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Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS Pro officially released: integrated mobile application environment


Recently, the updated version of Kylin 20.04 LTS Pro 0620 was officially released, bringing a large number of new desktop features and a smoother new experience, especially for the first time joining the Kylin mobile application environment to enjoy the mobile application ecology with one click. Ubuntu Kylin (Ubuntu Kylin) is a global open source project led by CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Laboratory (CSIP, Canonical, NUDT) and Kylin Software Co., Ltd., the official derivative version of Ubuntu, focusing on “friendly and easy to use, simple and easy” The desktop environment, created in 2013, has issued 17 versions, downloaded more than 35.6 million times, contributed millions of lines of code to the open source community, and received more than 7320 patches by international open source communities such as Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenStack, and Ceph , Has hundreds of thousands of active users worldwide. In this updated version, the UKUI desktop environment ushered in comprehensive UI detailed optimization, core components, and multiple new features. Among them, UI detail optimization mainly includes A lot of interactive logic is simplified, display effect is optimized, and some icons are newly redrawn , The core components are improved, including performance optimization and known problem fixes, which reduces the resource occupation ratio of the desktop environment when running, and strengthens the performance on new and old devices. In addition, The Kylin mobile application environment was released for the first time in the Ukylin operating system. Through the compatibility of the environment running on a common platform, mobile software can be used in desktop terminals, and it also provides quick installation and management services for mobile software. Support CPU models: Intel, AMD, Haiguang, Zhaoxin. Support GPU models: Most Intel core graphics cards, AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards are available, with good stability and high hardware acceleration efficiency. Some old graphics cards may not support the default rendering mode. Support system kernel: Currently, it is better supported on the 5.4, 5.8, and 5.10 kernels. After switching the kernel, you must install the corresponding header file package. Complete update log―― control Panel Update the screenshots in the user manual of the control panel Fix the problem of fast switching network module menu and program crash Fix the problem that there are still connected network names in the connectable network Fix the problem of adjusting the input volume of the taskbar, and the input volume value in the control panel is not synchronized Kirin weather Fix the abnormality of candidate cities in search box Fix the display abnormality of the “Add City” page Fix the problem that icons flicker and disappear in the taskbar after booting up Update icons, transparency and part of the UI layout Fix the problem of switching themes in real time Increase the darkening process after clicking the “Add City” or “About” button, Solve the problem that the application crashes after pressing the enter key after the search bar has the focus Solve the problem of Kylin weather crashing when “Network Error Code” or “Access Address Abnormal” is clicked to retry Fix the abnormal display of the city page when the Kylin weather is added in the night mode Solve the problem of stuttering when clicking on multiple cities after inputting specific content Fix the issue that caused a crash when the information returned by the server is missing Solve the problem that the content of the “About” pop-up window under the dark theme is not displayed clearly Solve the problem of incomplete display of long area names in the main interface Solve the problem that the icon disappears after being displayed during startup Kirin Burn Fix the problem that the create mirror option is abnormally grayed out For DVD-R, DVD+R type discs, in the settings after the burn is completed, turn off the disc function and gray it out For individual cases, load the contents of the CD-ROM drive for processing After solving the font change, the display is incomplete Make a detailed distinction on the selection of “burning settings” in the burning menu Carry on memory protection to the CD-ROM data in the memory to prevent it from being released in advance during the removal process. Fix the “About” pop-up window double title bar & non-modal problem Standardize DVD-RW disc burning process Fix the error caused by drag and drop to replace the file Fix the problem that files are still being added when the close button of the progress box is clicked during the process of adding files Make the USB flash drive directly displayed on the left Fix the problem that the item “Menu-> File Filtering-> Replace Linked File” cannot be unchecked Fix the problem of not being able to enter the new folder under special effects Fix the problem that when the external optical drive is inserted first, then the built-in optical drive is inserted, the built-in optical drive that comes with the machine is not recognized at the name of the burner Prompt the user to not enter the “/” character when creating a new folder Fix the problem that the disc cannot be