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When will the 2021 Tmall 618 super red envelope activity start and the rules of Tmall Taobao 618 red envelope activity?


1. Rules for issuing Taobao Tmall 618 Super Red Packets:

1. User participation path: Beijing time from 00:00:00 on June 15, 2021 to 23:59:50 on June 20, 2021, the user will open the red envelope once a day through the red envelope opening module in the main venue of the PC & wireless terminal Chance, chance to get super red envelopes of different denominations or other rights randomly.

  1. Conditions for the user to participate in red envelope opening: the user’s Taobao member account must be bound to a mobile phone number, and the Alipay account bound to the member account must pass real-name authentication.

  2. The path to view red envelopes is: “Mobile Taobao-My Taobao-Red envelope card coupons-red envelope”, “Mobile Tmall APP-me-red envelope card coupons-red envelope”.

2. Taobao Tmall 618 Super Red Packet PC&Wireless Main Venue Entrance

[Computer PC terminal entrance]Please copy to the computer browser to open: https://s.click.taobao.com/N4hxYmu

[Mobile phone wireless terminal entrance]Please copy the content from 4 to R below and open Taobao or Tmall APP to receive: 4.0¥ x3dqXg1r7yo ¥ https://m.tb.cn/h.4txzYAR

3. Rules for the use of red envelopes:

  1. Users who have obtained the “618 Super Red Packet” (hereinafter referred to as the “Red Packet”) can purchase Tmall physical products within the validity period of the red packet. In the order that meets the red packet usage threshold, they can use the red packet and enjoy the discount of the payment according to the red packet face value. . If it displays “Available at full**,” it means a red envelope with a threshold.

2. The red envelopes obtained from 10:00, May 29, 2021, Beijing time to 23:59:50, June 20, 2021, can be obtained from 00:00, June 1, 2021, Beijing time to 2021. It will be used during the period of 23:59:59 on June 20th, and the unused ones will be voided. The specific discount denomination, validity period, etc. are subject to the user’s display of the red envelope page.

  1. The scope of the red envelope: only for the purchase of physical products on Tmall. Virtual category products and live pet category products are not supported. Examples of virtual categories: online games and QQ (online game card, Tencent QQ zone), telephone bill communication ( China Mobile/Unicom/Telecom recharge center, mobile phone number/package/value-added services), scenic spot tickets and “other virtual category” products; examples of live pet categories: cats, dogs, etc.; are products/services available under specific categories When using red envelopes, the final discounts available on the “Confirm Order” page shall prevail.

  2. Special transaction types and scenarios that do not support red envelopes include: second-hand, auction, seckill, Tmall international purchasing, cash on delivery, pre-sale payment (super red envelopes can be used for the final payment), cardless payment services, game video websites One-click payment business, film and television membership business, car second loan, global selling, independent guarantee transactions by external merchants and other businesses.

  3. The red envelope is a voucher to enjoy the discount of the corresponding denomination when shopping on the platform. It is not allowed to withdraw cash, transfer it to others, or pay for others.

  4. The issuance and use of red packets may be delayed due to server congestion and other reasons.

  5. If a refund occurs for an order using red envelopes, the refundable amount and red envelope refundable denomination are subject to the information displayed on the consumer refund page. When the refund is successful, the rules for the red envelopes without threshold and red envelopes with threshold are as follows: if the red envelope without threshold is still within 50 days (Beijing time) after the expiration of the red envelope, the returned red envelope can still be used, and the new validity period will be displayed on the red envelope coupon. When the refund is successful, if 50 days after the expiration of the red envelope expires, the returned red envelope cannot be used and will become invalid. If the threshold red envelope is still within 3 days (Beijing time) after the expiration of the red envelope, the returned red envelope can still be used, and the new expiration date is subject to the display of the red envelope coupon; when the refund is successful, if it has exceeded the expiry date of the red envelope After 3 days, the returned red envelopes cannot be used and become invalid. The returned red envelopes can be viewed through “Mobile Taobao-My Taobao-Red envelope card coupons-red envelope” or “Tmall APP-Me-Red envelope card coupons-red envelope”. The returned red envelopes will remain unchanged during the validity period.

  6. In the process of obtaining and using red envelopes, if a user violates regulations (such as cheating, cashing out, crediting, fraudulent transactions, etc.), the event organizer will cancel the award-winning qualifications of the users who violate the rules and have the right to revoke the illegal transactions. Take back all red envelopes (including used and unused ones), and pursue legal responsibilities if necessary.

  7. Red envelopes can be used in conjunction with coupons, shopping allowances and other discounts (need to meet the requirements of each discount), and the priority of use is in order of coupons, shopping allowances and red envelopes. When the order is submitted, the system will automatically calculate the red envelopes that meet the conditions of use for deduction.

  8. Red envelopes can only be used to deduct the payment amount of goods, and do not support deduction of freight insurance and service fees.

  9. When placing an order, except for the threshold red envelope, only one red envelope can be used, and the rest of the red envelopes can be stacked to meet the conditions of use, and a total of 10 red envelopes can be used in total.

  10. The red envelope can be used for a single product payment discount, or it can be used for a combined payment discount for multiple products (all products must be within the scope of the red envelope).

