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TVs and projectors attract visitors in the Euro season


The ongoing 2022 World Cup qualifier is also the occasion of the start of Euro, which has attracted a large number of people watching the matches.
In particular, the epidemic situation caused concentrated viewing spots such as cafes, restaurants … to not operate, leading to an increase in demand for home viewing. This is a good opportunity for electronics manufacturers to sell TVs, projectors, etc., which have been in stock since last year.

According to the survey, electronics centers and supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City have just launched many attractive incentive programs for television products to stimulate purchasing power. For example, with the program “Supporting Vietnam straight into the World Cup 2022” or “Brilliant with O Ro 2021”, Dien May Xanh system strongly reduced TV prices from 30% to 41%. Accordingly, the 65-inch LG 4K TV UN7290 PTF reduced from 26 million VND / unit to 16 million VND / unit, LG 4K 55Nano 79TND reduced from 24 million VND to 14 million VND / unit, Sony 4K KD-75X90004 from 50 million VND 35 million VND/unit. Similarly, Cho Lon electronics supermarket has programs: “Fire the victory, the TV discount burns up to 50%” and gifts up to 15 million VND, “Welcome Euro – Super product procession, receive big gifts” . Accordingly, the 70-inch Samsung 4K TV UA70TU7000 has the original price of 36.4 million VND/unit, reduced to 16.9 million VND/unit; LG Oled 4K 55 inch 55CXPTA reduced from 60 million VND / unit to 29 million VND / unit; VTB 4K 49 inch reduced from 9 million VND to 4.9 million VND / unit. Many promotions for TV products in the Euro season mùa Other systems such as Thien Hoa, Nguyen Kim also have preferential programs, discounting from 31%-50%. In addition, consumers are looking to buy projectors to watch football with larger and more attractive screens. The machine with the price of 3-5 million VND / unit is the most sought after by users because it is cheap and has a number of specifications. Many models priced at about 7-8 million VND are also quite attractive because they are introduced with many features and clear projection quality. Mini smart projectors, portable projectors with a selling price of just over 1 million VND are also sold out because of their convenience, can connect directly to mobile phones, catch WiFi… Meanwhile, the main projector The company costs up to tens of millions of dong, so buyers are picky. Mr. Trinh Van Hao – owner of an electronics repair shop in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City – noted that cheap projectors are mostly Chinese products, the specifications are “virtual”, so the quality is not high, lacking many functions. . Therefore, consumers should consider before deciding to buy a projector for watching international matches because it costs money and does not achieve the desired image quality.