ejected after canceling the image burning process Perfect translation Fix the problem of probabilistic interface stuck Fix the problem of pop-up burning failure when burning iso image to 98% Fix app crash when adding a folder In order to prevent the disc from being damaged, the user’s cancellation function is prohibited during the execution of the business; In order to prevent the loading of data from being too slow, the target of the link file link in the filter disc is the file in the current directory to avoid loop recursion; Fix the problem that there is no response when the close icon is clicked in the select file dialog box Fix the problem of garbled characters in the name and model recognized by the external optical drive software Improve the prompt logic for creating a mirror again after canceling during the burning process Fix the problem that the recorder name is incorrectly displayed after connecting to the optical drive Set the popup about the page to be within the scope of the application window Kylin calculator Solve the problem that the keyboard enters a single digit and the interface displays two digits. Perfect application translation Optimize the nth power/nth root calculation process App icons follow the icon theme changes. Added copy and paste function. Optimize the mechanism of pulling up the main interface when the application is restarted after being minimized. Solve the problem that the open form is not displayed on top. Create a DBus service, and then launch the main interface when you start the application again after minimizing it. Fix a segfault found in debug mode Solve the problem that the calculator window is too small when the exchange rate mode is converted with too many digits, resulting in incomplete content display. Solve the problem of incomplete display when the calculation result of the standard calculator has multiple decimal places. Solve the problem that the font size becomes smaller when the input is too long, and the font size becomes larger when deleting or clearing Solve the problem that the calculator flashes back when the backspace button is continuously clicked when the calculation result appears in scientific notation Solve the problem that the calculation result is wrong when the exponent of e is a multiple of 10 when the calculation result appears in scientific notation Kylin display switch Fix the problem that the desktop does not appear on the mirrored screen and the extended screen when switching between win+P By monitoring the USD caps lock and small keyboard lock GSettings, the status prompt icon will pop up Hide the airplane mode button in the taskbar Kylin installer Fix the problem of incorrect results when installing applications from illegal sources Fix the problem that the application of Kirin mobile application environment cannot be uninstalled by right-clicking on the start menu Fix the bug that the title bar icon of the uninstaller cannot follow the theme icon change The icon changes dynamically when switching themes Perfect application translation Software interface adaptation after font change Improve the handling mechanism for deb packages with long package names According to the locale, get the deb package name Update the relevant content of the user manual Kylin Biography Fix segfaults in special cases Update the corresponding user manual Fix the problem that the received message will display duplicate after switching users to send messages Solve the problem that the current online user cannot receive the message when the receiver switches the user and uses the Kylin Chuanshu application to search for the IP to send the message. When multiple users start Kylin Chuanshu, the corresponding prompt will be given. Added unified log output function Open the form to the top display problem Solve the problem of crash when receiving files Solve the problem that the icons of Kylin Chuanshu are inconsistent after switching the icon theme to classic mode in the control panel Solve the problem that the conversation box of the friend list is not displayed on the top level when clicking on the friend list in English mode Fix the problem of recording flashback caused by plugging and unplugging audio input devices Kylin Network Modify the main program start mode to two-stage start Increase the maintenance log, optimize the WiFi refresh to trigger the bottom scan, optimize the WiFi password error reminder, and optimize the WiFi refresh dbus signal sending process Optimize the network connection time after restart Synchronize the network speed in the network taskbar and network details in the settings Open the WiFi page to trigger the scan immediately Fixed the phenomenon that when WLAN is continuously turned on and off, the wireless network page in the taskbar will open and close quickly, and then slowly open Fix the problem that there is no response when you change the subnet mask in the Edit Network Settings window and click Save Fix the problem that the connected network is not displayed in the control panel-network connection after connecting to the wired network Solve the problem of incorrect display after connecting when the wired connection name is set to a space Solve the problem that the interface displays abnormally after the name of the wired network is set up as a space Kylin recording Update the interface UI such as the setting pop-up window and the center display Solve the probabilistic inconsistency