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The original “Rebel”: Can Chen Moqun, who has collapsed in human settings, still be washed out?Plum watch becomes a reversal foreshadowing


The TV series “The Rebel” starring Zhu Yilong and Tong Yao has become more and more exciting, with strict logic, and the characters in it are unknown and foggy.

In the new plot, the “docile and honest” acting webmaster Wang Shian finally revealed the tail of a fox. He hurt his colleague Chen Moqun for his own benefit, but Lin Nansheng rescued him in time, and Chen Moqun jumped out of the window and escaped without hesitation.

The characters in “The Traitor” are very complicated. After our teammate Gu Shenyan’s operations, coupled with Wang Shian’s arduous calculations, and framed him for rebellion, Chen Moqun has nowhere to go.

The audience urged him to be kind and not to give in to the enemy.

Chen Moqun is dedicated to “making a career”, but his personal design collapses

Chen Moqun himself is a big villain. He has a strong desire to win and lose. He is very persistent in hurting our staff. Even during his downtime, he still kept investigating the “postman” and inquiring about the whereabouts of the heroine Zhu Yizhen, which made the audience very much. Hate it.

Therefore, the audience often persuades him to be kind, and the Japanese have hit their doorsteps, and he is still busy engaging in internal fighting.

And can such a heinous persona like him be saved?

The relationship between Chen Moqun and Lin Nansheng is also a teacher and an enemy and a friend

Several times in the play, Chen Moqun took out a “guy” and pointed at Lin Nansheng’s head, so that he was so unreasonable and unreasonable that netizens were very disgusted.

Chen Moqun digs out the “guy” whenever he disagrees, and his personality is very emotional and impulsive.

However, in Lin Nansheng’s heart, there is a kind of mentorship for Chen Moqun, and a kindness to him. At the beginning, Chen Moqun took him to buy a suit.

Chen Moqun also seemed unbearable when Lin Nansheng was injured in the “bitter meat trick”. A close-up of his head was shown in the camera, and the hand holding the file was secretly tightened, indicating that Chen Moqun also has a mentorship with Lin Nansheng.

Chen Moqun did not pursue interests

In the previous plot, Chen Moqun cut off Zhou Yaoting’s wife and brother’s financial way because of his uprightness, while Wang Shian was “eating money”. By contrast, he did not have so many interests.

When Lin Nansheng was injured, he also said: Life or death is a fate, if we do our job, we will go down this road sooner or later.

Chen Moqun is not afraid of life and death, and does not seek profit, so what is he pursuing?

Lin Nansheng rescued twice and showed his attitude

Lin Nansheng has tried to rescue him twice in the plot, once in front of the library, and once when Wang Shian’s black hand was brought down.

Although Chen Moqun is usually fierce to Lin Nansheng, the only person he trusts is Lin Nansheng. Most of the other subordinates are drawn to Wang Shian. When Wang Shian wanted to undermine Chen Moqun, Lin Nansheng did not hesitate to stop it.

Lin Nansheng wanted to persuade Chen Moqun to go back, because once Chen Moqun escaped, he would be suspected of “rebellion.” When the two confronted each other, Lin Nansheng still couldn’t bear it. Although he didn’t persuade him to come back, he still let him go.

But even if he goes back, Wang Shian will not give Chen Moqun a way out, so Chen Mo is indeed in desperate situation.

Chen Moqun himself is already a big villain, but under the background of Wang Shian, he appears to be so kind.

In the TV series “The Rebel”, the original work has been greatly changed. Chen Moqun is an original character, so even those who have read the original can’t guess the intention of the character. In the original work, “Shanghai Station Master Rebellion” is mentioned in one stroke.

However, Lin Nansheng’s two rescues also showed his attitude. In his opinion, Chen Moqun can still be “rescued”. Chen Moqun has not yet reached the level of annihilation of humanity, and there is still a trace of kindness.

In the previous plot, Chen Moqun also took a Japanese photo and said “they are enemies”. He can see the national blood in him, but it is a pity that he still stands in the wrong position. If he really surrenders to the enemy, Lin Nansheng must also Will be very disappointed and personally sanction him.

At this time, the Japanese hit their doorstep, and now Wang Shian has also rebelled, which also confirms the plot of “Shanghai Station Master Rebellion” in the original work. The general role arrangement will not simply repeat, so that the two stationmasters All surrendered.

The “Plum Watch” without the second hand in the play has also become a hope of reversal. The watch in the original work was made by Gu Shen, and his subordinate Meng Annan was also our staff. The screenwriter arranged this as a foreshadowing, and took Gu Shen from the original work. The words are divided into two, one is completely righteous, and the other has a black-bellied character, but it is a pity that the “black-bellied abdomen” was a bit too much in the early stage.

Chen Moqun trained two righteous people, Meng Annan and Lin Nansheng, which may indicate that he still has a righteous element in him and is not a pure villain.

So at present Chen Moqun can still be rescued, but he is caught by the Japanese now, he might pretend to be in the enemy?

Do you think he still hopes to reverse?