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Tran Hoang Na bridge construction project (Can Tho): The risk of breaking the schedule because the project owner causes difficulties


If the proposal to replace the subcontractor is not approved, the progress of Package CT3 – PW – 2.4, construction of Tran Hoang Na bridge cannot be completed by the end of June 2022.

Tran Hoang Na Bridge is in danger of breaking the schedule. Reasonable proposal Up to this point, Traffic Construction Corporation 1 (Cienco1), the main contractor for the construction of Package CT3 – PW – 2.4, construction of Tran Hoang Na Bridge under the City Development Project. Can Tho and enhancing urban adaptability, using World Bank (WB) loans are still waiting for a response from the City’s ODA Construction Investment Project Management Board. Can Tho City (PMU ODA Can Tho City) on the proposal to replace the subcontractor for the steel beam structure of the main Tran Hoang Na bridge. The Department of Construction Management and Quality of Traffic Works (Ministry of Transport) said that the addition of construction subcontractors is very normal in traffic projects and is within the authority of the main contractor if the contractor additional contractors to meet the capacity and experience of construction. Previously, on June 7, 2021, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Vuong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cienco1, term 2019 – 2024 had Document No. 341/2021/CV – TCT sent to PMU ODA City. Can Tho would like to replace the subcontractor performing steel structure processing in Package CT3 – PW – 2.4, building Tran Hoang Na bridge. Cienco1 said that in the process of negotiating the contract for Package CT3 – PW – 2.4 between Cienco1’s Board of Directors, term 2014 – 2019 and PMU ODA City. Can Tho, the main contractor has proposed Nam Anh Technology Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. to assume the role of a subcontractor to supply and manufacture steel arches and steel beams. However, through the actual inspection, the incumbent leader of Cienco1 discovered that Nam Anh Company is just an intermediary (commercial) unit without factories, engineers and technical workers with direct production experience. , as well as do not own construction machinery and equipment. “In order to ensure the quality of the work and the progress of the project, the main contractor consortium would like to replace Nam Anh Company with a unit with real experience and capacity in the field of beam structure production and construction. steel bridge Tran Hoang Na. This is a necessary job to ensure the progress and quality of the work,” Vuong emphasized. It is known that the bidding package CT3 – PW – 2.4 has the goal of building Tran Hoang Na bridge crossing the Can Tho river, 586.9 m long, 23 m wide at the main span (4 lanes), of which the main bridge is built. arch bridge design includes 3 spans of steel structure, span diagram 49.25+150+49.25m. Cienco1 – Bridge 14 Joint Stock Company is the winning contractor for construction with the winning bid price of VND 791.4 billion. According to the agreement with the leaders of Cienco1 for the 2014 – 2019 term, Nam Anh Company was assigned to process and install the main bridge steel arch with a value of about VND 99 billion. According to the original plan, Package CT3 – PW – 2.4, construction time of Tran Hoang Na bridge took 34.4 months, but to be in line with the agreement to borrow PMU ODA capital in Ho Chi Minh City. Can Tho negotiated with the contractor to shorten the construction schedule with the completion time of 22 months. In order to meet the schedule that has been shortened by nearly one third compared to the bidding documents, at the beginning of August 2020, Cienco1 had Document No. 646/TCT – KH requesting PMU ODA TP. Can Tho considers adding 3 subcontractors to the Package CT3 – PW – 2.4, to build Tran Hoang Na Bridge, which are Thanh Long Group Joint Stock Company, Van Cuong – Vinawaco, and Waterway Maintenance Management Joint Stock Company. No. 12. In which, Thanh Long is recommended to additionally undertake the processing of 40% of the volume of steel arch structure. All main materials and erection are still undertaken by Cienco1. “The addition of Thanh Long is necessary to shorten the construction schedule of the Package”, Document No. 646 of Cienco1 said. Concerns of pmu oda TP. need poetry without foundation Talking to a reporter of the Investment Newspaper, a leader of the Department of Construction and Quality Management of Traffic Works (Ministry of Transport) said that the addition of construction subcontractors is very normal in traffic projects. and is within the competence of the main contractor if the additional contractor is capable of construction experience; the subcontractor’s volume does not exceed the contract rate. Previously, the Procurement Management Department (Ministry of Planning and Investment) also had an opinion that the addition of a subcontractor of Cienco 1 was not against the law. In Document No. 201/QLDT-CS dated February 22, 2021, the Procurement Management Department said: If there are no prohibitions in the donor’s instructions, bidding documents, and contracts signed between the parties. Regarding the change in the percentage of the subcontractor’s workload, the addition of the subcontractor after the contract has been signed, the main contractor’s request to add more subcontractors, increase the rate of using subcontractors from 40.81% to 49.57% (not exceeding the maximum rate of using subcontractors specified in the bidding documents as 50%) to implement the bidding package to ensure shortening the contract schedule from 34 months down to 22 months is not against the sponsor’s regulations. It is known that in the documents rejecting the proposal to add subcontractors to the construction of steel structure fabrication items of Cienco1, PMU ODA TP. According to Can Tho, the arch and steel beam structure system of Tran Hoang Na bridge is a complex structural system with seamless requirements, high mechanical precision, and strict and concentrated quality management requirements. Therefore, if the processing is done by 2 units, it will give rise to technical risks such as not ensuring the synchronization; does not guarantee compliance with the test installation procedure. However, Cienco1 said that the above concern of PMU ODA City. Can Tho is unfounded, because the main contractor has specifically divided each detailed scope of work for two subcontractors, Nam Anh and Thanh Long, to ensure the construction meets the schedule as well as the synchronization. of texture. “With experience in management, operation and quality control, art through many similar projects, Cienco1 is committed to completing the bidding package to ensure the quality of art according to the standards of the project”, representative of the contractor. main said. By PMU ODA City. Can Tho continues to have concerns about uniformity, Cienco1 has decided to replace subcontractor Nam Anh with another unit with experience in manufacturing and installing traffic and civil steel beam structures. It is worth mentioning that the current PMU ODA City. Can Tho has not yet responded to the proposal to replace Nam Anh subcontractor while the construction progress of Package CT3 – PW – 2.4, construction of Tran Hoang Na bridge is very urgent. Investment Newspaper also contacted Mr. Bui Thai Thuong, Deputy Director of PMU ODA City. Can Tho, who is directly in charge of Package CT3 – PW – 2.4 but also did not receive a response.