of automatic ending recording time in different time periods Solve the problem of abnormal deletion of the recording application file list after deleting the recording storage file Fix the problem that the default file name and format will be changed when the recording file is saved as Automatically play after opening the recording file Plug in the headset and use Kylin Recording for audio recording. After unplugging the headset, the recording will automatically end and the recording will be saved Fix the problem that the setting-file format display is different from the Chinese path in English mode Arrange the file format of the pop-up window neatly Optimize the method of window top Kylin Scan Solve the problem of button freezing in the switching function bar Solve the problem that the new waiting page is not finished Solve the problem that the newly added waiting page does not follow the theme style change Improve the ease of use of the edit bar function Solve the problem that the main interface controls are not unified with the theme Solve the problem that the black icon is not highlighted Solve the problem that the scan type control of the editing interface is not aligned with the UI Solve the problem of size switching, part of the content is not scanned Solve the problem that the color is color, the scan result is operated, and the scan application crashes Solve the problem that no mail client sends to mail and there is no pop-up window to open the Kylin software store Solve the problem that the program freezes when the resolution is changed to 600 Modify the code format of the pop-up window Fix the problem that the file name is displayed incorrectly after saving as Adapt font changes Suggested adjustments to the question text style of the connected scanner Increase the thread that is opened when the program exits also exit the process Handle the send mail button click on the style issue after the initial scan is complete Added an interface for automatically obtaining software version on the interface Optimize the operation process after connecting the scanner Change the taskbar and the about interface icons are updated in real time Adapt to dark mode Simplify the initialization of the interface code Solve the problem of exiting the prompt box directly after clicking the mail client without calling the mail client login interface Kirin screenshot Solve the problem that the screenshot icon in the taskbar window switching area does not follow the change when the icon theme is switched Fix the problem that the functions of the Ctrl+PrtSc and Shift+PrtSc shortcut keys are contrary to the description Changed the blur effect of the toolbar, the style of 8 control points, and the shadow of the sub-option bar Solve the problem of probabilistic hiding of the subtask bar After the screenshot is launched, the window opened on the desktop is recognized by default, and the frame selection area is determined Solve the problem that the saved click range does not match the actual icon Cancel the need for automatic box selection After saving the full screen or window screenshot, add the function of copying to the clipboard Changing the font takes effect immediately Real-time update of icon theme Solve the problem that the title bar cannot be captured in part of the window screenshot Kylin Software Store Fix the error of obtaining the application list of the Kirin software store of the architecture Fix the crash issue when the Kylin software store is uninstalled when the disk memory is insufficient Fix the problem that the Kylin software store cannot be opened directly after downloading some software Fix the problem that the interface is locked for too long when the current graphics card does not support the mobile application environment Solve the problem that my interface cannot search for apps Fix the problem that after uninstalling some apps, they can still be searched in app uninstallation, and an error will be reported when uninstalling again Fix the problem of incomplete display of the error message when downloading the application under the English system Fix the problem that the user name overlaps with the prompt at the bottom Modified the issue that the Kirin mobile application displayed incorrect button status in advance Support the use of network agents to download and install applications Fixed the problem that after uninstalling WPS from the start menu, it could not be searched and downloaded from the Kylin App Store Database increase version judgment Fix the problem that the download failed software status is wrong Real-time adaptation system theme Fix multiple comments, prompts always displayed after logging out of the user Add search record interface, describe the function of adding ctrl+c to copy, the details interface shows the application signature Startup Disk Creator Perfect translation The theme changes in real time following the system Fix the problem that you need to re-plug the U disk to see the image file after the production is completed Fix the problem that the progress shows 0% when the production is completed Fixed an error in the display of the U disk launcher icon when trying to switch between multitasking Solve the problem that on some models, the program may fail to start if the U disk is not inserted Solve the problem of unplugging the U disk in the middle of production, and occasionally prompting that the production is successful Solve the