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The goalkeeper of the Indonesian team wears the same clothes as his wife


In everyday life, Nadeo Argawinata has a youthful and dynamic fashion style.

After the 2022 World Cup qualifying match between Vietnam and Indonesia, goalkeeper Nadeo Argawinata quickly attracted the attention of netizens. The male player has a handsome face with an impressive 1.87 m height. In everyday life, Nadeo Argawinata often posts pictures taken with his wife. Young couple loves active outfits. Sometimes, they mix and match with brown tones or light colors. Also, Nadeo Argawinata and his wife love sneakers. They often wear the same accessories such as watches and eyeglasses. Nadeo Argawinata’s fashion sense is a harmonious combination of modern and traditional features. He often uses colorful accessories with classic motifs when mixing. However, the 24-year-old player is loyal to the black and white colors when choosing to buy shoes. Hoodies, shirts are familiar items, often appearing in the everyday fashion of Nadeo Argawinata. He has a habit of wearing shorts or joggers. Besides being a goalkeeper for Indonesia, Nadeo Argawinata tried his hand at modeling. He has a well-proportioned figure thanks to his fitness training. The height of 1.87 m helps male players confidently try with many styles of clothes. Nadeo Argawinata prefers mid-priced sneakers from adidas, Nike or Vans brands. What to keep in mind when wearing clothes in the summer? The choice of style and texture is the determining factor in the comfort and style of summer clothes.