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New pictures of Song Hye Kyo


Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong are filming ‘I’m Breaking Up Now’. This is the first time she collaborates with a colleague born in 1992.
Sheet Insight Reportedly on May 16, SBS released behind-the-scenes photos of Song Hye Kyo and actor Jang Ki Young. They take on the main role in the movie I’m Breaking Up Now of SBS.

Insight commented that the two actors have good acting skills and overcome the age difference. Song Hye Kyo gets the sheet Insight Judging young when standing next to colleagues 11 years younger. Song Hye Kyo on set. Song Hye Kyo initially turned down the role and suggested another colleague take on it. However, the production company convinced again and Song Hye Kyo decided to accept the role after carefully reviewing the script. I’m Breaking Up Now revolves around the field of fashion and is expected to air in October. The film is directed by Lee Gil Bok. In the film, Song Hye Kyo plays the lead designer of a fashion company. The character is described as cold, intelligent, highly disciplined and sensitive. Song Hye Kyo collaborated with Jang Ki Yong for the first time. Taking on the male lead role is Jang Ki Yong. He was born in 1992, noticed through a number of film projects such as Come and Hug me, Lady Dignity, Touch Your Heart . He is taking on the male lead role in the movie My Roommate Is a Gumiho with Hyeri. In the movie I’m Breaking Up Now , Jang Ki Yong plays a freelance photographer.