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The original President of the Queen of England! The 95-year-old queen appeared in pink, but Gil’s professional attire was inferior


The 95-year-old Queen of England hosted the American President Biden and his wife at Windsor Castle yesterday and invited them to have afternoon tea. As the so-called American president of the Queen of England, the Bidens entered Windsor Castle for the first time and received the Queen’s hospitality. The Queen of England, who has been fashionable for a lifetime, will the first ladies of other countries appear in front of her?

The fashion PK between America’s first ladies and the queen

(1) Jill’s most conservative

The new first lady of the United States, Jill, has never taken the vase route. This time she was in the same frame as the queen and chose the most ceremonial professional suit to appear. This style is also the most common style of Jill during business hours.

Wearing a dress of the same color on the inside and a smart suit on the outside, Jill showed her poem and poem. I have to admire the 95-year-old Queen of England’s color scheme. The pink look she chose does not make people think that she is pretending to be tender, but instead creates a feeling: the queen should be so pink and tender.

Jill’s blue suit comes from the brand Adam Lippes, coupled with Valentino’s nude high heels. Jill left the most formal outfit for the end and accepted the Queen’s reception.

In fact, a suit is easy to show a sense of luxury, but Jill’s suit, which is worth more than 10,000, is not perfect because of the folds on the clothes, so Jill is still inferior.

(2) Melania supermodel

In 2018, the Queen of England also hosted the Trumps. Melania is indeed a master of dressing. Her white professional suit is much more advanced than Gil’s.

Melania’s professional attire will not have that rigid feeling, which makes people feel that the goddess has a very strong temperament. The Queen of England has always been the same, with a coat and a printed skirt. This is the simplest and classic way of matching for the Queen.

The queen and the first lady stood together, and she did not feel that her charm was diminished because of her age. Instead, she won every time.

Melania has a variety of dressing styles. She has a better figure than Jill, so she dares to wear it even more. The light-colored printed skirt of the Queen of England is also quite good-looking, while Melania’s black and white color-matched dress has a high sense of coldness.

(3) Michelle is the most unrestrained

The queen and Mrs. Obama are in the same frame, and also chose the pink series. It seems that the girl’s heart in the queen’s heart has never changed. Michelle is also a master of dressing, but Michelle, who is a bit sturdy, seems to be missing Mei. The feminine and gentle feeling of Rania and Jill Biden.

The Queen of England dresses and matches the changes

The 95-year-old Queen of England looks even better than that of 79-year-old Biden. The Queen of England uses a floral skirt as a fashionable diplomatic “tight coat”, which reflects the most gentle side.

The 70-year-old Jill’s appearance has changed a lot in the past few days. Although this body has the most ritual sense, it does not reflect her characteristics. During the G7 summit, her red dress style and butterfly print dress style were remarkable.

The image of a woman has to be changeable, and the immutable style will always make people look tired, but except for the Queen of England, her style does not need to change.

Jill’s red dress made people shine, and it really showed her different side. What is even more noble is in the beach barbecue activities, Jill’s shawl is matched with a butterfly skirt shape, full of femininity.

However, this style lacks the sense of ritual of the suit. After all, it is to watch a small military parade with the queen, so the sense of ritual is the most important.

The President of the Queen of England and Flowing Water! The 95-year-old queen appeared in pink, but Gil’s professional attire was inferior

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