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Working together to ensure traffic safety


Youth union members and youth participate in the construction of traffic bridges in Thanh Phu commune.

From the beginning of 2021 up to now, the Standing Board (BTV) of Co Do District Youth Union has organized many traffic safety activities: directing affiliated units of the Union to maintain the model of “Traffic Safety School Gate” at 49 schools in the district; building 2 roads “Light up the countryside” in Thoi Dong and Thanh Phu communes with a total length of over 7,000m; coordinate in guiding safe driving and how to wear helmets in accordance with regulations for students at high schools in the area; donated 200 quality helmets to the students… The Board of Directors of the District Union also coordinated with units and benefactors to build 6 traffic bridges in Thanh Phu, Thoi Dong, Trung An, Trung Thanh and Dong Hiep communes. . The total cost of building the bridge is 1.8 billion VND. According to Mr. Le Quoc Tuan, Secretary of the Co Do District Union, the propaganda work on traffic laws is concerned by the Union at all levels. In particular, the Board of Directors of the District Union has coordinated with Hong Duc Co., Ltd (Hong Duc 9) to organize propaganda on the Road Traffic Law, and train students in safe driving skills at schools. The Board of Directors of the Co Do District Youth Union has directed the Youth Union at all levels to organize 10 propaganda campaigns on traffic safety order with 1,250 members and young people participating; distribute 2,000 leaflets about the harmful effects of alcohol and beer on road users… The Executive Boards of the school unions in the area maintain the school radio program, and the red flag team to promptly propagate and remind schools In case the student is underage, does not have a driver’s license to operate a vehicle when going to school. In addition, the Executive Committee of the Youth Union of communes and townships maintains the activities of 10 volunteer youth teams participating in traffic safety. Every week, the teams coordinate with functional agencies to patrol, control and handle traffic safety violations … In the coming time, the Board of Directors of the District Youth Union will strengthen the propaganda, dissemination and education of the law on traffic safety and order for union members, youth and people; continue to propagate traffic safety with the theme “Traffic safety for children”; improve the operational efficiency of the Youth Volunteer Teams participating in traffic safety; actively mobilize households and small businesses in markets not to encroach on sidewalks, traffic safety corridors, etc. At the same time, direct the Union establishments to participate in the construction of bridges and roads; Clearing bushes and branches to ensure traffic safety.