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The original chapter Xiaohui is 58 years old, not like an old man, wearing a shirt with a mid-length skirt, dressed like a lady!


Time really goes by very quickly, and it can be found that many stars are older, so the aging speed of their whole person seems to be particularly obvious. Especially now that Zhang Xiaohui is 58 years old, but he is not like an old man. She is wearing a shirt and a mid-length skirt. This dress is indeed like a noble lady, but she feels that the speed of her aging is still very obvious, especially the skin condition of the whole face. They are all relatively stiff and loose.

Zhang Xiaohui is not like an old man at 58 years old, and she is wearing a shirt with a mid-length skirt, and she feels that she dresses herself up like a lady. The color chosen for this shirt is white, which actually modifies her figure, but it feels that the whole face looks a little bit older.

The color of the upper body clothes is white, and a mid-length skirt is worn underneath. This skirt has a slightly patterned design on the top. This way, it looks a little bit of design, and when worn on the body, it really looks like a Like a lady.

She is wearing a suspender skirt. The color of this skirt is black, and it modifies her figure, but she feels that her figure looks fuller, so I feel that the charm exudes from her body will be more. Be more mature and wear a pair of black high heels underneath.

This time I was also wearing a suspender skirt, and I felt that her body did not look particularly slender, it seemed to be a fuller one, but it looked larger in terms of dressing, and this skirt The length is relatively long, and the selected color looks more gentle.

Wearing a shirt on the upper body, the color of this shirt looks more gentle, especially if it is worn on the body, it will set off her skin tone. A pair of jeans is simply matched below, which actually looks like a whole person. The curve will look more prominent.

At this time, she was wearing this dress inside and it fits her figure better, it looks like she has a particularly prominent figure, with a skirt underneath, and at this time she is wearing a suit jacket outside, which can be said to have a sense of overall design. It looks very fashionable.

The color of the dress I am wearing is red. In fact, this color is more set off a person’s skin color, and her skin color looks whiter. The most important thing is that the color of the lipstick also looks at this time. It’s more vivid.