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Tong Yao’s latest Reuters exposure!Looking back on the dream of wearing a high-waisted skirt, Feng Shaofeng succeeded in getting rid of the oil and super handsome


Everyone’s body is different, and the style of wearing is also different. After all, in addition to fashion sense, the most important thing is to be able to use strengths and avoid weaknesses to modify the body to a certain extent. For example, the pear-shaped figure is very suitable for high-waisted silhouette design clothing, while the apple-shaped figure is more inclined to the combination of loose upper body and slim body. , Then if the overall body shape is thinner like Tong Yao, but the shoulders are wider and the waistline is longer, what kind of outfit would it be suitable for? Tong Yao’s new drama Reuters exposed!Wearing green short-sleeved and high-waisted skirts, mature women’s style can’t hide, and the pictures are super beautiful

The advantages of the figure of the nursery rhyme are very obvious, that is, the shoulders are relatively flat and broad, which can very highlight the temperament. When paired with the slender swan neck, the elegance is full. But also because the overall body is thin and the waistline is relatively long, it is easy to form an inverted triangle feeling visually, and it is easy to form a top-heavy effect.

Mistake 1: Both top and bottom suits are self-cultivating

When Tong Yao attended the event, the black top and bottom outfit she chose to wear was a complete negative example. The denim jacket she wore on her upper body was designed with a tube top, and the tailoring was also partial to slim, showing her right-angled shoulders unreservedly. come out, The high-waist trousers chosen for the lower body also follow the self-cultivation route. After matching with the top, it appears that the whole person is too thin, just like a bamboo pole.

Mistake 2: Exaggerated puff sleeves are too strong

Although in this set of modeling, Tong Yao chose a looser high-waisted shorts for matching, which is very good Weakened the shortcomings of too thin lower body , But when choosing tops, I chose a white shirt with exaggerated design puff sleeves to combine, which makes it visually Shifted the focus to the upper half The body makes the originally very broad shoulders look even wider, Very strong.

Wear it correctly: 01 Choose loose or fluffy bottoms

So when it comes to matching, If it is a combination of top and bottom, then the top can choose a more slim style, but the design of the bottom should be loose or fluffy as much as possible , Such as the common high-waisted wide-leg pants, or profile-designed shorts and skirts, the advantage of this is that it can widen the proportion of the lower body, thereby artificially weakening the feeling of the upper part of being too wide.

In Tong Yao’s latest Reuters photo of the filming, this set of urban beauty milf-style wear on her body is very worthy of reference. The upper body chose a mid-length round neck pullover with a waist design. The style is relatively simple and conservative, although the overall bias is loose, but after the hem is contracted, it will not appear loose at all.

And it highlights the waistline very well. The matching black high-waisted skirt combines the pleated design with a fluffy feeling, and is paired with a pair of black pointed high heels, which looks very feminine, and the off-white hemp bag is even more exquisite. This collocation shows the charm of mature women very well. It makes people think about it in minutes. Feng Shaofeng next to him appeared in a blue shirt. I have to say that since Feng Shaofeng’s weight loss has been successful, his appearance has really risen sharply. It doesn’t feel greasy at all.

02Choose high-waist design clothing

Another body defect of Tong Yao is that the waistline is relatively long, so in order to be able to modify the proportions better, You can use a high waist design, which can increase the proportion of the body and shorten the long waistline. Second come It can also better highlight the long legs visually For example, this tube top dress worn by Magnolia’s previous nursery rhyme is like this. The high waist tube top design is combined with a slightly fluffy skirt, which is covered with a layer of black yarn embellishment, and the overall shape is luxurious And atmospheric.

After the video, Tong Yao’s latest Reuters exposure!Looking back on the dream of wearing a high-waisted skirt, Feng Shaofeng succeeded in getting rid of the oil and super handsome

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