problem of non-USB devices appearing in the U disk list Kylin Video Fix the problem that the local double-click to open any video through audio and video, after the playback is over, the playback error Adjust interface text and translation Fix the problem of selecting multiple videos and playing them in the wrong order Fix the function of screenshot abnormal when switching playback engine to mplayer The video and audio icons in the taskbar follow the theme display Add link to help manual Fix that the name of the media information is incorrectly decoded Adapt to dark mode Solve the problem of “stereo mode” setting switch does not take effect File manager Advanced search icon call modification Dark mode button to reverse white modification, share data Sinicization Fix the problem that the file name disappears when the mouse is moved to the mobile application folder Repair the abnormal display of the cursor and the U disk status when the U disk is connected and unplugged Fix the problem that the desktop icon arrangement appears blank in the resolution of 1920*1080 Synchronize the sidebar icon of the CD boot disk with the icon under the computer’s local partition Fix the overlapping problem of the list view file and the zoom adjustment bar at the bottom edge of the window Fix the problem that the name of the file on the desktop is withdrawn after the name is modified, and the name before the modification cannot be returned Fix the occasional black screen on the desktop background and the problem that the right button cannot be used Fix the problem that recursive search does not take effect Add multi-screen support, add file mark for desktop file shielding Fix the problem that the file cannot be opened after renaming the file The icon will be updated in real time after undoing the undo cut state It is forbidden to move and rename standard path folders on the property page, such as desktop, pictures, downloads, etc. Fix the problem of opening the file system from the computer and pressing the back button to close the window Fix the problem that the newly created file or folder will not be selected after pressing enter after entering the editing state Fix the problem of incomplete display of the bottom file when there are many files Fix the problem that when clicking all the markers in the lower left corner back and forth, the window will flicker in a contracted form to the left Add file copy pause function Fix the issue that the file manager will crash after clicking anywhere in the file manager after the access to the mobile phone and the log-in identity selection is canceled Fix the problem that some files will be displayed in the recycle bin after inserting the storage medium Fix the problem that the address bar is full when the address is long and cannot be switched to input mode After adding all the marks, the file only shows three marks, which is inconsistent with the actual situation Fix the problem that the address bar is not displayed completely when the file path is long Fix the file manager crash issue after user B clicks to open the U disk inserted by user A, and click confirm in the prompt box Fix the crash problem caused by certain operations after connecting to the mobile device Sidebar data partition adjustment Fix the issue that Esc canceling cut does not take effect Fix the problem of double-clicking the computer on the desktop, the file system, and the flash back Have not used the search function, there will be no question of “empty” option in the search drop-down box File manager access to samba right-click menu to add new option After clicking the rename file on the desktop, the right-click menu does not edit the file name. Fix the problem that the system with English installation cannot create a new wps file by right-clicking Repair the bluetooth plug-in file display garbled characters Fix the problem that the file manager crashes after opening and canceling this folder sharing after setting up folder sharing Add shared data disk display Fixed the problem that the probabilistic CPU occupancy rate is 100% when the user logs out and logs in again after sleep/hibernation Fix the problem that the password box pops up twice for samba login Modify the shared plugin package dependency Right click in the computer view to increase the formatting of mobile devices Fix crash issue when sending files to mobile device Themes and wallpapers Add a set of stylish icons Update wallpaper Bluetooth module Fixed the wrong file type icon in the Bluetooth window when sending a file by right-clicking Fix the problem of Bluetooth mouse disconnection after pairing and connection Adapt to dark mode Update file type icon for file transfer Remove the prompt message from the taskbar tray Fix the problem that various pop-up windows are not centered Fix the problem that the Bluetooth headset does not connect back when switching the PC Bluetooth switch or restarting the PC Machines without Bluetooth function will not be pulled up automatically Update rfkill status when Bluetooth is turned off Bluetooth tray window interface optimization The device title description and the device below are distinguished by color Fix 200% zoom in English environment, abnormal display of Bluetooth sending file box After the file is accepted, the file can be stored in the default directory, or the storage path save prompt will pop up to let the user save the path by himself Fix the problem that the