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Wearing a two-piece shirt but making these mistakes, it’s not wrong for women to be criticized for being unlucky


In the summer, two-piece tops are always favored by women. However, the girls can be criticized for being less charming when they are not clever in choosing and coordinating clothes.

Two-piece shirt is a cool item that enhances the sexy features of every girl. But to wear this style of shirt in the most graceful and delicate way, you need to avoid the following basic mistakes: Underwear revealed when wearing a two-piece shirt There are many girls who make this mistake. Seductive is nowhere to be seen, but they look less elegant in the eyes of those around them. Many women also choose the color of underwear that is completely opposite to the two-piece shirt, making the set of clothes become less aesthetic. Therefore, ladies need to pay attention to choosing the right underwear when wearing this type of shirt. Women can consider wearing a strapless bra or a sticker that is reasonable. Just by applying this secret, you can preserve your beautiful style in all circumstances. Some girls when wearing two-piece tops that reveal their underwear look very unattractive. This is a basic two-piece shirt mistake that girls should avoid. When wearing a two-piece shirt, women should choose a wireless bra that is appropriate. Combine a short two-piece shirt with shorts How to mix & match with a two-piece shirt is also an issue that girls need to pay close attention to. Coordinating a short crop top with shorts is cool and comfortable, but not a good choice for women. They easily make the style of women’s clothing drop dramatically. Want to coordinate beautifully, ladies should remember the principle of open top – closed bottom. That is, girls should combine crop tops with long pants or skirts to be more harmonious. That is enough for them to have a stylish and flattering outfit. Short two-piece tops and shorts mixed with shorts is a combo that makes ladies prone to receiving unfriendly looks from those around them. Ladies, you should combine a crop top with wide-leg jeans, and you’ll have a stylish yet charming outfit. Wearing a two-piece shirt with a too late design When wearing a two-piece shirt too late, you may be looked at by people around you with unfriendly eyes. They also easily cause unwanted clothing problems for women. The images of the girls become repulsive and unattractive. Therefore, no matter how sexy the style is, girls should still choose two-piece tops that do not reveal too many busts. Always have the perfect look wherever you are. The laggy two-piece shirt does not make the girls look more attractive, but on the contrary, it looks quite offensive. Ladies should still choose two-piece tops that don’t reveal too much of the bust. Wearing a thin, see-through two-piece shirt It’s not good to wear a thin, see-through two-piece shirt when going out on the street. Because this style of shirt is already very attractive, you don’t need to choose designs with too fragile fabric anymore. They only make you lose points in the eyes of those around you. Instead, the ladies should choose cotton, silk, … with moderate thickness to wear in the summer, which is both cool and still neat and polite. No matter how charming the style is, women also need to immediately remove the thin, see-through two-piece tops from the wardrobe. The two-piece tops with thick enough fabric will help her always look neat and polite.