  11. In the event of force majeure or changes in circumstances during the event (including but not limited to major disasters, events that need to be stopped or adjusted by government agency orders, events are severely attacked or suspended due to system failures), the organizer Exemptions can be claimed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

  12. The organizer can make changes or adjustments to the rules of the event based on the actual holding of this event. The relevant changes or adjustments will be announced on the event page and will take effect in accordance with the law after the announcement.

4. Daily red envelope opening rules:

  1. Daily red envelope opening activity time: May 29, 2021, 10:00 to June 20, 2021, 23:59:50.

  2. The user enters the main venue of Taobao guest on the PC & wireless terminal and has the opportunity to open red envelopes once a day.

Five, message red envelope rules:

  1. Set the message reminder time: May 29, 2021, 10:00:00 to June 17, 2021, 23:59:50.

  2. How to set a reminder: After the user enters the PC&wireless Taobao guest venue and finishes the first opportunity of the day, click “Remind me to draw a red envelope” to set it successfully.

  3. Event rewards: Users who successfully set reminders will get an additional opportunity to open red envelopes on June 18, 2021; users will be notified via mobile Taobao messages on June 18, 2021, and users will enter from mobile Taobao messages. After the PC&Wireless Taobao guest host venue, you can get an extra chance.

Sixth, browse the rules for opening the treasure box of goods:

  1. Time to open the treasure box for browsing goods: May 29, 2021, 10:00:00 to May 31, 2021, 23:59:50.

  2. How to browse the goods to open the treasure box: During the event, after the user enters the wireless Taobao main venue to open the first opportunity on the day, click to browse the 5 different products in the “Guess you like” section, and get an extra opening on the same day. Treasure box opportunity. During the event, users can participate in the event every day, and can get up to 1 additional opportunity per day. The opportunity to open the treasure box is only available on the day. After opening the treasure box, the user has the opportunity to randomly obtain super red envelopes of different denominations or other rights.

Seven, surprise red envelope rules:

  1. Surprise red envelopes will be issued from 10:00:00 on May 29, 2021 to 23:59:50 on June 20, 2021. Two surprise red envelopes will be issued on May 31 and 6 On the 15th, the specific time of other events will be notified separately, and the specific time of each event of large red envelopes will be irregular.

  2. The way to receive the surprise red envelope: during the time period when the surprise red envelope is issued, the user enters the PC&wireless Taobao main venue to see the red envelope grab module of the surprise red envelope, and the user can click to participate in the grab red envelope. The page displays the current number of surprise red envelopes remaining or has been distributed. The number of surprise red envelopes is limited and is first come first served. It is recommended that users participate as soon as possible.

8. Rules for sharing red envelopes:

  1. Time for sharing activities: From 01:00:00 on June 1, 2021 to 23:59:59 on June 18, 2021. During the event period, the event will be opened for a limited time, and the opening time is subject to the time when the shared event bomb layer appears. When the event is closed, the organizer will provide a reminder on the page 24 hours in advance. Please pay attention to the reminder information on the event page. After the event is closed for a limited time, users who have participated in the sharing event can continue to complete the event tasks and receive rewards according to the rules. Users who have not participated in the sharing event cannot initiate sharing, but can still help their friends according to the rules.

  2. How to share: After the user enters the Taobao guest venue on the PC & wireless terminal and finishes the 1 red envelope of the day, they can use the Tao password and share link to bring friends and get the red envelope by sharing to (community, circle, etc.) The amount of assistance.

  3. Reward rules: Users who initiate sharing (hereinafter referred to as “sharers”) will randomly receive a red envelope when they enter the sharing page for the first time, and the red envelope must be over 16 yuan to receive the account. The sharer can invite friends to help and accumulate the amount of red envelope assistance-the sharer successfully invites other users to open Taobao (hereinafter referred to as the “shared person”), the shareee can increase the amount of red envelope assistance for the sharer, and the red envelope assistance of the shared person The amount is distributed randomly. After the shareee helps the sharer over 16 yuan, the sharer can receive the 16 yuan super red envelope, and the red envelope is available for 16.1 yuan. When the amount of assistance exceeds 16 yuan, the sharer can only receive a 16 yuan red envelope reward.

  4. Sharing rules: a. Each shareee can only help the same sharer once in the activity cycle. If a shareee once helped a sharer to open a treasure box, the shareee cannot help the share again Those who open treasure chests can help each other only once. b. Each shareee can only help up to 3 sharers to open the treasure chest. c. The sharer cannot help himself. d. There is no upper limit on the number of times the same sharer can be assisted in the activity period, but the same sharer can only receive a 16 yuan red envelope reward at most once.

9. Other matters needing attention:

  1. In addition to super red envelopes, users also have the opportunity to obtain various types of rights and interests (such as Tmall category coupons). Please refer to “Mobile Taobao-My Taobao-Red Envelope Card Coupons” for the usage rules of each type of equity.

  2. The distribution time of all red envelopes and other rights and interests is based on Beijing time. If the user adjusts the device time independently and causes a deviation from Beijing time, resulting in the inability to draw a lottery or normal participation in activities, the user is solely responsible for all issues.

  3. For the red envelopes or coupons issued with other names, please refer to the rules shown in the red envelopes/coupons.

  4. After the user participates in the activity and receives the red envelope, he agrees to entrust the system to use the automatic sharing function to assist the user in completing the promotion and sharing related to the activity.

  5. The criteria for determining the same user are Taobao account, Alipay account, consignee’s name, detailed address, contact information, IP address, device information and other information related to the user’s identity, any one or more of which are the same