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What’s special about the kind of shrimp that sticks to the tree half a million dong/kg?


Living on tree trunks or caves in Lang Son, wild shrimp are sought after by many people even though the price is up to 500,000 VND/kg.

In addition to humiliation, roast duck, roast pork…Lang Son also has a rustic dish with the mountain flavor of the Tay people, which is wild shrimp. Photo: Time Gold TV Unlike common shrimp species that live in the water, wild shrimp are insects that live on tree trunks or caves and are only found in Lang Son. Photo: Vietnamese people. Lang Son shrimp has a similar shape to a shrimp but is small in size and has locust-like legs. Photo: Vietnamese people. Considered as a seasonal specialty, Lang Son forest shrimp costs up to 500,000 VND/kg at the beginning of the season. In the middle of the season, wild shrimp are cheaper, about 300-350,000 VND/kg. Photo: Vietnamese people. According to local people, wild shrimp are available around June and July. At night, this insect flies out in all directions to feed, during the day it stays in the nest. Photo: People of Vietnam To catch wild shrimp, people have to go quite far because the deeper in the forest, the more wild shrimp there are. Sometimes we have to cross hills and mountains to deep forests. Photo: Youtube However, wild shrimp are very smart, knowing that someone is approaching, they run away. The catcher must have experience to catch all the nests. Photo: Youtube Due to the high selling price, in the season, many people go to the forest to catch wild shrimp to sell to earn extra income. Wild shrimp are often processed as a drink by roasting with ginger leaves, lemon leaves or guise leaves, leaves of magnolia. Photo: Time Gold TV At pubs, each kilogram of wild shrimp can be processed into 4-5 plates, each plate is about 200,000 VND. Photo: Time Gold TV Video: Lobster is cheap only 150 thousand 1 and the truth is…. Source: VTV24