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The simplest pineapple peeler tip, remove all the thorny eyes in a split second


Here are 2 simple ways to prune pineapple, extremely beautiful, ensuring that when presented on a plate, even the most fastidious person must be amazed.
The easiest way to peel pineapple for you

Method 1: Cut pineapple in the shape of sticks to eat rolls without wasting too much pineapple excess. Illustration. Choose ripe pineapple with beautiful golden color, fragrant berries, but make sure your hands are not mushy or bruised. The pineapple eyes bloom regularly in a row without mess, it will be easier to get the eyes. Step 1: Use a pruning knife to remove the leaves, guide the knife to cut in the shape of a black arrow. Keep the stem intact to hold while peeling and removing the pineapple eyes so that your hands do not touch the flesh of the fruit, limiting the case of contaminating toxic fungi or dirt from the eyes, pineapple skin into the flesh of the fruit. Trim off the bark close to the petioles, pointing the knife from the outside in like an arrow. Cut off the end of the fruit to flatten. Step 2 + 3: Place the pineapple on a cutting board, cut a deep enough peel as shown. Knife direction as shown. Continue 1 side line. So rotate evenly, peel off a ring of peel. Step 4: Observing the surface of the peeled pineapple, we will choose exactly one side according to the face of the knife we ​​cut, take the eyes according to each of these faces. Many of you often take your eyes in a vortex, this way does not create a surface that hugs each pineapple face, then later when cutting the stick, it will be easy to break because the cut eyes will stagger each other. Step 5 + 6: Imagine there is a plane like the image above and take the eyes diagonally like arrows. Look at the other 2 black diagonal lines and slice the pineapple diagonally in that shape, instead of slicing the pineapple horizontally! Step 7: After step 6, the finished product will be the same pineapple eyes without staggered and not broken. We continue to cut pineapple slices into big bars as shown. Step 8: Each big stick is cut into 4, you will get the same small pineapple sticks without breaking at all. Step 9: If you want the pineapple sticks to be beautiful, cut off the edges so that the pineapple sticks are even. Method 2: Cut pineapple with beautiful sunflower-shaped wings, do not break to chill, eat fresh, shake with chili salt or dry for a long time to make tea and make water. Repeat steps 1 to 4 of method 1. This time will take the eye along the vertical circle as shown in Figures 4 and 5. The swirls will be along the pineapple, not horizontally, then when slicing the flower, the staggered petals will be more beautiful. How to peel pineapple and remove eyes Pros – Cons : Fast execution time. Easy to shape pineapple slices. Step 1 : Peel off the first 2 parts of the pineapple, then cut it in half lengthwise. Step 2 : Use the blade to cut diagonally on both sides of the pineapple core to remove it. Step 3 : Put the pineapple face down on the cutting board, use the knife close to the pineapple body to peel off the skin so that the eyes are also moved. Step 4 : Use a knife to trim parallel grooves on the pineapple body to shape. Step 5 : Same with the other half of the pineapple. Good luck!