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Things to note when combining clothes with corsets


Corset is one of the standout designs this summer. However, you need to know how to coordinate your outfit to avoid looking outdated.

According to Instyle, corsets are being promoted a lot by fashionistas. Besides the movie Bridgerton, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber make these tops even more popular. However, women should choose the right formula to not look too weird when wearing a corset with everyday clothes. Photo: Hwabyulsdiamond. 1. Contrast scheme formula : Trousers, blazer are suitable designs to coordinate with corset. They have the effect of regulating the sexy shirt pattern. Therefore, women will have a seductive shape but still ensure modern and elegant. Image: Instyle, Shivani. 2. Pair with jeans : Jeans are a safe and quick choice when combined with a corset. You can combine denim pants with multi-colored, textured corsets. Besides, this formula gives a personality shape, subtly classic. Image: Bridget.duong, Instyle. 3. Combine with one-piece skirt : This recipe requires you to mix colors well. Neutral tones such as black, beige or white should be favored. Image: Janiceglimmer . 4. Combine with long skirts : This combination gives girls a feminine look. You can choose stylized corsets when applying the above formula to help create a more stylish look. Image: Gizawiza, Janiceglimmer . 5. Combine with a leather jacket Fashionistas can immerse themselves in a strong, 90s-inspired style when mixing a corset with a leather jacket. However, this formula is aimed at girls who pursue a seductive but cold image. Image: The Ofy . 6. Combine with a wide shirt : Bras are often considered as inner underwear. Meanwhile, you can absolutely use it as an accessory for an oversized shirt. Image: Paintitblack, Qiqian. 7. Ton-sur-ton : For those who are mixing corset with casual wear for the first time, ton-sur-ton is the ideal choice. You can save time coordinating clothes when using designs of the same color. Meanwhile, your outfit will be clearly styled depending on whether you choose dark or light tones. Image: Naomiroestel, Bridget.duong. 8. Combine with short skirts suitable for girls who love charm but personality. Turtleneck boots are outstanding accessories when applying this formula. In addition, you can use an armpit clip or pantyhose. Image: Naomiroestel, Bridget.duong . What to pay attention to when wearing clothes in the summer? The choice of style and texture is the determining factor in the comfort and style of summer clothes.