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Nicholas: Pi has the last chance to create a wallet. If it is not created, it will not transition to the mainnet!


#This article comes from pi currency knowledge.


For the last time, Nicholas emphasized that you must create a wallet before going on the mainnet, otherwise your Pi coins will not be transferred to the mainnet, the top priority! After digging for so long, you must not be careless. It is recommended to use your wallet to transfer coins to Pioneer every day, so that the core team thinks you are a real person, not a robot.

Original Nicholas: They will create, don’t worry. We will make the interface easier so that they create their wallets. But if someone doesn’t create a wallet then they cannot receive mainnet Pi at all. People need a wallet to access their pi.

Translation: Pi Network didn’t have to pay attention to creating a wallet. We will simplify the interface so that they can create a wallet. However, if someone does not create a wallet, then they will not be able to get the mainnet Pi at all. People need a wallet to access other people’s Pi.

We know that according to the Pai’s white paper, the current development process has entered the final stage, which is also the sprint stage, and it is also a very critical stage. The project team is very cautious about this! So there is no time to create a wallet.

Currently, pi network has announced more than 18 million active miners. This does not include those who are inactive, registered, and those who spend three days fishing on the net for two days. For a platform that has only been developed for two years to get such amazing data, it is simply a creation of God! How many internet platforms dream of results! Therefore, the project party has completed more than 90% of the progress in the second phase, which means that the entire project of π has been completed more than 95%. As for the third stage of the mainnet online site, it is very simple. So the majority of Pi friends start to get excited, the Pi coins we dig can be cashed out soon! The development trend of the blockchain has been unstoppable. Similarly, the development of pinetwork cannot be stopped. This is the general trend and the inevitable development of the times! There are more than 200 days left on the main net, and at least six coins are mined every day. In case the global barter consensus price of 100 dollars is reached after the main net is on the main net, it is equivalent to making 600 dollars a day. Because of the consensus on the source of currency value, since the current consensus is 100 US dollars, the value of each Pi after the mainnet is 100 US dollars, don’t miss it!