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The woman with lice nested on her head went to the hair salon, the worker’s treatment made many people admire


Standing in front of the sticky hair with lice crawling into the nest, the skilled worker’s treatment made many people admire.
Dirty stories are always a topic of discussion on social networks. However, the story of a hairdresser named Sherrii, now living in Perth (Australia), really surprised many people.

Recently, she received a “difficult case” of a woman with sticky hair and lice crawling on her head so much that she formed a nest. When they saw this “horror” hair, everyone panicked. Especially when Sherrii uses a comb to comb, each tangled hair also follows the thick layer of lice eggs, creating a “shivering” scene. Yet, Sherrii is still very patient in taking care of her guests’ hair. The above “difficult case” makes the customer face the risk of shaving his head to remove the layer of lice that is clinging to the hair. However, Sherrii patiently performed a series of therapies to “save” the situation. After 3 treatments, continuously using treatments to remove lice and weak patches of hair, the woman can now be confident with her new hair. Currently, this customer can be completely confident with her healthy, lice-free hair. Sherrii posted the case on her TikTok channel and garnered millions of followers. Everyone expressed admiration and admiration for Sherrii’s “high-handed” handling. And it must be really conscientious, she can touch the sticky, lice-filled hair to help guests. Many people have left comments below this video: – She finally made it. – Miraculously, she created a new hair. – Admirable!