Home Travel The eye-catching beauty of Tra Ly lotus pond in Quang province

The eye-catching beauty of Tra Ly lotus pond in Quang province


About 60 km from Da Nang, Tra Ly lotus pond is in the blooming season under the intense summer sun of June.

“In what beautiful dress with lotus. Green leaves, white flowers, and yellow stamens …”, the folk song said the beauty of the lotus flower – a flower that always shows off its bright colors. In Vietnam, the lotus is considered the national flower and carries many profound humanistic symbolic meanings. The image of the lotus flower is associated with the life of Vietnamese people. Photo: Nguyen Chi Khanh. Tra Ly lotus dress belongs to Duy Son commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. This is a wild mountainous commune, quite few people live. Unlike other lotus lagoons, this place is almost untouched and natural when very few people know about it. Image: Nddpol. Tra Ly is considered the largest lotus lagoon in Quang Nam. The place is impressed by one side is the fragrant field of young rice, on the other is the magnificent mountain range, lost in the lotus forest, many tourists are attracted by this charming beauty. Photo: Nguyen Chi Khanh. The pink color of lotus petals, yellow stamens, green calyx, with the majestic young water and the full sun in a corner of the sky are endless inspiration captured by photographer Nguyen Chi Khanh through his photos. Photo: Nguyen Chi Khanh. According to the sharing, the most beautiful time to see the lotus usually starts from 6-9 am, when the lotus petals bloom and the morning dew is still glittering on the leaves, creating a picture of nature in harmony with color. sharp. Photo: Vietnam_travel_media. Lotus flowers bloom most brilliantly from April to July every year, so if you can’t visit Tra Ly at the moment to see lotus flowers and take pictures with them, don’t worry. When the epidemic season is over, we can still see the lotus flowers at the end of the season with a more loving beauty. Photo: Nguyen Chi Khanh.