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Using a hair tie like the maknae of ‘Mine’, it’s cheap and easy to make


Actress and Miss Korea Lee Bo Young is beautiful and gentle with the trend of hair tie fabric.

You can completely recycle rags to become a lovely hair tie as above. TV blockbuster Mine still storming on film and fashion forums. Not only famous for the movie content, the characters’ lavish fashion also has a terrible influence that many fans talk about. With global coverage, Mine It also creates new trends and trends to cool the hearts of fashion lovers. One of them is the dress style of Aunt Ut played by Lee Bo Young, creating a big earthquake in the fashion village. Only her trend of wearing hair ties with cloth is also quickly applied by a series of Vbiz stars and women. The short but sweet hair gives the maknae in the movie Mine the nobility and sweetness. Her short hair is impressively modified in the movie. And the hairstyle that makes the village windy is the way to tie the fabric at the end of the hair, so that the bangs are luxurious but also full of elegance. Lee Bo Young’s legendary braided hair style is making women fall in love with Lee Bo Young. Accordingly, with only simple and convenient cloth hair ties, she used to tie her hair and style her short hair in many scenes in the film. It can be said that this is one of the fashion trends for short hair that is extremely impressive, breaking the barrier of women’s thoughts about having short hair that will not be fashionable. And yet, with cheap price and standard application level of 10. Fabric hair ties are expected to be the most sought-after fashion accessories in Korea in the coming days. Let’s take a look at a few appearances with the hot trend of Aunt Ut’s cloth hair tie, which Vietnamese beauties have transformed into very impressive everyday life. Chi Pu uses textured fabrics to create accents for the whole. Jun Vu also learned many times how to tie his hair with cloth and towels from the maknae of the movie Mine. Truong Quynh Anh is a beauty who is fascinated with the style of fabric hair ties. Thao Tam used thinner cloth to tie her hair into a bow. Hoang Yen and Truc Anh are very suitable for this hair tie trend. Runners-up Huyen My and Ho Ngoc Ha have different variations from fabric hair ties. Lan Ngoc and Thuy Ngan love neutral-toned towels. Midu and Tuong Vi also used the same glossy satin fabric as Lee Bo Young to tie their hair. Si Thanh and Phi Phuong Anh are both fascinated with pink hair ties. To get this hairstyle, you can use a cloth hair band or a Scrunchie to hold the hair in place. The position of the hair tie is up to you and adjusted to suit the face as well as the length of the hair so that it is reasonable. You can buy rags to make these lovely items yourself to style your hair, and you can also buy them online for as little as 19 to more than 49,000 VND depending on their material and size. Silk fabric hair tie is a trend that many must be beautiful and popular. Or colorful scrunchies are also more familiar items. Scrunchies are often cheaper than silk, but when you buy silk, you will be able to tie many different styles and be more creative.