Home Architecture 9x friend’s ‘comfortable house’ makes everyone wonder like it’s real

9x friend’s ‘comfortable house’ makes everyone wonder like it’s real


‘I would like to introduce to everyone, this is my house, 25 pots of banh chung, I have a small house of my own, although it is small, I can still promote all the uses with 4 basic rooms. There is also a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a toilet and a tiny attic.’
That is the introduction of Nguyen Thuy Tra My, born in 96, currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. She is the author of a mini house that is making the online community fascinated.

Although claiming to be “small house so the furniture is a bit messy”, many young people still praise this tiny “property” as the ideal dream house, because everything is very lively and harmoniously arranged. from furniture to tones. Tra My with her work My has known mini models since October last year, so it took months to get this kitchen to gradually buy each item from the tableware to the small scissors, it was very difficult to find small items. tiny, it’s really time-consuming and expensive to have an almost full kitchen like this to satisfy your passion. The house is arranged by the owner to his liking when he has free time, folded over and over again, just like home decoration. The front of the house has a airy 2-door main door, a view from the bedroom, taking advantage of the balcony to heat the air conditioner Cozy living room with lifelike karaoke speakers The living room table is only enough for 2 people, the guests are too crowded to sit on the ground temporarily, the robot vacuum cleaner is very good in this case. Under the seat is also an ideal place to store pots and pans that are rarely used At first glance, many people think this is a real house, not a model. Overview of the kitchen, My called this “dreamy tiny kitchen”, her favorite room, although she rarely goes to the kitchen, she must have everything. Attach more hole boards and use curtain rods to hang things With a full range of items such as refrigerators, TVs, vacuum cleaners, fireplaces, fruits, food… It took Tra My more than 8 months to buy almost full furniture in the house and 2 months to decorate. Although it is only a tiny kitchen, she pays great attention to choosing and buying items for the kitchen, how to look both lovely and look like the real thing. Some items such as vases, fruit, coffee cups, bread… are shrunk 12 times their actual size. Versatile push shelf Corner to bake cakes, light tea every morning A 2-door refrigerator is an indispensable item in this epidemic season The empty house I originally ordered from a friend in the country who specializes in house models like this, and the furniture, each item in the kitchen was carefully selected by My, bought from Japan, China, even even have to order handmade… And this is the bedroom, being a girl, so it is indispensable for a few boxes of makeup, beauty and skin care. The right corner can also relax reading a book, watching TV and a candy shelf Corner work The corner of the toilet has a beautiful bathtub Take advantage of the side of the house for sweeping, cleaning, and trash cans “Mini house” before and after being furnished