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Why are women sitting like this being criticized for being unattractive, but why does Rosé sit so carefree that no one says anything?


Korean stars are very carefully scrutinized for their words and actions, and they have to be careful in everything they do. But why can Rosé comfortably do this habit without fear of being criticized as less charming?
Once, Rosé once showed a selfie in front of the mirror while wearing a wide-leg overalls. Rosé spreads her legs very comfortably and often female idols who sit like this will be called by netizens as less charming and less sophisticated.

But this particular case of Rosé is ignored, even though she is sitting right in front of the mirror. The reason is because Rosé very subtly put her hand in front to cover, plus a paper bag occupies a corner of the frame, making netizens pay little attention to Rosé’s sitting posture. Actually, Rosé has a habit of sitting cross-legged or spreading her legs for comfort, but it is still very subtle when placing her arms in front of her like this. Looking at it, I thought Rosé was just letting go of her hand, but it was actually extremely graceful. Thanks to that, even though Rosé did not sit close to the standard of feminine beauty, the famous fastidious Korean netizen still did not criticize her. Obviously, Rosé’s favorite sitting style is quite lacking in femininity, but Rosé still looks confident and comfortable, and has a lot of personality, so Korean audiences don’t see any problem. Surely not every female idol is ignored by netizens with this posture of sitting with her legs raised on the arm of a chair. Even if Rosé sat comfortably on the plane, no one would deduct points, even being called super cool. Many fans also joked that only girls with long legs can sit like Rosé, not everyone who wants to be able to sit comfortably and still be so graceful.