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VinSmart updates VOS 4.0 on 4th generation phones


On June 15, 2021, VinSmart officially updated the operating system VOS 4.0 on the fourth generation smartphones.
VOS 4.0 promises to bring consumers a new experience with smoother swipes, more beautifully designed control center and many unique new features.

VOS 4.0 is an upgraded version from VOS 3.0, developed on Google’s Android 11 platform. The Vsmart phone models sold to the market that will support VOS 4.0 include Vsmart Aris, Vsmart Aris Pro, Vsmart Live 4, Vsmart Joy 4 and Vsmart Star 4. VOS 4.0 improves stability and overcomes limitations on VOS 3.0 such as sending messages, playing games and taking photos. The operating system also updates the latest Android 11 features such as Screen Recorder – Screen Recorder, quick access to features such as payment wallet, SmartHome gadgets, Bubble Messages. At the same time, VOS 4.0 also enhances security with the Permission Alert – Privacy Indicator feature when the Camera – Camera, Location – Location and Microphone permissions are used, granting one-time access to the application; revoke the granted permission if the app is not in use for a long time. VinSmart updates VOS 4.0 on 4th generation phones Besides, the advantage of VOS 4.0 is that all ringtones and notification sounds are exclusively designed using artificial intelligence – AI. The new design language is elegant and balanced throughout, with the smallest design elements being cared for and smooth motion effects. Continuing to update the latest operating system proves VinSmart’s commitment to customers who have been using Vsmart phones on the market. Accordingly, Vsmart products are still guaranteed to retain their warranty, upgrade and update software. With the new version, VOS 4.0 features such as Share contacts by scanning QR code; Access warning; adding Friendly Mode… will continue to help customers have more intuitive, beautiful experiences and easier operation.