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TPBank is the only bank that has a quick donation feature on the app


TPBank was approved to be the bank to receive donations for the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund, and at the same time launched a convenient and quick ‘Donate’ feature right on the app.
The Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury have officially announced TPBank as the bank receiving domestic and foreign donations for the COVID-19 vaccine fund, contributing to increasing resources to accelerate the Government’s vaccine universalization. .

Accordingly, TPBank is one of two joint stock commercial banks selected to take on this responsibility. The account number 84123456789 means “Vietnam – Moving forward” of the Vaccine Fund for Disease Prevention and Control at TPBank, showing the determination of the Government and people to win the pandemic. Collectives and individuals at home and abroad can transfer donations to the account of the State Treasury opened at TPBank with the following information: 1. Account name: Vaccine Fund for COVID-19 Prevention and Control 2. Account number: – VND account: 84123456789 (Vietnam – Tien Len) – USD account: 84223456789 – EUR account: 84333456789 At the same time, when donating to the vaccine fund, TPBank customers do not need to spend time finding and entering the receiving account number like regular money transfers. The “Donate” feature with a prominent heart icon on the chest right on the main screen of the TPBank app has been automatically installed to the recipient account as the COVID-19 vaccine fund. Customers only need to select “Donate” as soon as they successfully log in to TPBank app, enter the amount, then enter the verification code to successfully transfer their contribution to the Vaccine Fund. With a deep awareness of the importance of vaccines and high responsibility to society, TPBank took advantage of a leading digital bank to quickly launch this feature to help customers support the vaccine fund most conveniently. Right after the launch of the “Donate” feature, the spirit of “Donation is to work together” to repel the pandemic was practically responded by leaders and employees of TPBank. Up to now, over 27 billion VND with about 4,000 donations to the Vaccine Fund have been transferred through TPBank system. Most recently, on May 26, TPBank also contributed 10 billion VND to the Vaccine Fund, supporting the Government in this fight against COVID. Representative of TPBank, General Director Nguyen Hung shared: “ The efforts of TPBank, the whole people together with the Government to make the plan of universalizing Vaccines to every home quickly come true so that normal life will soon return to everyone. “.