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The first urban natural community in China-Chongqing Halo Shopping Park astounds the mountain city


Chongqing Halo Shopping Park opened grandly on April 23. As the first landing project of Hongkong Land’s new commercial brand “Halo”, the opening immediately detonated the city, and the popularity still remains high. Its high-value architectural style and innovative concept of “urban natural community” have aroused curiosity from all walks of life.

Chongqing was originally one of the most popular tourist cities on May 1st this year, and I like to mention hot searches on Weibo many times. Halo Shopping Park, as a new and popular tourist and entertainment landmark in Chongqing, had a passenger flow of over 500,000 and sales of 50 million during the May 1st period. On May 6, Chongqing Halo Shopping Park was praised by CCTV News Network as a model of “May 1st” holiday consumption. CCTV called it a new consumption format in Chongqing Liangjiang New District that released the new vitality of China’s economy.

What makes the Halo Shopping Park attract so many people and become the new darling of the people of Chongqing? Halo Shopping Park uses its highly sensory impact space innovation and warm humanistic care concept to bring Chongqing citizens a new shopping and entertainment experience of “shopping like a park”. This makes it stand out among many commercial entities in Chongqing and become a veritable “halo”. Facilitate transportation and increase the value of regional value Halo Shopping Park is located in the core of Chongqing Liangjiang New District. The two main roads, Jinzhou Avenue and Huangjue East Road, reach vertically, seamlessly connecting Metro Line 5 Chongguang Station and the planned Line 15 light rail. The transportation is extremely convenient and the geographical location is superior. At the same time, the Jinzhou Commercial Center in Liangjiang New District is building a new landmark for a high-quality living demonstration area. This area gathers commercial forms such as large-scale commercial complexes, characteristic open blocks and 5A Grade A office buildings, integrating high-end retail, international catering, experiential consumption, and business offices. Diversified business formats such as hotels and star-rated hotels will radiate mid-to-high-end consumer groups in the city and even in the Chengdu-Chongqing region’s dual-city economic circle. Outstanding innovative design, successfully grabbing the focus of attention The Ring Shopping Park is elegantly extended along the main road, Jinzhou Avenue, to form an “L”-shaped centralized commerce, and it is surrounded by two office towers to form a landscaped commercial street. The total construction area is 420,000 square meters, of which about 170,000 square meters are super large shopping malls, 110,000 square meters are super 5A Grade A office buildings, and 70,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor urban green parks. The architectural design was done by Dr. Xu Ziping, the founder of PHA Paiang International Architectural Design. PHA Paiang design breaks the limitations of traditional commercial space design thinking, integrates the concept of sustainable development, and realizes the perfect combination of urban life and the beauty of nature, creating a “urban natural community” where people, nature, and commerce coexist harmoniously. The interior plant world of the shopping mall created by the 42-meter-high dome is revealed through the outer façade of aluminum panels and large glass curtain walls, forming an interesting interweaving of light and shadow, and color and color. The creatively created multi-layer retreat green plant space that is mutually infiltrating with the commercial flow is seamlessly connected to the retail area in multiple dimensions, successfully integrating the natural ecology into the commercial experience, and consumers can consume happily in a green environment and enjoy the natural environment Experience invigorating shopping. With its creative and pioneering innovative design, Halo Shopping Park won the final nomination award for the best future shopping mall in the 2019 Global Commercial Retail Real Estate Summit Awards, the 2019 American Master of Architecture Award for Commercial Architecture, and the 2020 International Real Estate Grand Prize Asia-Pacific China Regional Complex Architecture Award, 2020 Fifth REARD Global Real Estate Design Awards Commercial Building, 2020 Global RLI Retail Leisure Award Final Nomination Award for Best Future Project, 2020 ThePlanAward International Award Retail Future Project Final Nomination awards for six awards. Complete supporting services, you have everything you need for happiness As a commercial complex, the halo shopping park with an investment rate of more than 95% and more than 330 signed brands can be described as a commercial complex. PHA Pai Ang fully respects the needs of users in its space design, so that it has multiple functions such as shopping, entertainment and leisure, and catering. You can enjoy one-stop service without going out of the halo, and there are many high-profile attractions. Highlights. 01 Get close to nature and capture the interest of the forest Plant lovers should not miss the “Muguang Forest”! “Muguang Forest” Botanical Garden is the first indoor greenhouse botanical garden in a shopping mall in southwestern China. It is 42 meters high. It runs vertically through the entire mall. The suspended straddle walkway in the vertical forest seamlessly connects the business and the forest. While visiting the mall, the botanical garden I also went shopping, and experienced another new fun of shopping. Friends who like to take photos should not miss it. “Muguang Forest” has carefully planned 18 interactive check-in attractions, such as floating forest, wind whisper trail, sky torii, flower waterfall, tree of life, rain shoal, and Cypress forest trail , Dreamy Jungle, Gate of Time and Space, etc., against the backdrop of natural beauty, you can shoot exquisite blockbusters in minutes! People who like cute cartoons can take a photo with “Squirrel Sparkle” here! Halo also innovatively created a full-scene art experience of “IP sculpture + IP new media art show + IP animation”, which really makes people linger. 02Relax and enjoy the leisure world Halo also has the first passerby theme arena in the country. As a new and popular check-in place in Chongqing, Halo Shopping Park provides citizens with an open, multi-sports, entertainment and social space during May 1st. Here will continue to hold passersby basketball events and related themed activities. For those who want to exercise, this is the best place to relax. OpenLab thinking creation and enjoyment space, it is an 18-meter-high panoramic glass and terraced open leisure area, people who like cultural and entertainment activities can come here to have a daze and communicate. Parents with children can go to the Little World Children’s theme area, and there are also toys and facilities that children like. In addition, the food street on the fourth and fifth floors and the outdoor “Guangli” landscape commercial street are all great places to enjoy food and scenery in the botanical garden while eating, drinking, and having fun. Chongqing Guanghuan Shopping Park successfully ranks among Chongqing’s new Internet celebrity check-in sites with its own superior geographical location, beautiful architectural design, high-quality supporting services, and excellent backing team. I believe that, as the name suggests, it will bring a vibrant and exciting life to the people of Chongqing, the mountain city, in the future, bringing more inspiration and possibilities, and truly becoming the “halo” of Chongqing