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The precious flower has a creepy appearance, it only blooms once every ten years


Although grown quite popularly in our country for decoration, not everyone has the opportunity to admire the flowers of the perennial plant – which is likened to ‘flowering once every 60 years’.

The plant is commonly grown in our country and is mainly used for ornamental purposes. But few people know that their flowers rarely bloom, moreover, they have a very strange shape. The plant, scientifically known as Cycas revoluta, belongs to the group of palm trees that are native to tropical Asian countries. Trees are often used for outdoor planting or as construction trees with high aesthetic value and feng shui meaning. Stems are cylindrical, 2 to 3 m tall at maturity or taller, sparingly branched, and unbranched, leaves are feathery, up to meter long, ringed and dense at the apex. Leaves are usually long pointed at the tip, can be up to 1m long or perennials can be up to 2m long. The leaves are dark green, very hard, and the blade is smooth. In the folklore, there is often a saying “The tree blooms once every 60 years” which partly shows the difficulty of this ornamental plant. Depending on the soil conditions, climate and care, it can take 15-20 years to bloom, or even never bloom. The flowers are hermaphroditic, the stamens and pistils grow on the same tree, the flowers are cylindrical in shape, growing on the top of the tree, surrounded by feathery foliage. Flowers are yellow, ripe seeds are ruby. Unlike other flowers, cycads do not have sepals, not only colorful petals or scents that attract insects. The plant is a long-lived and long-lived plant, showing two rings of leaves every year, its shape is beautiful and popular, it is chosen to be planted as a garden bonsai, potted for interior decoration, can be grown as a garden plant. shape bonsai trees for ornamental purposes. In addition, the plant is grown as a base for other flowers, the seeds contain a lot of essential oils and starch that can be used as medicine to treat certain diseases such as treating flowers, stopping bleeding and dysentery… This is a type of gardenia with a slow growth rate, the tree is suitable for sandy and well-drained black soil, light-loving plants can tolerate strong sunlight. It is propagated by sowing seeds or separating young shoots around the mother plant or under the mother plant for planting. Perennial leaves are also used in the art of flower arrangement a lot and also create a strong beauty for flower baskets. The stem of the plant contains starch and oil, so the plant is also used as food and medicine for coughs. Please watch the video: The strangest shaped trees in the world. Source: Happy and healthy every day