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See the magnificent water of the 2nd natural masterpiece ‘Ha Long Bay’ in Vietnam ở


With the peaceful beauty and uniqueness of nearly 40 islets, large and small, undulating on the quiet lake surface, this place is likened to the masterpiece ‘Ha Long Bay’ of the Central Highlands mountains and forests.
Ta Dung lake is a valley on Ta Dung mountain, in Dak Som commune, Dak G’long district, Dak Nong province. Like a prominent blue mirror in the middle of the pristine Central Highlands mountains, this place attracts many passionate tourists when they arrive. That charming beauty is favored by everyone as “Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands”.

(Photo: Ngo Dinh Bao) The lake is located in the upstream area of ​​the Dong Nai river system, where Dong Nai 3 – 4 hydropower projects are in operation. When looking at the natural masterpiece of Ta Dung Lake from above, surely you will be surprised with 36 large and small islands lying undulating, overlapping, creating an extremely fanciful ink painting. The islands appear in the middle of the quiet lake like small dragons winding between the mountains and forests. (Photo: Ngo Dinh Bao) Here you will experience the feeling of peace and tranquility when sitting on boats enjoying the scenery here. You can also visit some “floating oases” to get a fuller feel of the scenery of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. Right at the marina, there is a place to park motorbikes, you can rent a boat to visit the scenery around the lake. Great feeling like you are traveling to real Ha Long Bay. (Photo: Divui) Take a boat trip to admire the lake and immerse yourself in nature, you will feel the peace here. There is nothing more interesting than struggling in the clear water, while admiring the wonderful scenery from nature. The landscape is still wild, but that’s why many people love the rusticity of Ta Dung Lake. Another option is to stay on the islands to camp overnight, enjoying the calm atmosphere of the majestic Central Highlands mountains. (Photo: Swallow) Ta Dung is located in the Central Highlands, so the climate in the year is quite hot. However, this place is a shady green tourist ecosystem, so it is quite cool and pleasant. The lake is probably the most beautiful from September and lasts until December, because at this time, Dak Nong rains more, making the trees on the small islands in the lake become green, the lake water rises, suitable for you. Lakeside sightseeing tour. (Photo: Daknonggeopark) Coming to Ta Dung Lake, people seem to forget their troubles, immerse themselves in the grass and flowers and just focus on the journey of discovering nature, forests and mountains without worry. Every afternoon, when the gentle rays of sunlight gradually fall on the treetops, a few winds blow over and carry away many worries and fatigue in daily life. Leaving behind the noise and dust in the city, coming here is only you, heaven and earth, freedom and peaceful nature. (Photo: City Pass Guide) (Photo: Daknongeopark) (Image: Shutterstock)