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The sea contour of Ha Long – Cam Pha in the sprint construction phase


According to the plan, on December 31, 2021, the Ha Long – Cam Pha sea border will be officially put into operation, becoming a beautiful and modern coastline connecting the two central cities of the province, Ha Long and Ha Long. Cam Pha. Thus, there are only 6 months left for the construction contractors to complete the work. Currently, the project has implemented nearly 80% of the workload, contractors are focusing on speeding up in the sprint period.

The sea boundary of Ha Long – Cam Pha has a length of 18.7km, started in September 2019 and passes through the wards of Hong Ha, Ha Tu, Ha Phong (Ha Long City) and Quang Hanh (Cam Pha City). The section through Cam Pha city with a length of nearly 10km has basically completed the construction of the foundation, asphalt carpeting, lighting, etc. The contractor is expanding the roadbed to adjust 6 lanes. The section through Ha Long City has been implemented since March 2020, but the road foundation has been basically completed. Bridge 2 over Lo Phong stream (Ha Phong ward, Ha Long city) with a length of 80m has completed the main items, the contractor is preparing to construct the bridge deck. In the mountain tunnel category, the contractor is conducting 4 consecutive excavations in both directions at the same time. Up to now, both tunnels have dug 135/470m, it is expected to open the tunnel until July 15. Tunnel door through the mountain side of Ha Long city. For 4km at sea, the contractor is actively constructing the roadbed, it is expected that in August 2021, the foundation will be completed to move to the finishing stage and asphalt pavement. Do Phuong