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The fever of dangerous sharp-ear surgery of Chinese young people


Although it helps to make the face slimmer and younger, the trick to change the shape of the ear like a fictional character popular with young people is potentially dangerous.
Originally a term for a birth defect that leads to a pointed ear shape, “goblin ear” has now become a new beauty trend, popular with young people in the country. SCMP.

With the desire to own a slimmer, younger face, many people are willing to spend money for this procedure. On the Xiaohongshu life forum, posts sharing the “gob ear” aesthetic experience received thousands of compliments. “It’s amazing. I didn’t ‘touch’ any part of my face, but my friends still complimented me on looking smarter and fresher after ear plastic surgery,” a netizen said. The “fever” of pointed ears like a fictional movie character quickly spread, attracting a large number of beauty enthusiasts, including both men and women, rushing to the cosmetic hospital. By applying cartilage or injecting hyaluronic acid into the ear, the client will have the ears protrude about 2 cm. Photo: Artwork. At Mylike Medical Cosmetic (Shanghai), demand for the “goblin ear” procedure is so high that customers have to queue up and book an appointment a few days or weeks in advance. “This procedure is safe and popular. Every day we welcome customers who want to change their ear shape following this trend,” Linlin, a representative of this local cosmetic service provider, told SCMP. Yu Wenlin, a plastic surgeon at Gaoshang Medical Aesthetic Center (Guangzhou), said that at one point he had to perform six “goblin ear” surgeries a day. “Many young people, mainly born in 2000, want to have pointy ears like a fictional character after I did the procedure for a star last year. The number of customers is increasing day by day.” He explained that people with normal ears who want to have surgery to become “goblin ears” will have to take cartilage from several places on the body to cover the earlobes, or inject hyaluronic acid. After that, the customer will own a pair of ears that protrude more than 2 cm. Plastic surgeons say this procedure carries many risks of infection, even ear necrosis. Wang Jiangyun, a cosmetologist at Third People’s Hospital in Zhengzhou (Henan), warns that this beauty trend carries many risks. Due to the addition of cartilage, the client is at risk of infection, cicatrices or an unbalanced ear structure. In addition, when they inject hyaluronic acid, they may experience allergies, hematomas, or skin necrosis. “I’m sure that after the ‘goblin ear’ fever passes, many people will flock to the hospital to restore the shape of their ears, in the same way that the trend of ‘spiky nose’, ‘European double eyelids’ ‘… that’s over,’ said Wang. Yu, a surgeon in Guangzhou, has received many requests for “goblin ear” surgery. However, realizing that this trend would soon expire, he refused to perform the procedure. “As a doctor, I have to consider the patient’s condition in the long term. Many young people come to this procedure too impulsively. It is difficult to regain the original ear shape,” Yu said. Over the years, the plastic surgery market in the country of billions of people has grown rapidly, increasing from 64.8 billion yuan in 2015 to 177 billion yuan in 2019, according to a report from Deloitte Consulting in January. The industry’s annual growth rate is 28.7%, much higher than the global growth rate of 8.2%.