attributes viewed in the file manager are inconsistent with the attributes displayed on the interface when sending files from Bluetooth to the interface Window manager Solve the problem of occasional failure of the gtk application scroll bar Solve the problem that the mixer closes when dragging the window quickly Fixed high CPU usage when playing videos on some graphics cards Take over the shortcut key call of the start menu The icon changes in real time following the system theme Notification module Adapt to dark mode Update the style of the pop-up window Optimize the location acquisition mechanism to keep it normal when the taskbar is abnormal Fix the problem that the font size of the notification prompt box is displayed inconsistently when the screen is zoomed 200% When the resolution is set to 1680*1050, the prompt displayed in the upper right corner of the screen is incomplete Fix the problem that the sidebar prompts on the secondary screen when the two screens are set to be sorted up and down Search module Change the registration time of the tray icon to optimize the startup speed Fine-tune the UI to solve the problem that the retract button is blocked Fix the problem that Chinese + letters or numbers cannot be found in the search file content Reduce the memory usage of file indexing and shorten the time of file indexing Fix the problem that the selected state of the list disappears when the palettechanged signal is received Fix the problem that the icon of the details page is not updated when the theme icon is changed Fixed the issue of index crash when parsing some wps template files Fixed the issue that clicking on the details page would not save the search history Added the function of searching applications under the directory of Kirin mobile application environment. Click the setting button to jump to the control panel Fixed the problem that if the system font size is modified when the index creation prompt box pops up, the display will appear disorderly Session manager Performance optimization changes Move music and picture resource files out of binary files In the case of multiple users, add shutdown and restart prompts Add sound effect when logging out Sidebar Fix the problem of failure to modify the alarm name under special circumstances Adapt system font size Real-time response to system icon theme switching Adaptive screen zoom ratio 200% System monitor Adjust the search box icon and text spacing, space style The default interface shows active processes, not all processes After the user modifies the window size, the next restart will be the last modified size Fix the problem that the icon in the search box will be displaced when entering the state Add abnormal exit event signal monitoring, output stack information to file Fix the problem that network speed monitoring fails Fix the problem that the prompt window for ending the process disappears abnormally Repair process-right-click on the column name, the column name of the user name is displayed as user, the problem is not Chinese File information is kept in sync with lsblk Fix the problem that the process-cpu occupancy status shows no unit Adapt to dark theme %CPU/CPU/ID/PID/Nice value is translated into processor/processor/process number/process number/priority value Fix the active process failed to always display the ongoing process Fix the problem that the network flow rate data of the process differs greatly from the actual situation Shutdown timer Fix the problem that the shutdown frequency is never from time to time, and there is no response when clicking OK/Cancel The next shutdown time reminder is modified to the time before the next shutdown UKUI-interface Fix the problem that the log4qt log library occasionally releases resources due to waiting for the thread to exit and blocking the process exit problem Optimize the logic for clearing when the current log file exceeds the limit size After fixing the fork child process, the child process log cannot be output Audio module Add secondary start Fix the problem of restarting the login system when the microphone is muted off, and the mute light does not turn on after turning it on again Fix the problem that there are only 4 notification sounds Fix the problem that the default setting sound does not match the actual sound Start Menu Cancel the start menu and bring up the direct display After opening the start menu, click the up and right buttons, the focus is on the first application Fix the problem that after the start menu searches for applications, when you reach the bottom (top) application, click the down button (up button) again, the application will not return to the top (bottom) The focus of the search result is switched cyclically. When the start menu is open, you can press any direction key to switch the focus mission Board Solve the problem that the mobile hard disk is abnormal when using the U disk management tool in the task bar Solve the problem of inconsistency between the program icons in the taskbar and window title bar and the icons library Solve the problem that the date is set to 12-hour system, the font size is 14 points or more, and the time display in the taskbar is not complete Taskbar light mode adaptation Fix boot flicker problem Solve the problem that some translations of quicklaunch plugins are not effective Solve the problem that the preview window of the taskbar of some applications is not adaptive Solve the