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The summary of the original men’s health regimen is: diet + exercise + sleep.Let you become a macho


Although many male celebrities nowadays are more handsome and look very seductive, most women still hope that their man is the head of the family upright, strong and able to stand up at critical moments to protect their family from wind and rain. So what should a man eat and what should he do to make his body strong and form a kind of strong beauty most effectively?

The key summary of men’s health is: diet + exercise + sleep . Sleep is the first priority, followed by a reasonable diet and moderate targeted exercise, so that you can become a macho.


Priority is given to ensuring that adults have 7-8 hours of healthy sleep a day. The ancients said that it is better to fall asleep after 10 o’clock in the evening. It is difficult for modern people to do it. If it is not good, we must ensure that we lie down and sleep before 12 o’clock. Ensure that when the liver is working, the body is asleep, and the blood is returned to the liver when a person is lying down. Therefore, if you do not lie down, the liver will be in an ischemic state, and it will not be able to detoxify and detoxify and repair itself.

A few points that make you stronger

The Yongquan point on the sole of the foot, the Taixi point on the inner ankle, rub the ears, push the little finger inward, and press the palm and the kidney area. Press and rub the Yaoyangguan, press the perineum acupoint, rub the Guanyuan acupoint clockwise, rub the testicles, alternating the left and right hands for two minutes each.

The palm is also corresponding to the kidney area

Foot Heart Kidney


If you want to increase muscle, you must exercise with a reasonable diet. If you find the right method, muscle will naturally appear in you. Eating the following four types of foods regularly will allow muscles to grow along with exercise.

One is beef . Saturated fatty acids are essential for muscle gain. With enough saturated fatty acids, muscles can grow rapidly. Lean meat contains saturated fatty acids, and fatty meat contains unsaturated fatty acids. Among lean meats, beef has the highest content, which is higher than pork and mutton. In addition, beef has high iron and zinc content, which belongs to Essential substances for muscles. Therefore, we often see that Europeans and Americans have thicker elbows, which has a lot to do with their diet.

Why do fitness athletes eat so many eggs? This is because eggs contain a large amount of excellent protein, which is broken down into amino acids necessary for muscles when eaten, which is easy to absorb, and the vitamin and mineral content of eggs is also extremely high, and the comprehensive nutritional value is extremely high.

The third is fish . In addition to high-quality protein, fish also has special fatty acids. This fatty acid has a special purpose. It can not only make people thin, but it can also keep muscles from reducing, and it can also accelerate muscle growth, which means that it can make fat meat. Less muscles increase, in addition, fish are also great for human brain memory. Among various fishes, deep-sea fish have the best effect.

Four is milk . Milk is easily absorbed, and the fat in milk is also easily absorbed. This fat is good for muscle growth, so try not to skim milk or semi-skimmed milk. Drinking whole milk is best, which can also speed up muscle growth. .

Exercise method

Men want to show off their muscles, the most common way is to show their arms, so how to exercise arm muscles? If you want to exercise your arm muscles perfectly, you need to change the exercise load, exercise the triceps, biceps, and forearms in multiple ways and angles, and constantly adapt to high-intensity. Only through long-term exercise can you gradually become better. There is power. Exercise your arms continuously on two days a week. Do the following training rounds in sequence, 3 rounds at a time, with 30-second intervals between each group, and 90-second intervals between each round. At the same time, make sure to exercise the legs and core muscles at other times. This is not only to exercise the corresponding muscles, but also to exercise the system of the whole body, which will make the body produce hormones that are conducive to muscle development.

One is pull-ups. This is a simple and difficult exercise. It is easy for everyone to learn it from an early age. The difficulty is that it can’t be done soon. Backhand grip, rise and fall at a constant speed, pay attention to the control speed, not too slow or too fast, each group of 8 to 10. The second is the parallel bars bent arm. Grasp the parallel bars with your forehand, prop up your body and slowly lower it until your chest and biceps touch your forearm, then slowly prop up, 8 to 10 times per set. The third is a barbell curl. Sit on the training bench, pay attention to the appropriate height, choose the bending axis barbell, each set of 10 to 12 reps, make sure that the arms are fully straight when extended.

The fourth is hammer bending. Stand with dumbbells in hand, stand tall and straight, hang down naturally, with palms facing inward, bend your forearms while keeping your elbows still, and be as high as possible until you can no longer go up, then slowly lower them, control the speed, not too fast or too slow, 8 to 10 reps per group. To be in good health, you must eat a reasonable diet and exercise more. Of course, a reasonable schedule is also indispensable. The ancients talked about keeping healthy in season, eating and drinking regularly, going to bed and getting up early, and not forgetting to work.