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Keeping the ‘Pen sharp, the heart clear’: Keeping the nobility for the profession


Since its birth, journalism has been classified as a glorious and noble profession. In order for that nobility to be multiplied, it requires more commitment, straight attitude, integrity of the profession as well as the appropriate management of the authorities.

Workshop “Solutions to bring the Press Law to life” organized by Thanh Hoa Journalists Association in collaboration with the North Central Region Journalists Association (2016). Photo: Documentation Speaking at the 10th National Congress of the Vietnam Journalists Association, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized: “The profession of journalism is a noble and sacred profession. Every journalist is a soldier. Revolutionary journalists must have a revolutionary spirit, that is, the spirit of attack, struggle to eliminate the bad, protect the good, for the common cause of the country and the people. The General Secretary directed the press to make an effective contribution to the formation of healthy public opinion, building the bravery, intelligence, soul and mettle of the Vietnamese people in the new era, contributing to promoting and supporting the Vietnamese people. create the strength of unity, unity and consensus of the whole nation. To fulfill that requirement, over the past time, the Vietnamese revolutionary press under the leadership of the Party has made a strong transformation in the direction of being more streamlined, journalists-journalists have constantly trained, strived and continued to work. keep holding yourself to be stronger, more effective. The most prominent of which is the implementation of the National Press Development and Management Plan to 2025 according to the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 362/QD-TTg dated April 3, 2019 and the second quarter of 2021. The press agency in the planning area has completed the dissolution and merger to enter a new stage of development more effectively, including the press agency of Thanh Hoa province. In the same period, with the Vietnam Journalists Association promulgating 10 articles regulating the professional ethics of Vietnamese journalists, especially the Rules of using social networks of Vietnamese journalists to better suit the needs of the public. regulations in the Press Law in 2016, has contributed to building an increasingly regular, humane and professional team of journalists, the press agency has become stronger, and the press publications have been widely accepted by readers. than. The latest, on April 8, 2020, the Secretariat (term XII) issued Directive No. 43-CT/TW on strengthening the Party’s leadership over the activities of the Vietnam Journalists Association in the new situation. , helping the activities of the press to be raised to a higher level. Right after that, the Standing Board of Thanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee issued Plan No. 201-KH/TU to implement Directive No. 43-CT/TW of the Secretariat with the aim of creating unity in awareness and responsibility of the Party. Party committees, authorities, media directing and management agencies, press agencies, officials, party members, journalists, members of Thanh Hoa Journalists Association on the Party’s guidelines, policies and laws of the State in press work as well as the activities of the Journalists Association. At the same time, affirming the important position and role of press work and activities of the Journalists Association in the revolutionary cause of the Party as well as the development of the province. Along with the Press Law 2016 which is gradually coming to life, the documents related to press activities recently issued by the authorities continue to create a legal corridor that contributes to the adjustment and promotion of the press. push the life of journalism, journalists on the right trajectory. By the beginning of 2021, Thanh Hoa has 360 journalist members living in 5 journalist associations under Thanh Hoa Journalists Association. Along with that, there are dozens of representative offices and permanent offices of the Central press agency with nearly 100 journalists working in the area. This is an advantage but also causes many difficulties in the management, gathering and building of a team, especially in supervising the professional ethics of journalist members. Since this issue requires along with strict implementation of the provisions of the law on the press, the implementation of professional ethics of journalists must also be one step higher. Accordingly, in the past time, along with consolidating and improving the operational efficiency of the Council for handling violations of professional ethics of Vietnamese journalists in Thanh Hoa province, attaching the responsibilities of each member to the field and position of the Vietnamese journalist. Working positions at directing, management and press agencies, Thanh Hoa Journalists Association has proposed to build a mechanism for coordination between three agencies, including the Provincial Party Committee’s Propaganda Department, the Department of Information and Communication. and the Association of Journalists to create greater strength and unity in directing, managing and gathering journalists in the area. Thanh Hoa Journalists Association has persistently propagated, disseminated, and mobilized its members to strictly observe 10 articles of professional ethics regulations for Vietnamese journalists, compared with each specific regulatory standard, thereby creating striving and emulation commitment among journalists. Through the annual summary of the association’s activities and membership, the Thanh Hoa Journalists Association has focused on evaluating the monitoring of journalists’ implementation of the Code of Social Networking, which is broader than 10 articles of ethics. occupations of Vietnamese journalists in the area. Not only removing members who show signs of violating professional ethics, making inappropriate statements or posting images on social networks from the annual reward list, these members are also not supported financially. creating high-quality journalistic works, not participating in press awards organized by Vietnam Journalists Association and Thanh Hoa Journalists Association. At the same time, notify at periodic press briefings and propose to the provincial annual press commendation and commendation council not to include members who show signs of professional ethics violations on the list of rewards even though they have successful achievements. professional analysis. Through the strengthening of coordination and supervision in association with the criteria of emulation-reward and material benefit applied by Thanh Hoa Journalists Association in the past three years, it has contributed to building a team of journalists in Thanh Hoa. increasingly humane and formal; no serious violations of professional ethics. Only a small number of journalists have left unbiased comments on social networks, citing unverified sources, affecting the leadership, direction and administration of some party committees and authorities. affect the reputation of the agency managing the journalist. Regarding the specific case, the authorities had an exchange, the reporter promptly fixed it. Along with that, each press agency has also built a mechanism to inspect and evaluate the work level and quality of officials and reporters in association with the strict observance and implementation of professional ethics regulations. The Association of Journalists maintains contact with press agencies to take measures to both promote the capabilities of journalist members and detect early signs of deviations of journalists, contributing to building a journalistic environment. The area is increasingly modern and humane. With the issuance of documents and a methodical implementation of the press management and directing agencies, the Association of Journalists and press agencies in recent years have contributed to the purification of journalistic human resources. , focusing resources on key publications, through which journalism ethics is increasingly tightened, discipline in press agencies is increasingly strict, better promoting the right to practice honestly and lawfully. journalism.