problem that the taskbar crashes after opening multiple identical applications and clicking to close a single window Solve the problem of floating the Kylin video icon in the taskbar, right-clicking the preview image, causing the taskbar to crash Solve the problem that the tray icon is displayed abnormally Solve the problem that the time and date are not refreshed in time Solve the problem that the calendar needs to be clicked twice Added a signal when the taskbar changes Solve the display problem of Kylin Audio and Video Solve the problem of the wrong position of the USB flash drive Set up the backend Modify the startup logic to reduce startup time Modify the default zoom type to double Change the default scroll wheel speed Add a service startup record recovery plug-in to fix the problem of invalid desktop sharing after restarting Solve the problem that the mouse wheel speed of the login initialization is used to avoid the unavailability of the mouse wheel in some applications When customizing screenshots, filter all shortcut keys When logging in, if the resolution is less than or equal to 1k and the zoom value is greater than 1 times, set the zoom to 1 times zoom Modify the inappropriate usage of the touch screen image display Add the usage of the shortcut key of the shutdown interface Biometric framework Fix bugs introduced when optimizing the service to increase the time Optimize the service start time by disabling all drivers by default and modifying the initialization logic log in Start-up time optimization When logging in for the first time, the login interface can block the option of language selection Solve the problem that the log-in interface may not take effect when the mouse is turned on and the main screen is moved on the secondary screen Remove the tooltip prompt of the button in the lower right corner Fix the problem of changing the desktop wallpaper, logging out the system, and there is no blur effect at the bottom of the login interface Solve the problem that multiple users have entered fingerprints, switch login users, and some users cannot log in with fingerprints Solve the problem that numbers cannot be input when switching the user interface keypad Lock screen Update quotations Fix the problem that pictures are randomly switched and not random When the control panel screen saver is customized, the preview shows black Fixed the problem of no text display in the preview after the text position is switched from random to centered when customizing the content of the screensaver Fix the screen saver interface is set to other custom paths, the preview picture is the first picture, but the actual problem is still the default screen saver Solve the problem that the logout icon of the interface is inconsistent with other interface icons Solve the slightly bright lines at the bottom edge Add custom screensaver function Enter the screen saver after setting for one minute, and you will directly enter the lock screen interface Solve the problem that the prompt message is truncated when the wrong password is entered in the login interface under the English system Biometric management tools Fingerprint module-fingerprint verification failed, prompting “error encountered during operation” When gdxfp device is selected, search and verify buttons are grayed out The position of the form is centered every time the application is started Solve the problem that the previously entered fingerprint disappears after the fingerprint device is hot-plugged Optimized biometric usage process tips Kylin Assistant Fix the problem that the display information and the graphics card model fail to be obtained under certain models Solve the problem of inconsistency between the statistical accuracy of the scanning interface and the statistical accuracy of the cleaned page Solve the problem of incomplete localization of the FM mode of performance monitoring Add the judgment when the memory serial number is 0 Add to display the firmware and manufacturer information of the Nvme disk Add user-defined judgment when abnormal Correct the abnormal judgment code obtained by Kirin Assistant’s memory information Solve the problem of incomplete text display in English mode Solve the problem that the cache display is incorrect after the computer is cleaned Solve the problem of content separator in some machine memory information of Kylin Assistant Solve the problem that some optical drive information is not displayed Re-adjust the CPU custom FM interface Clean up interface sub-windows using rounded corners Installation method: 2. Users who have installed the official version of 20.0 and 20.04 Pro can upgrade in the following ways: $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt full-upgrade Users who have installed the official version of 20.0 and 20.04 Pro can install the Kylin mobile application environment in the following ways: (1) Download the deb package and install it to add the software source (if you have already added it, ignore this step): $ wget http://archive.ubuntukylin.com/ubuntukylin/pool/main/k/kylin-software-keyring/kylin-software-keyring_2021.04.21_all.deb $ sudo dpkg -i kylin-software-keyring_2021.04.21_all.deb (2) Install the kernel header file package, Kylin mobile application environment, and the new version of Kylin Software Store and restart: $ sudo apt install linux-headers-`uname -r` $ sudo apt install kmre kylin-kmre-modules-dkms kylin-software-center $ reboot