knives, food tongs, etc.

    In short, when a person is standing upright, it is the most convenient to reach out, and to squat next time, tiptoe is the most troublesome. At the same height, it is best to pick up items on the surface, but take time to find items on the inside. Everyone should locate and summarize the kitchen items according to their own usage habits.

  3. Use all kinds of kitchens to store small artifacts skillfully

    Use wall and countertop space skillfully, such as wall-mounted kitchen shelves, which can store seasoning bottles, spoons, shovel, etc.;The microwave oven rack can not only store the microwave oven, but also store other kitchen items.

    Another is to make the existing space can be better utilized. Such as:

    ①Faucet racks: wet steel balls, dishcloths, etc. couldn’t be better.

    ②Sink shelf: Greatly excavate the sink space of the kitchen, and the storage capacity instantly doubles.

    ③④Drawer divider: Use the partition to classify the items, which is clear at a glance, and it is very convenient to take and return.

  4. The size of the kitchen cabinet is customized to maximize the use of space

    Custom kitchen cabinets should be the prerequisite for the kitchen to do a good job of storage. After all, the biggest advantage of customization is to maximize the use of space.Therefore, a good overall kitchen design will definitely focus on solving the kitchen storage problem.


    Living room storage design

  5. The necessary furniture for the living room is selected from the one with storage function

    The living room is usually the largest public area in the home. It is also responsible for multiple functions such as leisure, entertainment, meeting guests, and even reading. Naturally, all kinds of debris are the most.Therefore, when purchasing the necessary furniture for the living room, consider the storage function.

    When choosing a sofa, if the area is small, you can choose a smaller two-seater sofa with a small side table that can be stored. It is also popular to install a partition behind the sofa, which can be used to place photo albums, decorative paintings, books, etc.

    If you have children at home, you must consider where the children’s toys are stored, and it should not be too high to facilitate their own picking and placement. For example, when choosing a bookshelf, you can consider a toy storage function on the bottom layer.

    Don’t spread too much, too fragmented. Still have to take care of the harmony and overall appearance of the living room.

  6. Make full use of the wall space to make the whole wall storage TV cabinet

    The location of the TV wall is large and concentrated. If it is made into a whole wall storage, the capacity should not be underestimated.It can be said that the whole wall storage TV cabinet should be the strongest storage design in the living room, there is no one.

    If you are worried that the whole wall of the cabinet will be visually depressing, then the depth of the cabinet is 30-40cm. Then choose the sofa and coffee table according to the depth of the remaining living room.


    Two Principles of Hidden and Eight DewThe same applies to storage in the living room.For large-area cabinets such as TV cabinets, set aside 20% to make them open, and install the rest with the cabinet doors. Otherwise, if you open too much, cluttered items will directly affect the cleanliness of the living room.

    Of course, there is no need to make up the ratio mechanically. In the end, according to your own lifestyle and preferences, you like to be simple and refreshing, and all can be made into cabinet doors; if you like to display and diligent in organizing, you can make all of them into grids.


    Bedroom storage design

  7. Make full use of the space available for storage

    The first thing that comes to mind is the bed with the largest floor area in the bedroom. There is a very large space under the bed, which can be made into a bed cabinet, like a tatami mat or a bed box.

    bedside If you can’t make a cabinet, you can also put a mobile trolley to place an alarm clock, water cups and books before bed. It is very convenient to move, push and pull.

    With bay windows, Don’t just put a few pillows to waste space,It’s actually more practical to make storage!

  8. The storage location should consider the convenience of taking

    Easy to take is very practical and important, otherwise you will never want to take it out after putting it in.

    Items that are frequently used must be stored in a location that is easier to access. On the contrary, I can store the ones I don’t use often in relatively difficult-to-access places.

    Like tatami mats or the bottom of a bed, it is more difficult to pick up, usually storing some infrequently used items, such as seasonal bedding, suitcases that are only used when traveling home.

  9. The internal storage design of the embedded large closet is the top priority

    A large built-in wardrobe ≠ a wardrobe with strong storage capacity.

    The interior design of the wardrobe is more important. It not only determines the storage capacity of your wardrobe, but also determines whether it will take you 10 minutes or 10 seconds to find a sock. It can be said that a bad design is a waste of work.

    Wardrobe interior design

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