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Which car is more recommended by BYD Tang DMI or DM?Brother Meow takes you to experience the comparison of real cars


When Brother Miao was broadcasting live, I often consulted with friends as to whether to buy BYD Tang whether to choose Tang DM or BYD DMI. At the end of last year, Brother Miao drove the Yadi Tang DM around Shenxianling. My impression of Tang DM’s entire car experience was quite good, especially the 4.3 power. Some time ago, I was fortunate enough to experience a BYD Don DMI. From the test drive of these two cars, Brother Miao will share with you my suggestions for choosing these two cars. First of all, the power angle. The design direction of Tang DM and Tang DMI are different. Tang DM cares more about power. The total torque is more than 800 Nm, which is very powerful. The whole design of BYD Tang DMI is biased towards home, Tang DM is an aunt, and the aunt is strong and passionate. Tang DMI is a more mature and stable middle-aged uncle, so when something happens, the uncle’s self-sustaining ability is stronger. So when we consider these two cars, we must choose according to the actual car you use. If the purpose of buying it is to pursue a 4.3-hundred-kilometer acceleration, then you can choose Tang DM without hesitation. But if you just want to buy an all-rounder family car, you are looking for a mature and stable appearance, low fuel consumption, and large space, then Brother Meow recommends Tang DMI. Secondly, the price of Tang DM is tens of thousands more expensive than Tang DMI, so from the perspective of diligence and thrift, Brother Miao prefers the relatively cheap and cost-effective Tang DMI. Although its brakes and acceleration performance are good, it is indeed not as strong as Tang DM in all aspects, but if we choose the car as a family car, in fact, the configuration of Tang DMI can fully meet the daily use. The third point is the subsequent cost of using the car. BYD Tang DMI’s hybrid technology is currently BYD’s super hybrid. Even if it drives more than 1,000 kilometers, the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in the state of power loss is more than 5 liters and less than 6 liters. If you choose a long battery life version of more than 100 kilometers, and it is very convenient to charge in your home, you can install charging piles directly at your home. The commuting distance of a second-tier city like ours in Changsha is only a dozen kilometers a day, and you may refuel twice a year. It’s more than enough. BYD Tang DMI can run 1,000 kilometers when it is full of fuel and electricity. Even if it is a short self-driving tour on weekends, because it is a hybrid model, it will not be as useful as a pure electric car. After all, it can be charged with oil when it is out of power, and it can also be externally discharged. Just like Tang DM, it can even be used for picnics in the wild through external discharge. This is completely achievable. As for the interior and space, including the 7-seat version, there is no essential change or difference between Tang DM and Tang DMI. In terms of tires, although Tang DMI’s overall tire size, brand selection and orientation are not as good as Tang DM, in actual use of the car, because Tang DM tires are relatively low and flat, it is very difficult for the tires to rub against the road teeth. It is easy to bulge and break easily. When changing tires, you will find that this car is painful to use. So from these perspectives, if you buy Tang for home use only, you don’t want to go out to run on the track, you don’t want to go out for drag racing, and you don’t have a high pursuit of 100 kilometers acceleration, then Brother Meow thinks that Tang DMI is on the contrary. It is more realistic, because the price is tens of thousands cheaper than Tang DM.