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These six internet celebrity check-in spots in Henan have attracted many tourists. Have you ever been to them?


Henan can be said to be a treasure province. If you take it out, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, and Kaifeng can all be played. There is the “Shaolin Temple” of the ancestor of Zen, the “Longmen Grottoes” one of the three major grottoes, the “Yuntai Mountain” of the World Geopark, and the world in the Northern Song Dynasty. The first capital “Kaifeng Mansion”, as well as the Henan Museum, which was reopened after five years of retreat, the whole family can find the happy Zhengzhou Fangte, and travel to the Qingming Shanghe Garden in the Northern Song Dynasty in one second… Travel to Henan and enjoy a joy Family trip. Henan Museum Headed by the Palace Museum, several heavyweight museums in China have their own traffic and are extremely popular on the Internet. After five years of comprehensive upgrading and renovation, the main exhibition hall of Henan Museum will be opened for trial in September 2020. After opening, the museum has frequently occupied the hot search list with a series of “archaeological blind boxes” and “Tang Palace Night Banquet” that are advancing with the times, making this kind of originally niche place a popular place for people to visit. Internet celebrities punch cards. The museum has 140,000 cultural relics, among which the treasures of the nine major town halls are national treasures-the oldest musical instrument found in archaeology in China, and the world’s earliest playable instrument “Jiahu Bone Flute”; the “Lian” in the Spring and Autumn Period Crane Fang Hu”, “Fu Hao ^ Zun” in the late Shang Dynasty, and “Wu Zhuo Jie Bao Huan Emu Chuo ぁ⒔ Pu Chu Lian Po Ao⑹ called Xiao Jia Fei> Nian Bei Jie Xiao Pan 笏 Dangerous ┪ Nai Ning Suo Fei Fa Meng Song Gui 壑埂 Zhengzhou Fantawild World Fantawild World is the cartoon “Bear Infested” that landed around the city of Zhengzhou. Not only children, but also young people like Internet celebrities to check in. The park is divided into two parts: Happy World and Dream Kingdom. There are many projects and a variety of types. Dream castles, exciting roller coasters, romantic Ferris wheels, and high-tech 4D experiences, etc. Whether you are young children or over-aged “children” in their 20s, they can find their own adventures and happiness in them. Yuntai Mountain Hongshixia Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area is located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. It covers a huge area, and the most famous one is Hongshixia. Hongshixia can be said to be the originator of the Internet celebrity world. It was already very “red” before the term “net celebrity attractions”. The entire scenic area is famous for its red rock walls. The tour routes are basically waterfront. It is a scenic spot that can easily walk the whole journey and is friendly to the elderly and children. Except for the dazzling red cliffs in the scenic area, the whole journey through the canyon is full of water fun. The water flows from time to time into waterfalls and sometimes flat like a stream. The endless sound of water makes it easy to dry from the inside out. Longmen Grottoes Going to Luoyang, if you don’t get to the Longmen Grottoes, you will be lonely. The Longmen Grottoes are the longest-built grottoes in the world. Even people who are not interested in history will always come here to worship and check in. The grotto landscape is divided into two parts-Xishan and Dongshan grottoes, separated by a river in the middle, facing each other across the bank, 1 km long from north to south, there are 2345 existing cave statues and more than 110,000 statues. The stone statues in the grottoes are vivid and lifelike, or they are tall and towering, or they are delicate and exquisite. Every stone statue is mysterious, and people can’t help guessing the story behind them, indulging in the plausibility. In the world. Kaifeng Qingming Shanghe Garden With so many dynasties in Chinese history, the most fascinating ones are the Qing Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty. The capital of the Northern Song Dynasty was located in Kaifeng, Henan Province. If you come to Kaifeng for a trip, you will naturally take a walk in Zhang Zeduan’s famous painting “A River on the Qingming Festival”. The Qingming Shanghe Garden has moved the scenery and buildings in the picture into reality one by one. Walking into the garden, the buildings are magnificent and glorious, with ancient charm and charm. Among them, the area of ​​the entire garden is not too big, and you can walk around in about an hour, but if you want to take a closer look, it may not be too much in one day. In particular, the various characteristic performances in the park are imitating the city life and street performances of the Song Dynasty, and are also interspersed with historical allusions at that time, giving people the feeling of passing through in an instant. Shaolin Temple When it comes to Henan, the first reaction of many people is Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple was built in the 19th year of Taihe in the Northern Wei Dynasty (495 years), and is known as the “No. 1 Temple in the World”. The Shaolin Temple in history has been plagued by disasters. It was once given a reward and became famous in the world, and it has been repeatedly burned by wars. Today, the Shaolin Temple has a total of seven courtyards, mainly including Changyi Hospital, Tallinn and Chuzu Temple. Just by looking at the people who come here for sightseeing, you can see how strong its incense is, the whole temple is full of smoke and people come and go all the year round. Visiting Shaolin Temple, seeing the architectural temples is a kind of fun, and listening to the stories circulating in the temples is also not interesting. (You are welcome to like and leave a message in the comment area. For more exciting content, stay tuned / Failed Jinshi)